Suicidally Stupid Posts

Third video sent by Dave Burleigh

January 11, 2017

Many thanks to Dave Burleigh! There are many basic effects that the standard model of classical dynamics cannot describe. We will see what can be done with ECE2 fluid dynamics.”

As if the Laithwaite nonsense was not bad enough, they have now gone even further downhill and down-market by giving credence to the ridiculous lies and fake photographs of a Russian loony who claimed to be able to fly around on a couple of planks and a bit of pipe. What will be the next to be treated as ‘evidence’; blurred photographs of flying saucers? Now that this gang is in credibility free-fall how much longer can it be before the UK government, Siemens and Ceredigion County Council start to ask whether they really need these employees on their books? Any reader who has been upset by a technology-related decision made against them by CCC might, for instance, find it useful to draw the council’s attention (plus that of the council’s political enemies and the press) to the decidedly dodgy belief-system of its ‘science officer’.


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