Another Loony in the Gyroscopic Bag!

Counter Gyroscopes

January 12, 2017

Good to hear from Franklin Amador. This is a very interesting paper.”

So yet another member of Ron’s little gang buys into the gyroscopic levitation nonsense. It really is quite astonishing that people holding academic degrees, and holding textbooks in front of them, cannot comprehend simple physics. Attempts have been made for over 100 years to patent gyroscopic levitation or propulsion devices, so why is the sky not full of them?  Amador’s ‘paper’ (actually just a diagram) depicts two spinning wheels arranged in what is known as a scissored arrangement. Such arrangements can be used to reorient satellites. Only one loony, to our knowledge, claims that ‘scissored gyroscopes’ can propel satellites but, unfortunately, he is an employee of Boeing. Mike Gamble is, of course, an electrical engineer so it is not surprising that he holds crackpot mechanical beliefs. It is just human nature for onlookers to assume that employment at an aviation company invests his views with some sort of validity. It does not; the number of antigravity crackpots who have worked in aerospace is legion. The weird extra-mural views of a Boeing employee cannot be sanctified by his employment status. Our author-friend tells us that the peculiar private hobby of one of Gamble’s close Boeing colleagues led to his death from a perhaps unique cause … and necessitated a change in US criminal law. He is keeping that hilarious detail for his book.


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