Desperately Spinning Out of Control

Couple of points about the Laithwaite video

January 12, 2017

In the replicator video sent over by Horst an observer made the point that if the replicator let go of the arm the apparatus would drop to the ground. So the arm is important, and considerations of torque as well as force are important. In this respect the gyro differs from a planetary system. They key observation is that the point of the conventional gyro (e.g. spinning top) does not lift off the ground. So the force generated by the spinning of the gyro does not appear to exceed the force due to gravity. One piece of data is needed if anyone can supply it. What is the weight of the replicator plus the gyro? In the replicator video the weight was measured. The key force equation is

m d2r / dt squared = -mgk (attracting gravitation) + countering forces generated by the gyro

in classical dynamics, for any geometry. If the weight of the replicator plus the gyro is less than the weight of the replicator, then there is a net counter gravitational force present experimentally. This cannot be explained by classical dynamics. Another important experiment is to weigh a gyro, then set it spinning and weigh it when it is spinning. If the weight decreases when it is spun, then there is a counter gravitational force present.”

Ron now clearly realizes that the Laithwaite ‘result’, which he used to refer to as being an artefact, is in fact just that. But he has already shot himself in the foot by claiming that his nonsense ECE2 theory can explain the non-existent phenomenon. So now he is reduced to trying vainly to reconcile Laithwaite’s lying video with the debunking Australian videos.  ‘Weigh spinning and non-spinning gyros’? Sure, but it has already been done; in particular by a couple of Japanese called Hayasaka and Takeuchi. As we mentioned before, nobody reputable has been able to replicate their apparently positive results. Laithwaite himself was dismissive of their results, possibly because the apparent percentage weight-loss was too small to make him look honest.  Interesting fact: for a while, Einstein thought that spinning wheels should fall slower than non-spinning ones. See, even monkeys sometimes fall out of trees. Ron, on the other hand, is always sprawling in the mud.

“In the evening discourse he spun a motocycle wheel on a three foot pole with a low friction bearing and an electric motor. This was a heavy gyroscope weighing about half a hundredweight (fifty pounds or so, about 25 kilograms). It was found that the gyroscope became much lighter. This phenomenon was found to be in accordance with Newtonian dynamics, and patented later by Gyron. Laithwaites’ own explanation is that the gyroscope does not produce the full amount of centrifugal force on its pivot.” Ron, 29th August 2008


One Response to “Desperately Spinning Out of Control”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    It’s even better than you’re suggesting, Crackpotwatch.

    Ron appears to have forgotten that he has not only encountered this phenomenon before, he has already ‘explained’ it. Needless to say, his first pseudo-explanation is just as wrong as his latest, although (for added comic value) entirely different. This from around the same period as your quote:

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