As Predicted!

Experiment by Michael Jackson

January 13, 2017

Many thanks for this experiment, which I am distributing for discussion. I will look at the simplest description of the gyro and apply an external torque to see if classical dynamics can produce lift of the type you are observing. This looks like a very interesting experiment!”

We predicted recently that these intellectual dwarves would soon be offering flying saucers as evidence. And sure enough, here is good old reliably-loony No-Bubbles Jackson doing just that. A sensible institute-president would cut such a person loose at the first opportunity. But please don’t do that Ron; he completely undermines your pretensions in a way that any rational reader can appreciate.


3 Responses to “As Predicted!”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    “It is obvious to me, that the energy for the torque MUST come at the expense of slowing down the gyro, and it would be nice to do tests with a non-powered gyro, to measure the rate of slowdown, compared to the amount of work done at the end of the torque arm. (The ACME juicer was not suitable because the bearings would screech, when it precessed!)

    If the energy source is correct (it has to be), then it is a FACT, that rotational energy can be directly converted into linear thrust! That is a revolutionary discovery, and apparently what Boeing is doing aboard the International Space Station!”

    LOL. This lot are utterly clueless, aren’t they? It also appears that they have never heard of a control moment gyroscope, or have the first clue about astronautical engineering.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Laithwaite once wrote an entire article ‘proving’ that angular and linear momenta can be interconverted. That would be contrary to Noether’s theorem. His ‘proof’ merely demonstrated his complete ignorance of elementary physics.

  2. Harry Hab Says:

    Here’s SS’s ode to Ron:

    We learn that the Civil List pension is equivalent to the “Nobel Price” (sic).

    Jump to 16:36 to hear SS say: “His downfall was that too many were envious of him, on account of him being so brilliant and productive, and this ultimately led to him having to resign his position as full professor.”

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