Terrible Treatment of Laithwaite

January 13, 2017

It is now known that this was a grave miscarriage of justice, as so often happens. As always happens however, truth will out and the true merit of good work will be recognized. By definition, one has to use imagination to go beyond what is already known. A calm, analytical look at the facts is always needed.”

On the contrary, Laithwaite should have immediately been dismissed from his post for bringing British engineering into disrepute and for insulting the memory of Faraday, whose famous Christmas lectures were forever besmirched by this unfit lecturer and his lunatic ideas. The truth is out, and the merit of Laithwaite is at the bottom of the scale. Our author-friend has looked at Laithwaite in excruciating detail and will show that Laithwaite was deeply immersed in various pseudosciences, that he mixed with many other crackpots and stole ‘his’ inventions and experimental demonstrations from  other engineers. He even recommended, in a book on the topic of invention, the stealing of ideas from those who had themselves been unable to pursue a promising patent. He also once publicly debated whether students should be taught the history of their subject. He was against it. This was clearly because that made it easier for him to claim old forgotten ideas as his own. Apart from the loony antigravity inventors that he encouraged, his friends included a patent-expert who was a  rabid Creationist and a highly-placed employee of the US Department of Agriculture who later tried to patent a smell-projecting laser. That almost makes Ron’s ‘gravity laser’ look reasonable, doesn’t it? But Ron, please do keep on praising Laithwaite: it makes you look sooo bad.


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