A National Embarrassment

367(8): Complete Theory of the Gyroscope

January 14, 2017

After some discussions with co author Horst Eckardt I produced this new and original theory of the gyroscope, or spinning top, giving the force equation (25) in terms of spherical polar coordinates. It shows very clearly that the force due to gravitation is counterbalanced by three dimensional centrifugal and Coriolis forces when the gyro is spun. Eq. (25) reduces to the Leibnitz equation of planar orbits under the conditions (26). So the gyro is a type of three dimensional orbit. The analysis of three dimensional orbits by Horst and myself in previous UFT papers can be used to see if there are constants of motion in Eq. (25). It could then be solved. Eq. (13) is always true so the gyro cannot lift itself off the ground without an extra force or torque, which may be mechanical or may come from ECE2 fluid dynamics. So I will now write up my part of UFT367, Sections 1 and 2 as usual, around the finished theory of Note 367(8). The use of spherical polar coordinates gives great insight into the motion of the gyro. I congratulate the group on an excellent discussion.”

After a long false start, lasting millennia, during which mankind puzzled over the behaviour of spinning-tops and other precessing objects without getting anywhere, mathematicians such as Euler and physicists such as Foucault finally put a spinning-top into gimbals and called it a gyroscope. Since the early 1800s, most famous mathematicians and experimental physicists, including Einstein, Sommerfeld, Faraday and Feynman, plus hundreds of experts unknown to the general public, have clarified every theoretical aspect of rotational dynamics and have confirmed those predictions by experiment.  Generation after generation of ‘science popularizers’ have publicly demonstrated the intriguing properties of the ‘gyroscope on Eiffel tower’: the ‘baffling overhang’ of the top, the fact that the top rises if precession is ‘hurried-on’ and the manner in which even a massive top can be ‘stopped in its tracks’ and sent towards the floor by the slightest touch. This was all done without invoking mysterious forces. The familiar ‘gyroscope’ (actually just a traditional spinning-top which  has been ‘insulated’ from direct contact with surfaces by a frame) has consequentially become a ‘touchstone’ for detecting loonies. That is, any sciolist ‘scientist’ or inventor who claims that gyroscopes truly defy gravity immediately reveals himself to be a fool. The only way in which a spinning-top can be shown theoretically to exhibit ‘antigravity’ is to invoke general relativity, leading to the so-called Lense-Thirring effect. This effect is so weak that it took all of the ingenuity of the Gravity-B experiment to detect related phenomena experimentally. All of that time and expense would have been unnecessary if any two-bit conman like Laithwaite could really have demonstrated such effects using a glorified bicycle wheel. Ron is just the last moron in a long line of pseudoscientists who have lied about spinning-tops in order, presumably, to fool laymen for nefarious purposes. The detail which singles Ron out for special censure is that he has received the undeserved accolade of a civil-list pension, thus putting him on the same list as real scientists such as Faraday, Hamilton and Ivory … who must be spinning in their graves. Faraday in particular was very hostile to cranks such as ‘table-turners’. It is therefore very ironic that Laithwaite told friends that Faraday was ‘instructing’ him  – a voice in his ear – during Royal Institution lectures; the institution of which, again ironically, Faraday had once been Director. To be fair, Laithwaite had a possible excuse: he was sometimes mentally ill (due to a chemical imbalance). Ron proclaims, on threat of legal action, that he has no such excuse so, to put it another way, Ron is merely scummy to the nth degree. This all means that Ron has outed himself as being a crackpot (holding views that set him against all rational observers). It also means that his ECE theories are wrong, because they predict at least one effect which does not exist. But Ron serves a useful purpose. Just as the spinning-top is a ‘touchstone’ which reveals him to be a crackpot, he himself is a touchstone which reveals scientific  incompetence in others. He reveals, for instance, that companies such as Siemens employ crackpots. The public sector is also revealed to employ cranks (at public expense), with Ceredigion County Council boasting a ‘science officer’ who does not understand science. By extension, this also means that Royal Societies cannot be trusted, since the RCS recommended a pseudoscientist for a civil-list pension and the Royal Society rewarded his biographer; also a pseudoscientist.


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