Professeur Gaga

Vigier: L’Heretique de la Science

January 14, 2017

I read an article by Amoroso about his having worked with Vigier at Pierre et Marie Curie. Vigier grew up as a Calvinist, and later became a Member of the French Communist Party, from which he later resigned in protest. Vigier was constantly encouraging about my authorship of “The Enigmatic Photon” and inferred the link between B(3) and photon mass in 1993 in a letter sent from Paris.”

It does not matter how clever Vigier might have once been, by the time that he met you he was clearly senile. It is therefore rather sad that the current ‘Vigier conferences’, run by your crackpot friends, implant – in the public’s mind – the idea that he was always a loony. Here again is Vigier at a crackpot meeting,

Note his flirting with Manning, the self-appointed spokesperson for the lunatic fringe. Note also the presence of your hero, Searl, accorded the title ‘professor’ even though he is completely unqualified. Above all, note that most of these fruit-loops are in Marquis Who’s Who … a supposedly reputable publication.


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