Technologically Challenged

Gyro Car

January 15, 2017

Many thanks indeed! I think that your remarks are relevant and I am forwarding them to Osamu Ide. This car is a fascinating vehicle, a train could be made on these principles. It is an ordinary gyro set up in a particular way. This is an example of using the gyro intuitively. For a deeper understanding, mathematics are essential. Perhaps Horst could produce graphics and animations based on the equations of Note 367(8), by adapting UFT 270 in which he already produced fine graphics. Once you have mastered the mathematics you can design and animate a piece of engineering, an obvious ststement, but one which is worth repeating.”

Are you really the only ‘physicist’ in the world who has never heard of the Brennan railway? It was a great favourite of Winston Churchill. Gyroscopic trains and cars were very popular in the first half of the 20th century. One of us has, on his shelf, a 1922 book titled ‘Cruise of the Gyro-Car‘. The story is twisted of course so as to allow its heroes to escape across planks etc. A motorcycle would have been a simpler vehicle for spies. Unfortunately, gyroscopic vehicles are inherently unstable; especially when turning. 


2 Responses to “Technologically Challenged”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    “Anyone can see that the world rankings of the cut up remnants of the University of Wales are very poor – look up webometrics, Times, QS and Shanghai. With the the possible exception of Cardiff they are just awful….The AIAS / UPITEC system on the other hand is widely acknowledged as the best in the world for a small international institute led from Wales. It costs the taxpayer nothing, it does not charge huge fees, and educates millions worldwide, and of course all over Wales.”

    Alexa currently ranks Cardiff University’s website as the ~30,000th most popular in the world.

    Aberystwyth is ~54,000th

    Swansea is ~59,000th

    Bangor is ~61,000th

    Ron’s website is ~9,000,000th.

    Yes, you read that right: almost NINE MILLION places lower than any of these universities.

    Perhaps the most damning statistic concerns the number of inbound links to the site. Alexa can find only 15 websites on the whole of the internet that link to Ron’s. Each of the universities named above has several thousand inbound links; Oxford has 42,000. If his work’s so popular, why does nobody bother to link to it?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      To be fair, is at about 3,000,000. We were recently at about 7,000,000 and, several times in the past, we have been placed higher than any of Ron’s crank enterprises. We like to think that we are teaching readers a little about science ‘en passant’.

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