Yeah, Thanks No-Bubbles

FOR POSTING: Daily Blog Pdf Update for all of 2016

January 16, 2017

To AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson,
Lubbock, Texas,

Many thanks again for this work of key importance on behalf of AIAS! I am posting it on the blog and Wayback Machine and ask Dave to kindly post on the site. All 25,868 blog postings have been archived using high quality software by Michael Jackson and this is a complete historical record. It is all archived on (The Wayback Machine) and will soon be archived in the British Copyright Libraries and displayed in their reading rooms as work of cultural and scientific importance. I think that mainstream physics is evaporating, and its dogma is yesterday’s melted snow. This can be seen very clearly from the scientometrics, which are also archived. Humankind itself will evaporate if it does not change its dogmatic ways.”

Ron’s friend Searl has a habit of deleting his web pages in order  to hide the various silly things which he has done; fortunately, we have print-outs of them. Ron does equally  silly things with his web pages, but possesses not one jot of the sly caution of a snake-oil salesman like Searl. So Ron has everything archived, and No-Bubbles is a handy back-up. His blog pdf files are a goldmine for anyone looking for evidence that Ron is a fully-fledged member of the bird-brained lunatic fringe. 


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