Folie a Deux, Trois, …

Invitation to Energy Conference Chaired by President Francois Hollande

January 17, 2017

Many thanks to the Co President Gareth Evans for this message. If the invitation is an open one I would advise one or two other AIAS / UPITEC Fellows to attend, notably Horst Eckardt and one or two others of the Muenich group, Osamu Ide, Douglas Lindstrom, Alex Hill and Steve Bannister, and any others interested. The team fully deserves gold medals of the Institute of Physics.”

You clowns really do believe that you are valued members of the scientific community don’t you? It is instead clear to everyone else that there are forms of insanity which are not detectable by standard tests or which can be excused by a GP’s medical certificate. Normal people think that Scientologists are mentally ill, but just trying saying that to a litigious millionaire who worships a tenth-rate science-fiction writer.  That is the danger which goes unrecognized by mainstream scientists. They think that they are safe because of the wealth of demonstrable phenomena and their solidarity. But they depend ultimately for their funding upon the largesse of bureaucrats who cannot be trusted to spot pseudoscience. So whereas many will feel safe to laugh at Ron and his gang’s hopes of appearing at an alternative-energy conference, when they have only zero-energy pixie-dust to offer, we happen to know that a member of the EU’s bureaucracy has privately donated money to John Searl the perpetual-motion conman. So who knows.


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