New ‘Phenomena’ Everywhere

New Phenomenon in the History of Science

January 17, 2017

The vast readership of ECE means that there no longer any physics “establishment” that comes between the author and readers or audience. So I wouldn’t worry about ghosts of the old dungeon, they are just being ignored by the best minds, young or old. Work now stands or falls on its own merit, there is no longer any censorship of thought by the ministry of truth of “1984” or the pigs who ran “Animal Farm”. The scientist is hero, in the manner of Kenneth Clark’s “The Artist as Hero” in “Civilization”. This happened in music when Mozart became an independent musician in Vienna, followed by Beethoven. Before them Haydn for example was a servant, and Bach was required to produce work every week regularly. The poets have always been free – to starve, but at least they are free.”

Another new phenomenon is a President of the USA who outlines his policy using an internet tool that most of us associate with disenfranchised masturbatory (physically and intellectually) occupants of bedsits. So who knows what will happen in this post-truth era when the majority think that merely saying something makes it true. Such a society is indeed perfect loam for a bunch of would-be geniuses who cannot survive in the traditional scientific world of careful checks and balances. They can make up their own little world to suit themselves … and have done. Hmm, isn’t that a definition of delusion or insanity?


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