Too Good

FOR POSTING ON HOME PAGE: Invitations to Energy Conferences

January 17, 2017

I am pleased to announce that the AIAS Co President, Dr. Gareth John Evans, has been invited to the 18th Colloque du SER in France, chaired by the French President, Francois Hollande. This is one of many invitations he has received to conferences on new energy in recognition of the work of AIAS / UPITEC. Along with the rest of the team he has recently been nominated for six Gold Medals of the Institute of Physics.”

One reason why our friend’s book never gets finished is that the lunatic fringe keeps coming up with more and more juicy tidbits for inclusion. He is, above all, interested in ostensibly qualified people who hold moronic physical beliefs and in those in socially powerful positions who might believe them (thus posing a financial danger to everyone).  Any conference that Sewage attends (and at which he toes Ron’s line) can now be tarred with the pseudoscience brush, and his performance there used to embarrass Ceredigion County Council. The latter might even praise Sewage’s nominations in its newsletter, not knowing that the gang-members nominate each other. Farfetched? Nope: Dunging-Davies was once praised by his university for winning one of those worthless TGA gold medals. How do we know that they are worthless? Because Ron now says that they are … after previously organizing a TGA medal award ceremony. There is gold to be had in pseudoscience: the above brand of comedy gold!


2 Responses to “Too Good”

  1. Frank B Says:

    While I am personally unaware of this conference, I’ve both attended and spoken at similar ones in the UK. Hollande will cancel and a different minster will speak for ten to fifteen minutes before promptly leaving. Everyone who attends is there just for the networking, and the organisers are happy to let anyone with the registration fee in.

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