So Funny, So Pathetic

Plans for UFT368: Lagrangian description of spinning top

January 18, 2017

This looks like a good system and could be developed for Section 3 of UFT368. For Sections 1 and 2 I am thinking of developing UFT270 for the symmetric top with one point fixed. Both methods combined should give plenty of interesting results with which to compare with the experimental data by Laithwaite and Shipov.”

So now you are using the methods of Lagrange to treat the simple spinning top (one of the few situations which permits the closed-form solution of Euler’s equations); a problem first solved by … Lagrange. Do you really think that you can manage that? By the way, why do you keep prattling about centrifugal and Coriolis forces? They would seem real to someone trapped inside a spinning-top, but they have no effect in the outside world and cannot lead to levitation or propulsion. Have you never heard of D’Alembert?


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