Augean Stables?

Historical Lesson of the EDCL

January 20, 2017

The events are described in “Autobiography Volume Two”, there was no external or governmental control, so one individual (appointed dubiously) was allowed to destroy an entire department, and also to get away with it. Others of the tenured staff remained silent, and made no attempt to stop him. They are equally to blame. A few post docs and my own group stood up to him until forced to leave. We all became distinguished scientists.”

Perhaps there was a shortage of rivers which could be conveniently diverted. Somebody eminently responsible and farsighted had clearly decided that the entire department was ‘unfit for purpose’. It would be interesting therefore to trace the subsequent careers of the displaced staff in order to judge whether the decision was wise. Only two staff-members spring to mind and, far from becoming distinguished scientists, they descended into self-imposed unemployment or scientifically irrelevant bureaucratic pen-pushing. Then they fell right off the shelf and began the ‘selling’ of pseudosciences such as perpetual motion and antigravity.  Closing the EDCL seems to have been a truly Herculean task


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