Fully Circular Reasoning

Simplest Way of Modelling Lift in a Gyroscope

January 23, 2017

This is simply to add a positive force in the Z axis, this will change the dynamics of the Euler angles, a set of three simultaneous differential equations that Horst is working on now. Another way is to add a translational lagrangian to the rotational lagrangian of the last note. The transaltional lagrangian deals with the lift of the centre of mass. In molecular dynamics computer simulation I computed many cross correlation functions of rotation and translation in an ensemble of molecules, both in the moving frame and lab frame (see Omnia Opera Section circa 1976 to 1992, several hundred papers).”

Oh brilliant, Ron, just brilliant! You want to explain a non-existent ‘antigravity force’ in the vertical direction (on the word of a palpably lying engineer) , and your solution is simply to add such a force ab initio.  Bravo! Hey, you could also explain all of your favourite perpetual-motion devices by adding an energy term from the outset; a veritable deus in machina


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