Just to Keep Siemens Stain Busy?

Numerical Solution of the Motion of a Gyro

January 23, 2017

All this is very interesting indeed, all solutions of the motion of a gyro that I have found make approximations, both on the classical and quantum levels. Of course Lagrange had no access to computers so would also have used approximations.”

It makes absolutely no sense to obtain numerical solutions for the Lagrange spinning-top problem. The only simplifications that Lagrange made involved the position of the centre-of-gravity and the ratio of the moments of inertia. This led to an exact solution; albeit in terms of special functions. But they were functions which had already been tabulated because of their relevance to planetary orbits [sic]. Engineers have never been interested in a complete solution of the Euler equations because it is much easier simply to manufacture devices which match the few exact solutions. So, as we pointed out recently, it would make much more sense to apply numerical methods to the generally intractable Euler equations. We know of only one attempt to do this and – guess what – it involved a problem in chemistry. How come you do not know about it, Ron? By the way, Ron, Andrew Gray’s monumental treatise on rotational dynamics gives the exact formula for the ground-reaction force of a precessing top. As one would expect, the reaction force oscillates around the mean weight. Gray, incidentally, mentions crackpots who think that gyroscopes can levitate; and that was in 1918! But please do continue to expose yourself as a fool by looking for the ‘antigravity’ effect which the career-pseudoscientist Laithwaite lied about. ‘Career pseudoscientist’? Yes, his supporters seem to have no idea that ‘gyroscopic antigravity’ was just the tip of an iceberg of loony beliefs (‘moths communicate by radio’, ‘all ancient mosaics have the same ratio’, ‘the 196 problem rapidly terminates’, ‘there are three types of magnetism thus permitting perpetual motion’ …); either his own or of others whom he backed.  When he did spot interesting real phenomena,  he either  did not realize that they were forgotten old ones … or failed to investigate the new ones. All-in-all, he is an excellent role-model for the self-aggrandizing scientifically incompetent.


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