You Utter Morons!

Computation of the Nutation and Precession of a Weightless Gyroscope

January 24, 2017

Many thanks, this must be the motion observed by Laithwaite. There are finite moments of inertia because there is still an m. It is effectively cancelled by an applied m1. The latter originates in a potential due to a lifting force. So the complete potential energy is (m – m1) g h cos theta which vanishes when m = m1. The moments of inertia are still defined by m as usual.”

It is quite obvious from the film itself that Laithwaite was having trouble holding it aloft. If it were truly weightless, he could have stayed like that for many minutes. Or, if you insist on being so steadfastly stupid about it, why did Laithwaite have to be there at all? He could have left it levitating by itself.  But we should not complain: by adopting this demented attitude to spinning-tops, you have outed yourself and the AIAS gang as being completely ignorant of simple physics, thus bringing shame upon your alma mater and undermining respect for academic qualifications. Everyone who has an ounce of commonsense knows that Laithwaite did not find it lighter when spinning; he simply did not have to contend with a large moment acting about his wrist. How loony do you think that you can be and still hang onto your civil-list status?

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