Where the Cranks Are

Discussion of ECE and Maxwell

January 26, 2017

Many thanks, in the medium term all nuclear power plants could also start producing energy from spacetime circuits, which would gradually take over from them. Similarly for goal and gas plants, and of course, wind turbines.”

It is a common fallacy, fostered particularly by journalists, that there is a clear division between cranks on the one hand, and scientists on the other. The fact is that crackpots lurk everywhere. As we mentioned yesterday, there are senior employees at aviation companies who do not understand basic physics; not even the physics which is very relevant to ensuring that planes fly. Now we see that a Slovak nuclear engineer is a crank. This is no surprise to us: an engineer who used to be in charge of the electricity supply for an entire Indian province was a frequent attendee at perpetual-motion conferences. And of course we have our usual suspects: the Siemens employee who does not understand electromagnetism and a local-authority pen-pusher who is similarly physics-challenged. Sadly, things are really looking up for them. Why? One of the earliest backers of cold-fusion (long before it was re-invented at Southampton and Utah) was the South American dictator, Peron. Like any banana-republic tinpot dictator, he was very fond of pleasing the peons (when it suited him), of plating everything in gold and of the macho pawing of women; especially the equally overblown tart, Evita. And now, in this post-truth era, we have someone in the White House who uses the same populist methods as Peron, has the same personal tastes as Peron and is intent on turning the US into the first North American banana-republic (see, it even ‘says so on the tin’ of the ruling party). How long will it be before he starts to back pseudoscientific get-rich-quick schemes just as Peron did.

2 Responses to “Where the Cranks Are”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    We have to hope that Trump’s street smarts will prevail. He likes to rip off others, but hates being the rippee-offee. Other than that, point well taken. We are only a few clumsy diplomatic moves away from a full-blown war over the wall.

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