Stewing Away

Referrals from Wikipedia, Bruhn et alii stopped years ago

January 27, 2017

Referrals from these defamatory and pejorative sites stopped completely about two or three years ago, in the case of Bruhn about ten years ago, so it is clear that they have been rejected completely by the scientific colleagues because they tried to distort standard Cartan geometry, and tried to distort my career beyond recognition. So I see no further purpose in mentioning them. My true career is archived by the Wayback Machine and the British and Irish copyright libraries as in the previous posting. It is also recorded in about thirty five editions of “Marquis Who’s Who”. I have been nominated about fifty times for the major prizes such as the Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. A colleague is considering nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. I am honoured by these nominations and thank the colleagues. I have had my share of trouble from criminal troll sites. The British Government is taking action against troll sites, which are of course ignored by all but psychopaths, notably sadists discontented with their own existence. So we can leave the trolls to stew like adolescents.”

Visitors who have arrived at this site by accident may be wondering what on Earth is going on. It is quite simple: an arrogant, conceited and physics-challenged chemist called Myron Evans has been – thanks to the collusion of his equally pseudoscientific friends and scientifically ignorant lay-persons (albeit in positions of great civil power) – awarded a Civil List Pension. This accolade has previously been awarded only to the very greatest British scientists. It has now been given to someone who believes in perpetual-motion and anti-gravity machines and who calls for CERN to be closed down (for fraud?). He regularly defames Hawking, Higgs  and other scientists. Although rabidly anti-Einstein, he also believes that he has completed Einstein’s task of producing a Grand Unified Theory of physics. Indeed, he believes that it has already taken the world by storm and that only a few all-powerful ‘dogmatists’ are holding it back. Why do you not know about him? It is, he claims, because all of his followers are scared of losing their plush posts in conventional science. That is why they never cite his work in reputable journals, never comment favourably on his books and do not bombard him with e-mailed plaudits and questions. How does he gauge his fame?  By counting hits on his websites. Only 2% of those are from academic users and, even then, he does not know who they are or what their real opinion might be. He has now taken to counting ‘referrals’, and claims that falling numbers from authoritative  sources signals their irrelevance, rather than accepting the more obvious explanation that he is falling off the radar of informed critics.   It seems (judging from his own biography and blog  posts) that he has never been able to hold down an academic job and has been disliked wherever he worked. He harps on continuously about his appearance in Marquis Who’s Who, but that is a notorious vanity publication. He gives his latest books away online and then pays vanity publishers to (try to) sell printed copies. As for the vaunted ‘nominations’ for prestigious prizes,  there is no proof that most of these nominations were ever made. In the remaining cases, it is well-known who made them: members of his own minute crackpot group, AIAS. He does not choose his friends too wisely: he claims that he is distantly related to just about every famous historical figure and traces his line back almost to cave-men (we jest). But his favourite genealogist, Colonel (SAS) Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas VC, GC .., is a complete fraud and has ‘nothing at all to write home about’ (see below). Anybody who points out these self-evident facts is defamed as being a ‘troll’ or a ‘criminal’. The point of the present site is to bring this opinionated crank to public notice in the hope that the relevant authorities will be shamed into removing such an undeserving person from the Civil List.

Readers who want to know what is wrong with his GUT, and who Bruhn is, should visit:


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