The Idiocy Continues

Discussion of 369(1): Complete Analytical Mechanics of the Gyroscope

January 28, 2017

This will be the first time that this problem has been correctly solved, so your coding is full of interest, in particular the lab frame translational motion of the point of the gyro can be computed. If the upward Z axis force generated by the spin of the gyro is the same as the gravitational force downward, the point will float. So Laithwaite would feel no weight if he is holding a floating point. The reason why this two hundred and fifty year old problem has not been solved before is that it is exceedingly intricate, and code is needed to solve four simultaneous differential equations in four variables: r, theta, phi and chi.”

Have you no idea at all of the size of the literature which exists on rotational dynamics? Not a single aspect has gone unexamined, and your efforts are both pathetic and unwanted. Do you know that a spinning-top can sometimes precess in the direction opposite to the usual one? Why not demonstrate that your ‘correct’ solution can explain that. There is no upward force generated ‘by the spin of the gyro’, and it is evident in the films that Laithwaite feels every gram of the weight. His saying that it was ‘as light as a feather’ has to be put in the same category as the lies which a magician uses in order to make his trick more convincing; as when a spoon-bender says, “can you see it still bending?”  Such patter is known to be effective in helping to fool audiences. 


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