Proof Positive

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of paper 368

January 30, 2017

This is an incisive graphical analysis as usual by co author Horst Eckardt, the results are full of interest, especially for the case of the weightless gyro. This is the first time that this problem has been completely solved, the key step being the use of Maxima code to solve simultaneous differential equations numerically. It would be interesting to animate some results when time permits.”

The fact that you have applied your fatuous ECE theory to the explanation of an ‘effect’  which does not even exist, and claim to have explained it, makes it glaringly obvious that the theory is worthless. Don’t you get it? Laithwaite was as big a crackpot as you are (if more successful) and you have brainlessly bought-in to his lunacy and lies. Looking for new challenges for your ECE tripe theory? Why not use it to explain how a few people, under the ‘fluence’ of Uri Geller, can lift a heavy colleague by using just their finger-tips? In fact, you could try (and probably manage) to explain how he bends spoons, or detects which one, of a set of identical cans, holds a sought object.  Such renewed and authoritative (LOL) scientific interest might revive his career; it cannot have helped that he had hyphenated ‘Freud’ (a name redolent of unexpected and recent notoriety) to his name, for business purposes. When we last checked, he was trying to sell his multi-million pound home. So you and Siemens Stain could become the ‘Targ and Puthoff’ of the 3rd millennium.


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