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February 28, 2017

371(6): Wavefunctions from a Lagrange Method

February 28, 2017

This note begins a new numerical development of quantum mechanics and relativistic quantum mechanics starting from the classical lagrangian, then quantizing the results. This first note is a simple idealized atom modelled by an electron orbiting a proton in a plane. It could also be applied to quantize the usual conic section orbit of a mass m orbiting a mass M in a plane.”

News Flash, Ron, the ‘solar system’ theory of electrons orbiting a nucleus was good in its day … but things have moved on. Read a book about quantum mechanics. Atkins has written a suitable one.



February 27, 2017

Referring Domains Data

February 27, 2017

The referring domains data every early morning refers to the single top domain of many thousands. Today it is 2,212,935 since December 2006. Total referrals are probably over three million. The top referring domain total increases rapidly every day. Early personal attacks on myself have been overwhelmingly rejected. They cannot be called rational criticisms, more like trolling. The only site of this type that gets any professional attention is one by Bruhn, with 65 referrals in a decade. He disappeared in 2008 after harassing, stalking and trolling for about five years. Cartan geometry is the same as it was in 2003, and the attacks on Cartan geometry by these people have of course failed. They attacked Cartan geometry because I used it in an imaginative way. Nothing as stupid as this has ever happened in science. ECE theory is based directly on Cartan gemetry, which is why it has been overwhelmingly accepted internationally by all the best universities, institutes and similar in the world. Wikipedia on ECE is a failed troll site set up by a few people like Bruhn whose only aim in life was destruction – a low point in the history of science. A criminal troll site has been operating for about three years, and has generated a glorious total of 32 referrals. In my opinion these trolls should be rooted out and arrested by the police. Several are local and I can identify them by style of writing. The policy of AIAS / UPITEC for some years is to ignore them completely and to report them to the police as part of the duty of any member of the general public to report hate crime. It is up to the police to act against them.”



February 27, 2017

We have been comparing the current staff-list of AIAS with the list as it stood in 2008. There seem to have been a number of defections. OK so Fucilla obviously left after sacking you from Steriwave and calling you ‘every name under the Sun’. Widlar now seems to be too busy running his trucking company and marketing quack electronic cancer-cures. Labounsky died (unfortunately his crank journal, Progress in Physics, survives him). Dunging-Davies went off to head rival gang of nutters, Telesio-Galilei. But where now are Indranu, Abramson, Goodger, Annis, Bebbington, Chambers, Koller, Giacchetta, Keys, Kotzer, Lopez, Reed, Surbat, Hubbard, Nemeth, Williams and Cullinan (was that he who vainly tried to defend one of your books on Amazon)? Were they real academics who realized that association with you might damage their careers, or just rats leaving a sinking ship?


February 27, 2017

ES and LENR Power Stations in Wales

February 27, 2017

These should come online as rapidly as possible. The ECE theory needed to understand ES power stations is available (UFT311), and the patented Osamu Ide circuit has been replicated by Horst Eckardt et al in UFT364. The Assembly should push ahead with raising the funds to develop all kinds of power devices based on ES, which has no moving parts and works on all scales, from microchips to major power stations. The ECE theory has been an international team effort, and was started here in Mawr. If a coal /oil cabal exists, it will shortly become extinct. The circuit can be demonstrated to the Assembly at any time.”

Are we the only ones to have noticed the strange resemblance between Ideotic’s circuit and ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator circuit (see below). OK, so the coils are wound around different parts of the transformer former, but still. Did not you and the rest of the AIAS gang explain how the MEG worked? You can ‘explain’ anything can’t you? The rights were bought by a Canadian company, we seem to recall. So where is it now?  We guess that it is in a tip somewhere … waiting for Ideotic’s device to join it. Ah, doesn’t every kid dream of running a transformer in reverse and generating thousands of volts from an AA battery (suitably jiggled to simulate AC)? One of us used to shock his little friends that way, thinking that there was no danger, given that the energy was not increased (Ideotic and Bearden please note). He did not then know that just a few volts, suitably applied, can send the heart into fatal fibrillation.  


Very Useful

February 25, 2017

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of paper 369

February 25, 2017

These results are full of interest and will attract a large readership. I can see that through the scientometrics. These graphics and analyses are clearly thought out as usual, and the results are interpreted so that the readership will be able to understand them without ploughing through the maths if they want to concentrate on engineering essentials. The results also show the great power of the Maxima code, controlled by the skill and experience of co author Dr Horst Eckardt. A huge amount of new information comes out of a problem that up to a few week ago was only vaguely understood, half understood and misinterpreted. Having understood the problem at last, all kinds of engineering solutions become possible, so we can engineer new kinds of railway systems for example with reduced drag. In the aerospace industry these results can eb used to enginner new kinds of mechanism that will allow aircraft to lift off, helping the wings lift the plane. These mechanisms can also be used in vehicles of all kinds to reduce drag. This is an outstanding section. It shows what can be done with the elegant mathematics of the eighteenth century enlightenment. A large number of possibilities has suddenly emerged.”

Thank you for providing a ‘black and white’ statement to the effect that ‘the Civil List Scientist’ and an employee of a major German company subscribe to an idea which is a sine qua non in the lunatic fringe: the ludicrous idea that spinning-tops truly defy gravity.  That will come in very handy later as a pièce à conviction. It would have been better if the nonsense were actually published, rather than disappearing into the oubliette known as On the rare occasions that loony papers sneak into previously reputable journals, they either trigger a new round of experimentation to check what nobody doubted in the first place (e.g. Hayasaka and Takeuchi), or the journal is thereafter  viewed with suspicion (e.g. Wayte – no, surprisingly not a pseudonym). Of course, there is a bit of a problem with Siemens Stain’s falling gyroscope calculation. If it is in free-fall, it might as well be in one of those vomit-Comets which are used to simulate gravity-free conditions. But, in that case, a spinning object will exhibit its well-known tendency to take up a fixed orientation in space, so why is he still predicting precession and nutation? It is also well-known that any asymmetrical object will always have two stable axes of rotation and one unstable one (try spinning a shrink-wrapped book about each of its three axes in turn). Has SS deliberately chosen an unstable axis? Do they even know what we are talking about?

No Comment

February 24, 2017

Joining St Callwen

February 24, 2017

Rev. Alun Brookfield,
Vicar St, John the Baptist Callwen,

Dear Rev. Brookfield,

I am interested in joining St Callwen and putting up a stone for my grandparents, William John and Gwenllian Evans. Is it possible to purchase a plot for burial for myself in St. Callwen, or to put up a private chapel in the grounds? It looks like a nice place to be buried. I hope to be around for a few years, but you never know.”

Heaven forfend that we should say something that might be construed to be a ‘death threat’. 

Unwanted, Unneeded, Unhinged

February 22, 2017

Plan for section 3 of paper 369 : Explanation of the Laithwaite Experiment

February 22, 2017

Many thanks! This will be full of interest. This latest work is already being studied intensely as can be seen from the early morning reports. The ability of Maxima to solve complicated differential equations opens up a whole new area of research.

It was not an experiment; it was a demonstration. It was not even his demonstration; it was a traditional crowd-pleaser. The only difference was his lying about the feeling experienced. Why did he do that? Because he was a career-loony and this episode was just the tip of a veritable iceberg of pseudoscientific activities. He was the Jimmy Savile of electrical engineering: nobody would tackle him in person because of his build and aggressive personality, and nobody would tackle him in print because of inevitable litigation. He himself wrote a criticism of the UK government that was so savage (because of the cancellation of his pet project) that it was thought better to shelve it until after his death. It has yet to surface.


Off with His Pension!

February 22, 2017

Audience with Queen Elizabeth

February 22, 2017

I will write to the Head of State to ask for an audience to explain the futility of wind turbines, and to make her aware of the great progress made by ECE theory since I was appointed a Civil List pensioner in 2005 and awarded Arms in 2008. I am a republican and a U. S. dual citizen, the first U. S. citizen to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner. There are many precedents for U. S. citizens to be granted high honours such as a CLP, notably Eisenhower was awarded an O. M. The protocol means that a U. S. citizen addresses the British Head of State as “Queen Elizabeth”. She is my distant Tudor cousin and is very interested in genealogy. This does not mean that I have suddenly become a royalist. I am a republican nationalist like the poet R. S. Thomas, fellow Nobel nominee from Wales.”

What an excellent idea. It was her fault that a loony received the same accolade as did Victoria’s greatest scientists, the ultimate dumbing-down, so it would be like a giant chicken coming home to roost.

Change of Business

February 21, 2017

The famous Sir Arthur Edwin Turner VC (formerly Colonel Sir Arthur Edwin Turner-Thomas VC, GC, KG, KCB, KCMG) has just today announced a change in the activities of his Red Kite Art and Jewels Ltd. It seems that its principal activity will now be ‘mixed farming’. His knighthood formerly put all of the other celebrity inhabitants of Gwaun Cae Gurwen in the shade. Among them, Ron’s favorite actress. Perhaps that is why some spoilsport has removed his name from the Wiki article on that village.

Makeover … Not

February 21, 2017

We were rather hoping that our frequent exposure of the parlous decorative state of that thriving hub of perpetual-motion marketing, known as et3m, would have encouraged Hill-of-Beans to have engineered some tidying-up of the place. But no. This is what it looked like before:

My beautiful picture

and this is what it looked like more recently:


Even more blue paint has flaked off the logo. But they do seem to have more stock.



Will the Last Person to Leave Physics…

February 21, 2017

Future Power Stations Based on ES and LENR

February 21, 2017

The circuit needed to build a power station using energy from spacetime (ES), the patented Osamu Ide circuit, is already available (UFT311), it has been explained exactly by ECE theory (UFT311) and replicated exactly (UFT364) with independent testing apparatus. The ES power stations and power plants of all kinds, would be by far the best answer for energy needs, because they contain no moving parts, are entirely free of any kind of pollution, and easy and cheap to manufacture. They could serve as power plants on ships, heavy vehicles and cars. They would put fossil burning cabals out of business, and coal and gas and so on could be conserved for the manufacture of clothes, medicine and so on. LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) is explained qualitatively in UFT226 ff. and is another proven technology. Combined with hydroelectricity, these would solve all the energy problems of humankind very easily. Wind turbines are a total disaster which humankind cannot afford.”

… please turn the lights off. But before that, Ron, perhaps you can explain how a granted patent, which makes no claim to producing more output-energy than input-energy, can be the basis of a power-station. Secondly, is it a good idea to put one’s trust in the energy-producing ideas of someone (yes Rossi) who has already served jail-time for a previous energy-related fraud and has made over 50 appearances in court? And what was that great hydroelectric scheme of yours? Oh yes, it was to put turbines in Dutch dikes and thus allow the North Sea to flood the Netherlands. Don’t you know that reclaiming that land from the sea was one of the world’s greatest engineering triumphs?  Meanwhile, Siemens Stain’s real boss has published a report showing that wind-power will be the major source of energy in a relatively short time. Sane observers might call that a conflict of interests.



February 21, 2017

UFT213 Mini Conference

February 21, 2017

This took place last Sunday with interest from Mathematics at Harvard, Umea University Sweden, and Academia Sinica Taiwan. UFT213 gives simple proofs of the antisymmetry of the connection. Definitive Proofs based on UFT99 have been read thousands of times without objection.”

So how does that work then? You do not know who, at either of those institutions, is supposedly reading your nonsense with avid interest; and yet those people know each other? Even if two such people really did know each other in the real world, and agreed to look at the same internet tripe at the same time for some unfathomable reason, would they not think it polite to put you ‘in the loop’? What conference would have honored Einstein without at least offering him an invitation?  Idiot. There are no ‘conferences’. There are not even any ‘consultations’. Nobody truly reads your rubbish papers, and that is why there are no objections. That is Occam’s Razor in action, Ron. But the subject can be made educational. If you were a mathematician, Ron, you would know that random events are more likely to ‘clump’ than to be smoothly distributed. This causes a great deal of consternation among lay-persons like yourself. When ‘clumping’ was first noticed (in the one-dimensional, timeline, sense), it almost led to a war because the Polish army thought that its cavalry officers were being systematically assassinated under the cover of a close succession of  suspiciously similar stable accidents. The same phenomenon is nowadays manifested in the tendency of buses to ‘arrive in threes’. This statistical artefact is even more damaging when it is two-dimensional. When leukemia cases cluster in a given location, for purely mathematical reasons, the public look around for a cause and, if there happens to be a nuclear power station (or even just high-tension overhead cables) in the vicinity … A statistical cluster of infective meningitis  cases in Gloucestershire some years ago led to the street-level belief that a ‘Meningitis-Mary’ was on the loose. That might well have led to fatal vigilante action. A good antidote to such beliefs is experiment. Visit any sweet-shop that has large jars of small round sweets in many different colours. Try to find a jar which does not exhibit ‘patches’ of a single colour. Shake the jars to make the distribution even-out everywhere. Good luck with that!

No Doubt There!

February 20, 2017

FOR POSTING: Description as the Natural Successor to Vigier

February 20, 2017

By coincidence the AIAS Co President Gareth Evans notified me this morning that a summer school on unified field theory was held in 2016 in which I was kindly described as the natural intellectual successor to Jean-Pierre Vigier. In a sense this is an accurate description because of the link between the B(3) field, for which I was nominated for a Nobel Prize according to the the Vigier Symposia Chairman Richard Amoroso, and photon mass, one of Vigier’s main interests. Vigier could be described as the intellectual leader of the Einstein / de Broglie School of Thought in quantum mechanics, a school which rejected the standard Copenhagen interpretation.”

Yes you are the natural successor to someone who, whatever his previous attainments, clearly ‘went peculiar’, like you, in later life and mixed with perpetual-motion and anti-gravity crackpots such as Thomas Valone and John Searl. You even have a permanent link to a Searl site on and have recommended several times that the UK government should invest in his levitating cancer-curing perpetual-motion machine. You have also noted that Valone is in Marquis (like most conniving cranks). Thomas Valone was a patent examiner until he attempted to misuse State Department property as a venue for a loony conference. One of us still has the envelope which contained an invitation to said conference. It displays a printed warning concerning the sizeable fine which can be levied for each misuse of such envelopes. Valone presumably owes the State Department a great deal of money. When the USPO tried to fire him, Valone used a ‘civil rights’ loophole and declared that his belief in perpetual-motion is a religion. He won the case! It is unclear whether he still works for the USPO. One would like to think that he was demoted to head pencil-sharpener.  Here is Valone talking about his meeting Vigier and about the successes (LOL) concerning magnetic motors:

This is where they (and Searl) met,

and here is the Mr L who is mentioned in t’Hooft’s comment on Crothers:

and, finally, a group photo of the usual suspects (loonies who somehow manage to hang onto paid employment in science).

Elizabeth Rauscher, by the way, is better known in the field of telepathy and other paranormal tripe.

And, as an irrelevant aside, here is the late conman Bedini with one of his gadgets at a Coeur d’Alene conference: you know, the ones that Loony Lindstrom attends:

 Bedini was certainly very clever at hiding batteries.


February 17, 2017

370(8): Extension of the Dumbbell Model by Co Author Horst Eckardt

February 17, 2017

This is an extension of the dumb bell model resulting in six simultaneous differential equations giving all the information about the dynamics of a dumbbell in orbit about a mass M. The axis of the dumbbell can be thought of as a diameter of the earth in orbit about the sun. The nutations and precessions of the axis can be linked to the Milankovitch cycles. This model can be extended to any number n of masses given the necessary computer power to solve 3n equations in 3n unknowns. It is clear why the Milankowitch cycles are intricate, and why weather patterns and climate patterns are also intricate.”

Why not just leave everything to the experts?


You and SS are unwanted, unneeded … and wrong.


A Sop to Reality?

February 17, 2017

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two up to 15/2/17

February 17, 2017

In the first half of February 2017 there was the usual intense international interest, including interest from the following universities in the world’s top twenty (* denotes repeat visits): Caltech, Harvard*, Princeton, Penn State, Stanford, Texas A and M, Univ. California San Diego, EPF Lausanne, Cambridge and Imperial. There was also a visit from the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. Ivy League visits were from: Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton and Stanford. Harvard and Stanford are often ranked the world’s number one. Essentially all the university visits were from the top two hundred or so, and this has been a steady pattern since 2003. The best in the world are open minded about new ideas and accept our distance methods of research and teaching. Otherwise they would not study our work, which consists of the development of a perfect unified field theory checked all the time by computer. Our work exists alongside the standard model of physics, and that is how it should be, that is how ideas progress.”

Forgetting for a moment the usual objections about why the other 98% of visitors should be interested in topics which, even if treated properly, would be ultra-nerdy to them. And forgetting that any such interest cannot be assumed to be positive. And forgetting that computer algebra cannot detect fundamental errors. Forgetting all of that, what’s with the highlighted sentence? We thought that the official stance was that ECE had entirely displaced the standard model and that only a few powerful ‘celebrity’ dogmatist modellers were forcing your followers to hide.  But if it ‘exists alongside’, that makes it even more difficult to explain why your ‘success’ is invisible to standard scientometrics.

Broadcasting Lies

February 16, 2017

Jimmy Carter and the Howard Johnson Patent

February 16, 2017

I think that Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Laureate, was one of the better Presidents and he was also a nuclear engineer. Douglas Mann in his paper mentions how he obliged the Patent Office to deal fairly with Howard Johnson.”

We have already pointed out that Carter was not a ‘nuclear engineer’: he was an engineering graduate who was later, as a minor part of his naval career, sent on a six-month course related to nuclear reactor use. That does not make one a ‘nuclear engineer’. He did not ‘oblige’ the patent office to do anything special for Johnson. The patent office publishes a huge number of crackpot inventions, so it would not have had any problem with accepting the Johnson rubbish. The patent office has a long history of itself employing perpetual-motion loonies, among them Thomas Valone. Effective presidential pressure would surely have resulted in the patent being granted. As mentioned before, Carter is the only president on record as being a  flying-saucer witness. Is that a recommendation? It probably is … in the lunatic fringe. Again Ron fails to report his part in the Johnson scam. But he is not the only incompetent ‘scientist’ to be embroiled in the racket: one also has to add William P.Harrison of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, who co-authored a ‘paper’ with Johnson on the subject of the ‘magnetic motor’. Cranks like Mann think that the involvement of someone like Harrison elevates perpetual-motion into fact. All that it really does is to prove that academic institutions are often home to persons who should be in some other sort of institution. 

Brief Response

February 16, 2017

Daily Report 14/2/17

February 16, 2017

The equivalent of 80,587 printed pages was downloaded (293.820 megabytes) from 2,204 downloaded memory files (hits) and 474 distinct visits each averaging 3.8 memory pages and 6 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 36.56, top ten referrals total of 2,209,183, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 650, Top ten 574, Evans / Morris 462(est), Collected scientometrics 314, F3(Sp) 179, Barddoniaeth 147, Principles of ECE 90, Eckardt / Lindstrom 70, Collected Proofs 54, Engineering Model 49, Autobiography volumes one and two 38, UFT88 36, UFT311 32, PECE 31, Evans Equations 30, CEFE 27, ECE2 24, Self charging inverter 22, UFT321 14, Llais 10, PLENR 8, UFT313 12, UFT314 11, UFT315 8, UFT316 10, UFT317 18, UFT318 9, UFT319 13, UFT320 9, UFT322 12, UFT323 8, UFT324 9, UFT325 12, UFT326 12, UFT327 11, UFT328 18, UFT329 15, UFT330 8, UFT331 12, UFT332 8, UFT333 13, UFT334 9, UFT335 10, UFT336 7, UFT337 8, UFT338 6, UFT339 6, UFT340 8, UFT341 13, UFT342 7, UFT343 10, UFT344 13, UFT345 9, UFT346 9, UFT347 7, UFT348 8, UFT349 11, UFT351 13, UFT352 16, UFT353 13, UFT354 17, UFT355 7, UFT356 16, UFT357 14, UFT358 8, UFT359 13, UFT360 9, UFT361 9, UFT362 12, UFT363 12, UFT364 15, UFT365 10, UFT366 24, UFT367 24, UFT368 26, UFT369 23 to date in February 2017. City of Winnipeg UFT papers; Deusu search engine spidering; Dartmouth College UFT107; Students Harvard University UFT213, AIAS staff, FAQ, CV, UFT107, table of differences; University of Texas Dallas UFT88; School of Industrial Engineering University of Valladolid Simulation parameters part two; Higher School of Medicine Mexican National Polytechnic University F3(Sp); Warsaw University of Technology general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for February 2017. ”


Yet Another Loony Liar

February 16, 2017

FOR POSTING: New Paper by Douglas Mann

February 16, 2017

This is an explanation of the Howard Johnson magnetic motor with ECE theory. President Jimmy Carter personally saw to it that the Howard Johnson motor was patented.”

The (ughh) ‘paper’ is a  shoddy confection of half-truths, typical fare in the lunatic fringe of which the ‘Civil List Scientist’ is – sadly – a member. It is true that the Johnson patent was published in the US. But that is meaningless; all crackpot patents are published; that’s how we know about them, Duh! The important thing is that they are rarely granted. This is a huge distinction which cranks routinely skip over in order to fool the gullible (including investors). So, it was never granted in the US and that part is clearly a lie and Carter, loony-friendly or not,  is irrelevant. But it was granted in South Africa (we have an original in the group library) by particularly stupid patent examiners. The Jimmy ‘I saw a flying saucer’ Carter story is also deceptive. It is true that he graduated as an engineer, but his nuclear expertise amounted to a six-month (non-credited) course for navy personnel. What Ron surprisingly fails to mention is that the non-granted Johnson patent applications were the only ‘evidence’ justifying his notorious ‘magnetic motor’ theory paper which was accepted by idiot editors at Physica B. They also failed to query why his affiliation was a national treasury. Don’t worry, Physica will be receiving some flak later. So Ron’s Physica paper is another example of his theory ‘successfully’ explaining phenomena which do not actually exist.

Gyroscopic Incompetents

February 15, 2017

PS to Michael Jackson

February 15, 2017

The general theory has now been defined for any kind of lab frame torque, so we can thoroughly check by computer any possibility of violation of conservation of momentum. I do not think that there ever is. There is no violation of conservation of energy.”

It would definitely be proof of incompetence if there were any such violation. The Euler equations are predicated on the conservation laws (and consequently Newton’s third law) and so there cannot be any violation of them in the final result. That also immediately rules out any sort of levitation or propulsion effect … because that would imply energy or momentum from nowhere. Neither can angular momentum be magically converted into linear momentum. That would violate Noether’s theorem.

“Laithwaite was inexperienced in gyroscope theory, which is exceedingly intricate and very difficult for people to really understand,”

Yes he was, and so it is. And now you, in your ignorance, are making the same mistakes that he did. You clearly do not understand it either. It is a beginner’s error to think that the spin angular momentum vector coincides with the physical axis of a spinning-top, and yet that is what you seem to be assuming in your conversion schemes.

“but his experimental results were fine, they were replicated and used by NASA.”

They were not ‘experimental results’ at all: where did you learn experimental design? Aberystwyth? LOL. They were mere demonstrations, and deliberately dishonest ones at that. NASA certainly did not replicate and use his lying spinning-top demonstrations. Even NASA is not that stupid. NASA did invite him to design a launch-ramp for spacecraft (already a 100-year old Russian idea)  and he simultaneously set up a company to ‘develop’ non-existent gyroscopic propulsion possibilities. Such companies always fail … don’t they Ron.

“I condemn the people who ostracized Laithwaite and so has history. Other countries developed Laithwaite technology but Britain lost out completely as usual due to the disgraceful attitude that led to ostracization – an excess of arrogance.”

We condemn people who worship loud-mouthed incompetent grand-standers like Laithwaite and Tesla. Laithwaite completely distorted UK attempts at Maglev by promoting – as a ‘celebrity’ – schemes that would not work. It is a pity, given that maglev was invented by Maxwell. His theoretical explanation is a gem in its own right.  

Those ‘Death Threats’

February 14, 2017

“Multiple Threats Being Investigated by the Police

As a public figure I get a lot of threats and so on. These are a couple of typical “veiled death threats”, and typical of the behaviour of a predatory stalker as defined by the psychologist Mullen in a nineties study of stalker psychology. The South Wales Police have recently opened a second on going investigation in to these felonies. It is known that Waldyr Rodrigues, P. W. Atkins and a David Fisher of Zuerich are associated with activities of the stalker “Aaron Vee”, well known to the police. So they have self destructed as reputable scientists. I have advised the AIAS group to take suitable precautions. I am responsible for their safety as the AIAS President, and the buck stops here in the words of President Truman. If identified, Aaron Vee faces imprisonment. Threats such as these are serious felonies. This message is from a person who wishes to remain anonymous. All e mail addresses are removed from this blog with the exception of my own e mail address.

Physical threats of violence are being made against members of the targeted research group (

Death Threat One

“We look forward to the day when shooting crackpots at will is excused.”

Death Threat Two

“a .45 would have been very comforting… A word of advice, Alex: no point in having an impressive fence at the front if the fence at the back is weak. You really should replace that bent fence-post; an old mattress and, ole, any peon could have it away with your bug or pickup” (end quote).
Also, individual researchers are being stalked, and their personal information is being posted on a stalking website (occupation, pictures of business location, description of how to break into their buildings, what cars the researchers drive, etc).

The entire stalking blog is geared at harrassing a single researcher, with no other goal. The target of the threats and abuse is the physics researcher, Dr Myron Evans, who is a highly trained mathematician and physicist. His work is valid research, and he should not be a victim of arbitrary threats, abuse, and harassment, nor should his researchers have to live with stalkers who visit their employers, then post personal details on the web.
I will be happy to email a list of the threats, and evidence of stalking done by the stalking blog, and I will call to speak to an admin, if needed.
It is likely the stalking blog is being funded by certain vested interests, to discredit the new physics discoveries. In the interest of all mankind, please do what you can to stop the harrassment of real researchers, like Dr Evans.”

We have been puzzled for some time by your talk of death threats, but you refused to be more explicit, so we tracked them down for ourselves. As might have been predicted, the comments were taken out of context, conveniently garbled and were clearly tongue-in-cheek in the first place.  The first ‘threat’ was – to any reasonable person – obviously pure hyperbole, as when a stand-up comedian says something like, “I saw Jeremy Clarkson the other day … why does one never have a gun when it is needed?!” The other ‘threats’ all revolve around that shell of a building, located in a slum area of a one-horse Mexican town, which is supposedly the headquarters of a thriving perpetual-motion marketing company (Fortune-50 customers preferred):

My beautiful picture

 The ‘.45’ remark referred to the obvious personal risk of walking around in such an area and any implied ‘death threat’ would clearly have applied only to an assailant who was ‘asking for it’.   The other comments were clearly helpful security advice, and not threats: there were vehicles parked in the compound, and the back fence would have been easy to scale. Those innocent comments – fed through the distorting lens of the paranoid mind – become the cataloguing of personal details. A genuine business would be grateful for the free publicity!  As for involving employers, who was it who complained to Professor Bruhn’s university in the vain hope of getting him dismissed.  That would be you Ron. To conclude: this demolition of the claimed ‘death threats’ clearly knocks away the last foothold of Ron on any moral high ground. Do not continue to repeat this transparent ‘death threat’ calumny, Ron, or else! 

Still Reading Zero

February 14, 2017

Overwhelming International Acceptance of ECE Theory

February 14, 2017

One of the clearest indicators of overwhelming and complete acceptance of ECE unified field theory is that the average number of distinct visits a year to combined sites and was 266,640 from 2009 to 2012 and 276,376 from 2012 to 2016. The main university interest is from the top two hundred or so in the world. Since ECE and ECE2 are so perfectly and objectively based on geometry, the only logical or constructive criticism must be based on criticism of geometry itself. ECE and ECE2 are highly imaginative variations on a theme, similar to J. S. Bach, “The Well Tempered Clavier” or the Diabelli variations of Beethoven. The bad parts of the obsolete standard model, are ingredients in a pig’s breakfast of unknowables, a variation on a theme of Pauli: not even crazy. The pigs ran “Animal Farm”, the thought police of “1984”. Not any more.”

There is no interest at all, and your ‘scientometrics’ are clearly contrived or misinterpreted. Can you not find just one conventional indicator to bolster your unlikely claim? We re-iterate: there is no independent referencing of ECE in reputable journals; there is not even any referencing of ECE by loony journals; there are no positive reviews (apart from Penderghastly’s) of your books; there is no interest in those YouTube videos of your views; nobody (reputable) sends you personal praise by e-mail; and nobody (sane) protests to us in your defence. Your incorrect differential geometry has been comprehensively torn apart,

and your only concept of ‘logical and constructive’ criticism was to have your then-friends at Telesio-Galilei set a lawyer on the expert mathematician who pointed out your incompetence:


You were Trump, even before Trump. He is haunted by fact-checkers, so are you. Get used to it.

A Test for Ron

February 14, 2017

Ron has ‘explained’ the apparent weight loss in the dishonest Laithwaite demonstration when, in fact, there is no weight loss, apparent or otherwise. But there IS a (largely forgotten) piece of classic scientific apparatus, almost as old as the gyroscope (but nowhere near as old as the spinning-top) which really does lose weight when it is operating. So get googling Ron, and try to find out what it is, before that forthcoming book reveals the answer … and notes that you did not.

Ever Decreasing Circles

February 13, 2017

Progress of ECE Theory

February 13, 2017

This is making excellent progress in all directions, the reason is that it is the perfect unified field theory, based rigorously on well known geometry, and developed at every stage with computer algebra and rigorous discussion. The ad hominem attacks of wikipedia have been long forgotten so I no longer report it daily. Its referrals are static and no one reads it. At hominem attacks will not stop its progress in any way, referrals to these attacks are essentially zero. These attacks are a matter for the police, not a matter of science at all.”

It is going nowhere, except in the deluded minds of its proponents. It is propped up solely by  the concocted ‘scientometrics’ and in fact attracts derision among the few real scientists who know about it … because it is aimed exclusively at a) ‘disproving’ Einstein b) ‘explaining’ perpetual-motion scams and c) supporting [pun intended] antigravitational levitation. These are all traditional ‘articles-of-faith’ in the lunatic fringe. The only useful purpose which the whole sad affair serves is to expose the poor understanding of physics among those who are ostensibly highly-qualified scientists: from the employee of a leading Germany technological company, to the ‘science officer’ of a Welsh county council; not to mention other hangers-on … including, on occasion, a former UK ‘spook’ who works in the ‘intelligence’ community. Perhaps the most distasteful aspect of the situation is the way in which the ringleader thinks that a scientific argument is a matter for the law. What sort of rational scientist would think that the pointing out of concrete scientific facts was some sort of crime? What sort of sensible scientist would put himself at judicial risk by backing quack cancer treatments, or by recommending that the UK Government should fund dubious ‘energy from nowhere’ schemes. Motes and planks. Motes and planks.


Dumb Dumb-Bell

February 13, 2017

Sketch of the Dumbbell Model by Horst Eckardt

February 13, 2017

This is most helpful and many thanks! It can be written up in UFT369 or UFT370, and is an incisive way of explaining Milankovitch cycles.”

You will not know this, not being physicists, and it would never occur to you to check the stability of your simulated solutions, but a ‘planar’ spinning-top is inherently unstable (see almost any work by Maunder). Carry out a perturbation analysis, and see. The ‘particulate top’ requires 3-fold symmetry. 

None So Deaf …

February 13, 2017

Gyroscopes and the Covariant Mass Ratio

February 13, 2017

Many thanks for this. The conclusion of the gyroscope calculations is that conventional gyroscope theory can explain the apparent loss of weight, and there is no violation of conservation of energy and momentum.”

There is no loss of weight; not even an apparent loss. Never mind, old-timers such as Tartaglia also had difficulty in understanding torque. So you may catch up eventually.

No Barge-Pole Long Enough …

February 12, 2017

Study of ECE Theory at the Best Universities in the World

February 12, 2017

Since April 30th 2004 there have been 2,572 studies of ECE theory on from the best universities in the world by Webometrics, Times, Shanghai and QS world university rankings. For combined sites and this total can be doubled. This is a percentage of the total number of study visits from these universities because most staff and students use private computers.”

… to distance those universities from Ron and his crackpot theories. Whatever the nature of the ‘electronic noise’ from which those ‘studies’ seem to arise, the enthusiasm is not reflected by any other evidence: no referencing in scientific papers, no e-mailed praise or criticism, no favorable reviews of Ron’s books, no interest in the YouTube videos, no nothing. We can prove that some of those ‘study’ visits are definitely not supportive … because we made them ourselves, and know of other critics who also looked just ‘pour rire’. But take away this lifeline, and what does Ron have left? Absolutely nothing. An ’employee of the Queen’ should not be such a blatant and persistent liar.  

Into the Lion’s Den

February 11, 2017


February 11, 2017

Prof. Sir John Holman,
Department of Chemistry,
York University,

Congratulations on you election as President of the RSC, which successfully nominated me for a Civil List Pension in 2005, along with the Royal Society (RS). I would like to draw your attention to our work on and AIAS Fellow Osamu Ide mentions that you have been in correspondence with him concerning the development of his patented circuit that takes energy from spacetime. This has been replicated precisely by Dr. Horst Eckardt, the UPITEC President, and his group, and has been explained accurately with ECE (Einstein Cartan Evans) unified field theory. Please see UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364 on I think that this circuit should be developed into power stations and similar as quickly as possible in Britain, because it is an effective answer to the energy crisis. In my opinon, Osamu Ide and Horst Eckardt should be invited to give lecture demonstrations to the RSC and RS. As AIAS Fellow Steve Bannister (Dept. of Economics, University of Utah) points out in his Thesis on, it will bring in a second industrial revolution because it is an inexhaustible source of clean energy.”

Well this is an interesting development, and could go one of two ways; both good for us. If Holman is as deluded as the previous RSC staffer who recommended Ron for a Civil List Pension, and thus gave a 24ct crackpot the same status as Faraday, then Ron is safe … but our author friend will have yet another academic scalp – a big one – for his book on ‘pseudoscientists in high places’. If, on the other hand, Holman is a real scientist and can spot when he is being accosted by members of the lunatic fringe, albeit apparently ‘highly qualified’ ones, Ron may well have inadvertently set in motion a process which will finally lead to the removal of his Civil List accolade and to the erasure of an unpleasant stain from British scientific history.

If anyone would like to bring the awful situation, that we know so well, to Professor Holman’s attention, his address is:

Oh, Crafty SS

February 10, 2017

We were wondering how you manage to do all of that work for Ron without your bosses noticing. But, of course, given that you are regularly applying for patents with headings such as, Verfahren zum rechnergestützten Erzeugen einer graphischen Modellierungssprache, Verfahren zum rechnergestützten Erzeugen einer graphischen Modellierungssprach, Verfahren und System zur rechnergestützten Überführung eines Architektur-Konzepts eines technischen Systems in eine Architekturspezifikation and Method and Device for the Quality Analysis of System Models, it must be very easy to pretend that Ron’s work is a way of testing the methods under development. For some reason, we keep thinking of pre-war  motor-racing and gliding clubs.   

A Tissue, a Tissue … It All Falls Down

February 10, 2017

The Best Quality Scientometrics

February 10, 2017

These are the collected data in the filtered statistics section of They are world famous in their own right. The gigantic referral file is now on the blog, this records the websites from which referrals are made to It will be archived on and from the blog, whose 26,000 plus postings are also all archived with wayback machine software. The referral file is tens of thousands of pages long. It should be regarded as a complete record of the vast amount of sustained international interest in Every single one of the three thousand plus items on has been read many thousands of times since about 2005 and before that back to 2002, and before the age of websites back to 1973. Everything is studied all the time at the best universities, and all over the world. I have spent about thirteen years filtering the statistics, so the patterns of interest are entirely clear. The old journal publishing system is obsolete, but I adhere to the format of journals. This is because papers go straight to a vast readership, which gobbles them all up instantly. The old academic system is also obsolete in many ways. It no longer has a monopoly of wisdom. In fact it never did. One cannot stop the march of ideas.”

How do you propose to prove that they are ‘world famous’?  Oh, of course, you will have recourse to your ‘scientometrics’. How convenient. So why then has your printed compilation of scientometrics been so comprehensively panned on Amazon? Why did none of your multitudinous fans find not a single spare minute to pen a positive comment? Why is there absolutely no independent evidence that you even still exist? ‘Consultations’ in YOUR scientometrics of YOUR papers ‘published’ on YOUR website? Does that sound very trustworthy? We shall refrain from calling that ‘incest’  … and call it ‘self-abuse’ instead. Here is another challenge, which you will pretend not to see, as usual. If you have so many loyal supporters out there, why not allow comments to be made on your blog for a week? Surely, any negative ones will be drowned out by your vast readership. Even if your paltry staff spent all day every day, on pretending to be fans, it would not be a convincing  number, so don’t even try it.  

Admission of Guilt?

February 10, 2017

Are we the only ones to have noticed that the date-stamp is missing from Sewage’s recent smart-phone communications? Does that not confirm that he really was goofing-off while being paid from the public purse? We shall have to prepare a similar file of the date-stamps on Siemens Stain’s e-mails.

Tracking for Ron

February 10, 2017

UFT88 Read at the Federal Univeristy of Parana Brazil

February 10, 2017

This university was founded in 1912 and is ranked 515 in the world by webometrics, 601 – 800 by Times. It has over 30,000 students. UFT88 is currently being read 2,099 times a year from combined sites and comes up on the first page of google with reasonable choice of keywords. It has been read in all the best universities in the world for a decade, without a single objection. It includes torsion in the second Bianchi identity and has been developed in UFT99, UFT109, UFT313, and indirectly UFT354. All these papers show that neglect of torsion is incorrect. So the entire structure of Einsteinian general relativity has collapsed. The teaching of standard physics still goes on, but it is known that its bad parts are meaningless.”

Ron likes to pretend that the hits on his sites are meaningful, rather than random. He has to do this in order to maintain the fiction that his ‘scientometrics’ are genuine. It would be nice for him to know who exactly looked at his self-published papers, so then he could check that the ‘results’ are actually being taken seriously and are not simply a source of humour. It would be hard to find out who exactly at, say, MIT had looked at Ron. But now Ron has listed all of the attributes of a ‘one-horse’ university. Nobody here knows Portuguese very well, but it does not appear to have a physics department. Perhaps an electrical engineer looked. That would make sense; they are notoriously flaky re physics. Another way of tracking down Ron’s fan is to check how many people at Parana have published papers on the subject of relativity. That does not take long: only 4 people – ever – have written about relativity, and only 2 people this century. And one of the older papers appeared in Physics Essays, which lets in a lot of pseudoscience. So we shall have to ask those 2 recent authors whether, and why, they looked at Ron’s crank work. Even if was not one of them surely, in such a ‘physics desert’, they might know who did.

Patently Useless

February 9, 2017

Osamu Ide Circuit Awarded Patents

February 9, 2017

The importance of these patents cannot be overestimated. They have been awarded Japanese Patent 5587691 and U. S. patent 8.873.262B2, both dated 2015. AIAS / UPITEC Fellow Osamu Ide has applied for patents in European countries.”

Yes, but the granted patents make no claim to be able to output more energy than is input. If they did, then the patents would not have been granted in the first place. Because the  gadget would then constitute a perpetual-motion machine, and that is impossible. The entire circuit seems to be no different in principle to the ‘choke’ which is necessary to trigger a standard domestic fluorescent tube. Just as that other circuit, which he has been hawking about for some 20 years, looks (given the presence of a coil with a movable core) like nothing more than an electric door-bell. Therefore the importance of the patents has been ridiculously overestimated.

“The circuit is described in UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364, it takes energy from spacetime, and is described perfectly by ECE theory in UFT311. UFT321 develops the circuit theory, and UFT364 replicates the circuit perfectly using independent test apparatus. ”

No it doesn’t. If the output appears to be greater than input it is only because none of the people involved have the required equipment or technical knowledge needed to analyse ‘spikey’ outputs. There have been many circuits like that, and they never get past the experts at the National Bureau of Standards. If your dubious calculations appear to ‘explain’ a non-existent output then, as in the case of the spinning-top levitation, that is good proof that your theory is rubbish.

“This is partly why I have nominated AIAS / UPITEC for six gold medals of the Institute of Physics. ”

No, you have nominated them because nobody in their right mind would, and because you are a shameless social climber.

“Millions of these circuits can be assembled into a power station, and of course they can be used directly for domestic devices and in any situation where electric power is needed. ”

They could only be assembled into a massive power-drain. One domestic application would be the heating of water. The circuit might even succeed, but only to the extent predicted by the original energy-input. You see, Ron, a spikey input cannot fool a calorimeter and … to a first approximation – that is what a water-heater is.

“They will bring about the second industrial revolution described by AIAS / UPITEC Fellow Dr. Steve Bannister in his Ph. D. Thesis on (from the Department of Economics, University of Utah). ”

Did you actually read his thesis, for which you were supposedly some sort of external examiner? He makes no mention of crackpot sources of energy.

“Governments up to Head of State seniority regularly consult and, and should ensure that these circuits are assembled into power stations as soon as humanly possible. ”

No they don’t. Those are just random hits … like all of the rest.

“Any remaining resistance from the oil industry or wind industry lobbyists and cabals should be eliminated by Governments using anti trust laws. As AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson points out, this is a matter of survival, because the entire planet will be destroyed otherwise. Coal and oil must be conserved for making myriads of products, e.g. clothes, medicines and so on. A little coal can be used for domestic purposes.”

That would be the same Jackson who thinks that your nonsense theory ‘explains the human soul’, who thinks that Einstein was planted at the patent office by ‘Big Oil’ and who thinks that Einstein and Cartan helped the Nazis to build antigravity aircraft. Yeah, right, that one.

Running for Cover

February 9, 2017

Webalizer Usage Statistics for – Last 12 Months

February 9, 2017

This document also contains a vast amount of feedback, and is now being archived on and . Note that the interest in is about the same as that in, both sites are permanently archived, and the interest in both sites is permanent.”

Haha, all of Ron’s supposed ‘evidence’ is now hidden behind log-in pages. What better admission could there be that it is all concocted and will not stand expert scrutiny.

Keep Up the Bad Work

February 8, 2017

External Torque on a Gyro with One Point Fixed

February 8, 2017

This could be done in various ways, and the powerful code applied to solve the differential equations. I can set up the general equations and you can match them to the torque used by Shipov. In the meantime I can experiment with different potentials to model the effect of orbital motion on nutation and precession, and vice versa.”

Oh, this is so delightful: your bending of your deluded efforts to prop up an old wives’ tale. And now Siemens Stain appears to be going ‘full-on flying-saucer’ with his dumb-bell model: ‘dumb’ certainly being the most apposite term. 

Spammed Invitations

February 8, 2017

List of Conference Invitations

February 8, 2017

This is a very good idea, these invitations signal the complete international acceptance of the very important energy from spacetime circuit (patents applied for by Osamu Ide) and of course complete acceptance of ECE theory, its exact explanation of the circuit, and its exact replication (UFT311, UFT321, UFT364). The vast readership of ECE means that there are two major schools of thought in physics, standard model and ECE.”

They do not know who the heck you are and, when they find out, the invitations will be withdrawn although, for our purposes, it would be much more fun to see the conference organizers make a disastrous error. There is only one standard physics model and, outside of that, there are any number of crackpot ‘schools of thought’, of which yours is probably the least known … even in the lunatic fringe. You should at least strive to get published in one of the ever-increasing number of crackpot journals. At least then you would have some proper scientometrics.

Not Best Placed …

February 8, 2017

Eliminating Cabals

February 8, 2017

Fully agreed with Gareth Evans. The turbine company here has just dropped letter bombs through every door proudly announcing the mindless destruction of Mynydd y Gwair, one of the rarest ecologies in Europe. This is the kind of evil cabal that must be eliminated. It has been shown on this blog that the Mynydd y Gwair development will be completely useless. The greatest casualty is democracy itself. Every legal means must be used to delay the project and make it unworkable, using work to rule, continuous strike action, and direct protest. Work should start on tidal lagoons as soon as possible. The Assembly Minister for energy is talking total nonsense – I can prove this scientifically and so could any schoolboy. These turbines are easily demolished in a legal way because their towers are hollow and they have a very heavy structure high up off the ground. Loosen a few bolts, legally of course, and the whole lot falls over. These useless projects enrage the whole of Gower and much of Wales. I inspected their hollow structure when protesting on the mountain against Betws. They were lying flat on the ground before being constructed with a crane. I have protested against wind turbines for twenty five years.”

Has it not occurred to you that you have seriously undermined your own ability to argue cogently against wind turbines? Just imagine if you were to be called as an expert witless witness at a public hearing and tried to pull your supposed scientific rank. You can bet that turbine operators employ clever lawyers … and they would tear your argument, and ‘reputation’, into little shreds. Let us write the script, “So, ‘professor’ Evans, you could not find gainful employment as a scientist for some years before your retirement and you instead persistently promote the activities of inventors who promise ‘energy from glorified electric-bell circuits’ or undisclosed mixtures of chemicals. One of them even claims to have built antigravity flying saucers for the US air force [stifles giggle]. Most relevantly, at least two of those inventors have criminal records for energy-related frauds. So, ‘professor’ Evans [winks at audience], do you really believe that this inquiry should accord your evidence any weight at all as regards your judgement concerning energy sources? No further questions [smirks triumphantly].” That is how it would go. By the way, concerning your ‘death threat’ to the turbines, perhaps you should ask your pal, John Searl, for advice: he was gaoled for trying to demolish a major power pylon … which is quite a similar ‘scientific problem’.

Cease and Desist

February 8, 2017

Death Threats on a Hate Blog

February 8, 2017

The police have a copy of the death threats, so has the Police Commissioner. Under new anti troll laws every member of this hate blog, and every correspondent, can be prosecuted, severely disciplined, and / or dismissed from employment. This is a criminal matter, not a scientific or philosophical matter. Obviously, AIAS / UPITEC does not correspond with anonymous criminals, it reports them to the police and other authorities. The more these trolls add to their hate campaign, the more the cumulative evidence against them. A complete file of their activities is available and can be shown to the police, and employers. A list of death threats can also be shown to employers and the police. These trolls use pseudonames, but they are easily identifiable and have been. New, tough laws against trolls have just been introduced by the British Government (in 2016). Incitement to harass by trolling is now a criminal offence. The existence of death threats means that every member of the site is an accessory to death threats. The blog is wildly defamatory and pejorative, and saturated with malicious misrepresentation, hate crime, and threats. Anonymity will not protect the trolls if the police decide to take action. There are ways of identifying them, and I know the identity of three or four with high probability. In due course all the evidence will be given to the police – the Offices of Chief Constable and Commissioner.

We are tired of the groundless threats issuing from a notorious pseudoscientist who daily shames the very accolades which he imagines to grant him some high social position, some moral high ground. So, Ron, post those supposed ‘death threats’ on your blog … or STFU. Accusing someone, known or unknown, of having committed criminal offences when they have not in fact done so is prima facie libel and defamation. 


February 8, 2017

Wind 3.79%, 1 – 32 mph, Wales 4 – 7 mph, 0656 local time

February 8, 2017

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 5 mph, less than the 7 – 9 mph needed to start the derelict wind turbines.”

A report by Siemens has predicted that wind-power will be the major energy source in a few decades. Have you heard of Siemens, Ron? Do you have any reason to doubt the engineering nous of its employees?


February 8, 2017

Daily Report 6/2/17

February 8, 2017

The equivalent of 112,862 printed pages was downloaded (411.495 megabytes) from 3,694 downloaded memory files (hits) and 638 distinct visits each averaging 5.3 memory pages and 6 minutes, top ten referrals 2,207,028 since Dec. 2006, printed pages to hits ratio of 30.55, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo.”

Lies being generated at full speed as usual.

The Perpetual-Motion Two-Step

February 8, 2017

Acronym ES – “Energy from Spacetime” and the Osamu Ide Circuit

February 8, 2017

This acronym, ES, appears in some blog postings and in one or two UFT papers and means “Energy from Spacetime”. By far the best example is the Osamu Ide circuit, for which patents have been applied for by Osamu Ide. It has been replicated in UFT364, and the theory of the Osamu Ide circuit has been developed in UFT311 and UFT321. I hope that it will be manufactured by the millions and that Osamu Ide will be awarded the patents. He full deserves recognition. There is no future (literally) for any fossil fuel or wind turbine cabal. If humankind becomes extinct, these cabals will no longer make a profit out of the poor and starving. ECE and ECE2 describe the circuit perfectly, as in UFT311, and its replication is described in UFT364. Congratulations to all concerned!”

‘Energy from Spacetime’ is just the latest buzzword and euphemism for perpetual motion. Whatever it is called, the fact remains that it does not exist. It is dishonest to say that it still obeys the first law of thermodynamics, because it ‘does not claim energy-from-nowhere’, since only crackpots think that they have a valid supporting theory. Theoretical ‘academic’ crackpots and sciolist street-level cranks have always loosely collaborated in this way, and it is only such collaboration which keeps loony ideas alive. For instance, any incompetent amateur experimenter can convince himself that telepathy exists … and nobody takes him seriously. But then an academic crackpot like Joseph Banks Rhine comes along and says that it is possible, and the ignorant public is convinced. That is the manner in which the conspiracy has always worked: when the academic is asked why he is ‘explaining’ such a stupid concept, he points to the ‘grass-roots evidence’. When the ‘results’ of the street-level crank are questioned, he points to a university and retorts that a university would not study nonsense.  So here is Ron with his fatuous theory which can apparently explain anything, including non-existent ‘spinning-top levitation’, conspiring with incompetent electrical experimenter, Ideotic,  to try to defraud the UK Government.  And why not, Peter Searl (brother of John Searl) has already succeeded. Circuits like Ideotic’s have always been around but, when they are tested by the NBS (for example)  they then ‘disappear without trace’. Incidentally, the device for which Peter Searl received an initial £39000 payout, before the guilty Quango was shut down, was described as being a ‘magnetic motor’. Who do we know who has ‘explained’ their functioning (they don’t) using ‘spin connection resonance’. Hmm, that would be Ron (and Siemens Stain), writing in Physica B.  Ron gave, as his affiliation, the British Government Treasury (thus roping HM into the nonsense) and, as the only ‘evidence’ justifying the need for the fatuous theory in the first place, offered the patent applications [sic] of another loony inventor in the Ideotic mould. Note that this little episode destroys any faith in Physica B. On the other hand, no big surprise: it was an article in Physica C which launched (pun intended) the Podkletnov antigravity nonsense that so seduced NASA and cost the latter a lot of money (it seems that the so-called engineers at NASA trust journals without a second’s thought). Jeez, even rubber was beyond their competence!