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February 28, 2017

371(6): Wavefunctions from a Lagrange Method

February 28, 2017

This note begins a new numerical development of quantum mechanics and relativistic quantum mechanics starting from the classical lagrangian, then quantizing the results. This first note is a simple idealized atom modelled by an electron orbiting a proton in a plane. It could also be applied to quantize the usual conic section orbit of a mass m orbiting a mass M in a plane.”

News Flash, Ron, the ‘solar system’ theory of electrons orbiting a nucleus was good in its day … but things have moved on. Read a book about quantum mechanics. Atkins has written a suitable one.



February 27, 2017

Referring Domains Data

February 27, 2017

The referring domains data every early morning refers to the single top domain of many thousands. Today it is 2,212,935 since December 2006. Total referrals are probably over three million. The top referring domain total increases rapidly every day. Early personal attacks on myself have been overwhelmingly rejected. They cannot be called rational criticisms, more like trolling. The only site of this type that gets any professional attention is one by Bruhn, with 65 referrals in a decade. He disappeared in 2008 after harassing, stalking and trolling for about five years. Cartan geometry is the same as it was in 2003, and the attacks on Cartan geometry by these people have of course failed. They attacked Cartan geometry because I used it in an imaginative way. Nothing as stupid as this has ever happened in science. ECE theory is based directly on Cartan gemetry, which is why it has been overwhelmingly accepted internationally by all the best universities, institutes and similar in the world. Wikipedia on ECE is a failed troll site set up by a few people like Bruhn whose only aim in life was destruction – a low point in the history of science. A criminal troll site has been operating for about three years, and has generated a glorious total of 32 referrals. In my opinion these trolls should be rooted out and arrested by the police. Several are local and I can identify them by style of writing. The policy of AIAS / UPITEC for some years is to ignore them completely and to report them to the police as part of the duty of any member of the general public to report hate crime. It is up to the police to act against them.”



February 27, 2017

We have been comparing the current staff-list of AIAS with the list as it stood in 2008. There seem to have been a number of defections. OK so Fucilla obviously left after sacking you from Steriwave and calling you ‘every name under the Sun’. Widlar now seems to be too busy running his trucking company and marketing quack electronic cancer-cures. Labounsky died (unfortunately his crank journal, Progress in Physics, survives him). Dunging-Davies went off to head rival gang of nutters, Telesio-Galilei. But where now are Indranu, Abramson, Goodger, Annis, Bebbington, Chambers, Koller, Giacchetta, Keys, Kotzer, Lopez, Reed, Surbat, Hubbard, Nemeth, Williams and Cullinan (was that he who vainly tried to defend one of your books on Amazon)? Were they real academics who realized that association with you might damage their careers, or just rats leaving a sinking ship?


February 27, 2017

ES and LENR Power Stations in Wales

February 27, 2017

These should come online as rapidly as possible. The ECE theory needed to understand ES power stations is available (UFT311), and the patented Osamu Ide circuit has been replicated by Horst Eckardt et al in UFT364. The Assembly should push ahead with raising the funds to develop all kinds of power devices based on ES, which has no moving parts and works on all scales, from microchips to major power stations. The ECE theory has been an international team effort, and was started here in Mawr. If a coal /oil cabal exists, it will shortly become extinct. The circuit can be demonstrated to the Assembly at any time.”

Are we the only ones to have noticed the strange resemblance between Ideotic’s circuit and ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator circuit (see below). OK, so the coils are wound around different parts of the transformer former, but still. Did not you and the rest of the AIAS gang explain how the MEG worked? You can ‘explain’ anything can’t you? The rights were bought by a Canadian company, we seem to recall. So where is it now?  We guess that it is in a tip somewhere … waiting for Ideotic’s device to join it. Ah, doesn’t every kid dream of running a transformer in reverse and generating thousands of volts from an AA battery (suitably jiggled to simulate AC)? One of us used to shock his little friends that way, thinking that there was no danger, given that the energy was not increased (Ideotic and Bearden please note). He did not then know that just a few volts, suitably applied, can send the heart into fatal fibrillation.  


Very Useful

February 25, 2017

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of paper 369

February 25, 2017

These results are full of interest and will attract a large readership. I can see that through the scientometrics. These graphics and analyses are clearly thought out as usual, and the results are interpreted so that the readership will be able to understand them without ploughing through the maths if they want to concentrate on engineering essentials. The results also show the great power of the Maxima code, controlled by the skill and experience of co author Dr Horst Eckardt. A huge amount of new information comes out of a problem that up to a few week ago was only vaguely understood, half understood and misinterpreted. Having understood the problem at last, all kinds of engineering solutions become possible, so we can engineer new kinds of railway systems for example with reduced drag. In the aerospace industry these results can eb used to enginner new kinds of mechanism that will allow aircraft to lift off, helping the wings lift the plane. These mechanisms can also be used in vehicles of all kinds to reduce drag. This is an outstanding section. It shows what can be done with the elegant mathematics of the eighteenth century enlightenment. A large number of possibilities has suddenly emerged.”

Thank you for providing a ‘black and white’ statement to the effect that ‘the Civil List Scientist’ and an employee of a major German company subscribe to an idea which is a sine qua non in the lunatic fringe: the ludicrous idea that spinning-tops truly defy gravity.  That will come in very handy later as a pièce à conviction. It would have been better if the nonsense were actually published, rather than disappearing into the oubliette known as On the rare occasions that loony papers sneak into previously reputable journals, they either trigger a new round of experimentation to check what nobody doubted in the first place (e.g. Hayasaka and Takeuchi), or the journal is thereafter  viewed with suspicion (e.g. Wayte – no, surprisingly not a pseudonym). Of course, there is a bit of a problem with Siemens Stain’s falling gyroscope calculation. If it is in free-fall, it might as well be in one of those vomit-Comets which are used to simulate gravity-free conditions. But, in that case, a spinning object will exhibit its well-known tendency to take up a fixed orientation in space, so why is he still predicting precession and nutation? It is also well-known that any asymmetrical object will always have two stable axes of rotation and one unstable one (try spinning a shrink-wrapped book about each of its three axes in turn). Has SS deliberately chosen an unstable axis? Do they even know what we are talking about?

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February 24, 2017

Joining St Callwen

February 24, 2017

Rev. Alun Brookfield,
Vicar St, John the Baptist Callwen,

Dear Rev. Brookfield,

I am interested in joining St Callwen and putting up a stone for my grandparents, William John and Gwenllian Evans. Is it possible to purchase a plot for burial for myself in St. Callwen, or to put up a private chapel in the grounds? It looks like a nice place to be buried. I hope to be around for a few years, but you never know.”

Heaven forfend that we should say something that might be construed to be a ‘death threat’. 

Unwanted, Unneeded, Unhinged

February 22, 2017

Plan for section 3 of paper 369 : Explanation of the Laithwaite Experiment

February 22, 2017

Many thanks! This will be full of interest. This latest work is already being studied intensely as can be seen from the early morning reports. The ability of Maxima to solve complicated differential equations opens up a whole new area of research.

It was not an experiment; it was a demonstration. It was not even his demonstration; it was a traditional crowd-pleaser. The only difference was his lying about the feeling experienced. Why did he do that? Because he was a career-loony and this episode was just the tip of a veritable iceberg of pseudoscientific activities. He was the Jimmy Savile of electrical engineering: nobody would tackle him in person because of his build and aggressive personality, and nobody would tackle him in print because of inevitable litigation. He himself wrote a criticism of the UK government that was so savage (because of the cancellation of his pet project) that it was thought better to shelve it until after his death. It has yet to surface.


Off with His Pension!

February 22, 2017

Audience with Queen Elizabeth

February 22, 2017

I will write to the Head of State to ask for an audience to explain the futility of wind turbines, and to make her aware of the great progress made by ECE theory since I was appointed a Civil List pensioner in 2005 and awarded Arms in 2008. I am a republican and a U. S. dual citizen, the first U. S. citizen to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner. There are many precedents for U. S. citizens to be granted high honours such as a CLP, notably Eisenhower was awarded an O. M. The protocol means that a U. S. citizen addresses the British Head of State as “Queen Elizabeth”. She is my distant Tudor cousin and is very interested in genealogy. This does not mean that I have suddenly become a royalist. I am a republican nationalist like the poet R. S. Thomas, fellow Nobel nominee from Wales.”

What an excellent idea. It was her fault that a loony received the same accolade as did Victoria’s greatest scientists, the ultimate dumbing-down, so it would be like a giant chicken coming home to roost.

Change of Business

February 21, 2017

The famous Sir Arthur Edwin Turner VC (formerly Colonel Sir Arthur Edwin Turner-Thomas VC, GC, KG, KCB, KCMG) has just today announced a change in the activities of his Red Kite Art and Jewels Ltd. It seems that its principal activity will now be ‘mixed farming’. His knighthood formerly put all of the other celebrity inhabitants of Gwaun Cae Gurwen in the shade. Among them, Ron’s favorite actress. Perhaps that is why some spoilsport has removed his name from the Wiki article on that village.

Makeover … Not

February 21, 2017

We were rather hoping that our frequent exposure of the parlous decorative state of that thriving hub of perpetual-motion marketing, known as et3m, would have encouraged Hill-of-Beans to have engineered some tidying-up of the place. But no. This is what it looked like before:

My beautiful picture

and this is what it looked like more recently:


Even more blue paint has flaked off the logo. But they do seem to have more stock.