A Life Less Googled?

Final version of Note 369(4)

February 2, 2017

Many thanks, this solves the problem, and I attach a corrected and final version of Note 369(4), now fully checked by computer algebra. The spin connection remains the same. I agree that the nine elements of the spin connection cannot be found a priori, but one can use the fact that the matrx must be antisymmetric (a three dimensional rotation generator). What we can do is to compute the nutations and precessions, to see if the cyclic patterns have any resemblence to the Milankowich theory. I agree that we are pioneering an entirely new method. I have not studied the Milankowich theory very much, but know of its existence from googling it up.

… just as you know everything else. On that subject, why don’t you update your ideas altogether instead of relying on old course-books and BBC box sets. Try replacing Marion and Thornton by the latest Goldstein (even that edition with the embarrassing error on the dust-cover is still OK inside), replace that ‘Vector Equation Solver’ pot-boiler with something more in line with modern methods and … FFS, find something better than ‘Civilization’ to guide your aesthetic choices and improve your fund of ‘meaningful quotations’.



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