Mutt and Jeff

To Horst: Checked a sub phi a few times.

February 2, 2017

I have checked a sub phi (attached Note 369(4)) a few times and it is OK. To make sure, the last four lines of this note can be run through Maxima. In Note 369(5) a new general law is derived for the Cartan covariant derivative in any coordinate system. I am very interested in the ability of Maxima to solve simultaneous differential equations and also in the resulting graphics. Various external torques or forces can be applied to the gyroscope. Your method seems OK, and the simple method of UFT368 produces the Laithwaite result. Laithwaite was subjected to a grave miscarriage of justice.”

There is no ‘Laithwaite result’; he simply repeated a well-known demonstration but was either a) too stupid to know what was going on or b) too fond of misrepresenting phenomena for personal aggrandizement. After all, he lied about everything: he did not invent maglev (that was Maxwell), he did not invent the linear induction motor (that was Wheatstone), he did not invent the idea of ‘rolling up’ a linear induction motor to produce a levitation table (that trick was stolen from an old patent) and he did not invent the neat demonstration in which a flexible current-carrying conductor wraps itself around a magnet (that was due to Lodge). If a better engineer had been handling maglev for the UK, the UK would have a viable high-speed rail network by now. Incidentally, Laithwaite’s gyroscope-lies have even found their way into at least one encyclopedia; of the sort that public libraries love to purchase. That is tragic. So yes, there was a grave miscarriage of justice: he was allowed to keep his job, and nobody took the trouble to use another RI lecture to undo the educational harm that he had done. After all, look at Ron, supposedly the world’s most prolific scientist and nominee for every glittering prize there is … and yet even he never got over it! A propos of nothing, are we the only ones who think that the exchanges between Ron and Siemens Stain resemble the dialogue in a TV series like, say, CSI? You know, the sort of series where the characters are always telling each other technical facts which – if they were really experts – they would not need to do … because they would already know them. Just saying …


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