Protesting Too Much

Impact of a Researcher or Author

February 2, 2017

It is obvious that the impact of an author has always been measured from the dawn of printing and literacy by how many times his or her work is read, and by how many works the author has published. Before that it was measured by word of mouth. It is know with accuracy that ECE theory has been read MILLIONS of times, and there are hundreds of ECE papers and books. It is constantly consulted by the best universities in the world. The most important measure of impact is the endurance of the work. Will it be read in a hundred years’ time? We know that ECE theory will be read for the foreseeable future because of the accurate scientometrics, the most meticulous ever devised for a theory of physics. ”

You may have chosen to invent a form of scientometrics that – conveniently – only you can monitor, but that does not explain why none of your pseudoscientific ramblings are cited in the traditional manner; at least not by anyone outside of your gang. The excuse that everyone is afraid to cite your work, in spite of their supposedly being in the majority, just does not hold water. Your ECE nonsense is not even cited by the lunatic fringe, and how many fringers have an academic post to risk? Even if there were real – but scared – academic readers, would they also be too scared to speak out against it?  Ah, but of course, in your deluded world silence can betoken only acceptance.

“The same is true of my poetry in both languages. The amazing thing is that all my work is read by a broad cross section of people in up to 182 countries, not only my work but the work of the entire AIAS / UPITEC team of course.”

And all of those inhabitants of 182 countries also happen to read either English or Welsh do they. ‘Art’ is always a great lifeline for the talentless: whatever is produced can be argued over ad nauseam and any critic is automatically dismissed as being a philistine. How convenient.   

“The ECE theory cannot be refuted theoretically unless Cartan geometry is refuted.”

Yes it can. Bruhn, for one, has shown in excruciating detail that your extensions of Cartan’s work are decidedly wrong. 

“It can be refuted experimentally of course, but so far it has stood up to all tests. It produces all the good equations of physics from geometry. The Cartan geometry can be made more abstract, but it is entirely self consistent within its terms of reference. The work is accurate and checked very meticulously using computer algebra when possible. ”

Since it supposedly predicts the production of energy from nowhere, and the magical levitation of spinning-tops, every failure of those things to occur constitutes experimental proof of the failure of the theory. Computer algebra cannot prove that a theory is correct; it can show only that the failure of the theory is not due to a simple slip of the pen.

“There are no longer any criticisms of it, and in fact there never were. ”

Yes there were: Bruhn, Hehl, Rodrigues, etc. But then you ran away from real journals, and hid, so it did not matter any more.

“There were distortions, ad hominem attacks from a tiny minority, but no intelligent criticism of Cartan geometry. My h and g indices are also very high, but I left academia in 1995 and forged a new way of publishing which is astoundingly successful. This means that people outside academia, (the great majority), don’t care very much about h and g indices, they read the work. They don’t care very much for any self styled establishment, or any censorship mechanism. Once the work is out in the open they read it by the millions. ”

Again: you ran away and hid and all of your ‘success’ is purely imaginary.

“Many senior and responsible people now reject the standard model of physics,”

Name one who is not part of the lunatic fringe

“and of course we all reject criminal trolls. They belong in prison or in the alley of a thousand obsolete dustbins. I am flattered by the attention of a mindless troll, and invite him to tea and arsenic, Dylan Thomas style (“Under Milk Wood”). Just knock on the door for a chat, no need to hide in anonymity. I will quickly find out how much they know about geometry so the chat is likely to be very short.”

The general public has to be warned against the activities of the snake-oil salesmen of perpetual-motion schemes. Their repeated defamation of real scientists and institutions must not be tolerated. They are disturbed and potentially violent people. For instance, one of them has just issued a death-threat involving poison. That has been recorded as part of our ‘evidence pdf’.


6 Responses to “Protesting Too Much”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    Meanwhile, such is the stampede of researchers and the public to listen to the Youtube essays that many of them have not registered a single view in over two months online. The ‘refutations’ of the Higgs boson and GR have not been viewed by a single person.

  2. Dic Rhyddwen Says:

    I am just a village observer of Moron’s utter deceits. When will this much promised Book expose him? He has been exposed so often on Crackpotwarch as:-
    Criminally flouting the law over Quack Cancer Cures and the Election Rules in his own village. YES acting criminally.
    Moron you are a CRIMINAL and a false Land Grabber!
    What do all his moronic supporters have to say about all of this?
    Come on Vivienne Swaby and Gareth of Cardigan Sewers and the Czech Nuclear idiots and his idiot Lab Tecnician Book Reviewers of his pure rubbish vanity self publications give us your true opinions in public on to CRACKPOTWATCH. It is all garbled junk science RUBBISH.

  3. Harry Hab Says:

    Check out at time stamp 14:35. Siemens Stain flashes by for a frame or two. He is included in the opening credits but not the closing credits.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      One is tempted to think that it is a lame attempt at subliminal advertising. It is instead of course the result of clumsy editing of a longer film that was made by the Fucilla family. Did Ron have permission to use that film?

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