Still No Evidence

Latest QS Rankings

February 4, 2017

The latest QS university rankings list the top twenty universities in the world as follows: MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge, Caltech,Oxford, UCL, ETH, Imperial, Chicago, Princeton, NU Singapore, Nanyang Tech Singapore, EPF Lausanne, Yale, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, U Penn, Edinburgh and Columbia. with the possible exception of Nanyang Tech, staff and students from all these universities have studied ECE theory continuously for almost fourteen years. Before that my work was probably studied in all these places over time (1973 to 2017, forty four years of continuous publishing). Therefore ECE is mainstream physics by any reasonable measure.”

You can post lists like this until the proverbial cows come home; they remain totally meaningless. Why should the ‘visits’ from the 2% of ‘socially acceptable’ URLs be any more significant than the 98% from decidedly sleazy ones? Does the visitor from a porn site go away any less satisfied about the validity of ECE than does the visitor from MIT? Why extol the academic virtues of Stanford any more preferentially than you do the hydraulic skills of the pneumatic ladies from that Russian ‘center-of-excellence’ (you know, the one that is rank … rather than ranked)?  So the fact remains that the ‘scientometrics’ are worthless and, without them, nothing at all remains to you these days. Oh, by the way, one of us thanks you for name-checking his alma mater (or one of them) above.


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