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Visit from U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

February 5, 2017

The Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff studied the errors in the Einstein theory of general relativity, now accepted as completely obsolete and replaced by the gravitational field equations of ECE2.”

Recent readers may not be aware of just how many visitors Ron’s site receives, or just how pleased he must be when one of them just happens to look sufficiently respectable and relevant to mention. For some strange reason, he has ceased to offer detailed lists of who has chanced upon his sites. But here is an old list of referring URLs,


Any suggestions as to which ones should definitely not count towards his … ahem … scientometrics? NB: Because it is an old list, most of the links are broken. This is a pity because, otherwise, a great deal of information on Schroedinger’s cat could have been had by searching for keyword, ‘pussy’.


4 Responses to “Ron’s Fans”

  1. Welshspeking Naybor Says:

    A local Welsh speaking family applied to get Planning Permission on a parcel of land the family had owned for generations next door to Myron Evans. The local Planning Authority (Swansea Council) approved it, but not before the malicious Myron Evans put in a racist objection as copied below. He was lampooned in his local newspaper over this ridiculous objection that included the folowing inaccuracies:-
    The Applicants were a local Welsh speaking family;
    No other local resident objected – so he was not in line with others;
    Planning Applications are rarely “forced” and Notices are always put up for Public Consultation;
    How can he super guess who may buy a Building Plot as a Monoglot English speaker;
    This small one house proposal will not breach anyone’s Human Rights;
    The site is on a gentle slope half way up a hill and has never ever flooded;
    His tree is not listed as protected and not under any threat;
    All neighbours were consulted and also Notices were put up;
    Drainages would not cross his land and who is he to make claims for other neighbours;
    The plans showed ample room for three car parking spaces within the building plot proving he was objecting without looking at the publicly available plans and since then he has lost about £20,000 in legal costs in a lost court case trying to possess his neighbour’s garage next door on the other side of the plot;
    He does not have a carefully designed garden and since his non Welsh speaking foreign wife disappeared off the scene his garden has become neglected ;
    How can one house proposed by Welsh speakers slice the Welsh culture?
    Once again he falsely uses the Queen’s Civil List Pension to call himself laughably a “Member of the Gentry” to try to make himself more credible and self important in his Objection letter – another good reason to strip him of that title that idiots conferred upon him.
    Readers this above shows what a nasty person he really is!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> see his letter below:-

    (10 Mountain Road, Craig Cefn Parc)

    In line with nearly all immediate residents I wish to object in the strongest possible terms to this application, which is for a house directly adjacent to my land at 50 Rhyddwen Road. This is an example of forced development, a process which greatly harms the Welsh language. It is forced development because such planning permissions are rarely refused, and the entire process often occurs without any warning. The process is entirely undemocratic, in that no vote of immediate residents is taken. Such a vote would show heavy opposition along the entire length of Mountain Road, and not just the immediate vicinity. My objections include the following, but are by no means limited to the following.

    1) The site has been part of the land of a Welsh speaking family for a century or more, and is situated in an area which used to be entirely Welsh speaking. Any development such as this will very likely be sold to monoglot English speakers, who have the wealth to buy such land at the expense of young Welsh speakers. This is illegal, a violation of human rights, the right to speak one’s own language, and the right to self determination. This process quickly destroys small Welsh speaking communities.
    2) The site is completely unsuitable, it lies far below the level of the road and is susceptible to flooding. It is a very small area of land that overhangs the peacefulness of my garden. There will be problems of noise and encroachment on my land. The development also threatens to destroy one of the finest oak trees in the entire area. This oak grows on my land, the development would completely destroy it on one side, the side that overhangs the area designated for development. Some time ago I applied for this oak to be protected. The development area was suddenly levelled without warning or any form of consultation. My own garden has been carefully designed over the years and is one of the finest in the village. I was not consulted in any way and found out about it only by the receipt of Council notice. This process is typical of colonization, it may as well be an invasion by an army. I have another magnificent oak tree growing on my land, and this oak is well known throughout the village. I can only hope that this tree is not also mutilated.
    3) The drainage and sewerage is problematic, it would probably have to cross my land, and I refuse permission for such construction. Permission for drainage will also be reused by all relevant neighbours, so it will be impossible to drain the land.
    4) The area is very small, all that is possible to build is a tiny detached dwelling which will probably be occupied by persons with no knowledge of the language, heritage, culture or history of this area. They will destroy a century of civilization in the Welsh language.
    5) There is little or no access to motor vehicles, and probably no room for a garage. This will add to an already severe problem of congestion by vehicles, problems of trespass, illegal parking and so forth. Mountain Road is unadopted, full of pot holes, badly lit and iced over in winter. There are no gritting facilities.
    6) I will refuse permission for any ff my trees or plants to be touched by this development, so it will lead to a very ugly scenario of once beautiful trees half cut to pieces. The Welsh language will also be cut to pieces.

    Myron Evans

    (Dr. M. W. Evans, Member of the Gentry, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc.
    Co President of AIAS,
    50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, SA6 5RA,

  2. Interested Observer Says:

    This explains a lot, Crackpotwatch.

    A very large proportion, perhaps even the majority, of these ‘referring’ URLs are no such thing. They are the result of so-called ‘ghost spam’. What happens is that a spammer trying to promote one particular website writes a script which sends repeated content requests to a second, target, website. These are logged by the analytics software (Google Analytics,Webalizer or whatever) as traffic from a referring URL, but no human was involved at any stage. The only function of the ‘visit’ was to plant the name of the referring URL in the logging software.

    The various poker/porn/gambling sites on that list do not link to Ron, and never have. But the people responsible for promoting those sites sent out referrer spam to thousands of sites, including his. That’s the only reason there are so many referrer URLs on that list.


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