Cease and Desist

Death Threats on a Hate Blog

February 8, 2017

The police have a copy of the death threats, so has the Police Commissioner. Under new anti troll laws every member of this hate blog, and every correspondent, can be prosecuted, severely disciplined, and / or dismissed from employment. This is a criminal matter, not a scientific or philosophical matter. Obviously, AIAS / UPITEC does not correspond with anonymous criminals, it reports them to the police and other authorities. The more these trolls add to their hate campaign, the more the cumulative evidence against them. A complete file of their activities is available and can be shown to the police, and employers. A list of death threats can also be shown to employers and the police. These trolls use pseudonames, but they are easily identifiable and have been. New, tough laws against trolls have just been introduced by the British Government (in 2016). Incitement to harass by trolling is now a criminal offence. The existence of death threats means that every member of the site is an accessory to death threats. The blog is wildly defamatory and pejorative, and saturated with malicious misrepresentation, hate crime, and threats. Anonymity will not protect the trolls if the police decide to take action. There are ways of identifying them, and I know the identity of three or four with high probability. In due course all the evidence will be given to the police – the Offices of Chief Constable and Commissioner.

We are tired of the groundless threats issuing from a notorious pseudoscientist who daily shames the very accolades which he imagines to grant him some high social position, some moral high ground. So, Ron, post those supposed ‘death threats’ on your blog … or STFU. Accusing someone, known or unknown, of having committed criminal offences when they have not in fact done so is prima facie libel and defamation. 


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