Not Best Placed …

Eliminating Cabals

February 8, 2017

Fully agreed with Gareth Evans. The turbine company here has just dropped letter bombs through every door proudly announcing the mindless destruction of Mynydd y Gwair, one of the rarest ecologies in Europe. This is the kind of evil cabal that must be eliminated. It has been shown on this blog that the Mynydd y Gwair development will be completely useless. The greatest casualty is democracy itself. Every legal means must be used to delay the project and make it unworkable, using work to rule, continuous strike action, and direct protest. Work should start on tidal lagoons as soon as possible. The Assembly Minister for energy is talking total nonsense – I can prove this scientifically and so could any schoolboy. These turbines are easily demolished in a legal way because their towers are hollow and they have a very heavy structure high up off the ground. Loosen a few bolts, legally of course, and the whole lot falls over. These useless projects enrage the whole of Gower and much of Wales. I inspected their hollow structure when protesting on the mountain against Betws. They were lying flat on the ground before being constructed with a crane. I have protested against wind turbines for twenty five years.”

Has it not occurred to you that you have seriously undermined your own ability to argue cogently against wind turbines? Just imagine if you were to be called as an expert witless witness at a public hearing and tried to pull your supposed scientific rank. You can bet that turbine operators employ clever lawyers … and they would tear your argument, and ‘reputation’, into little shreds. Let us write the script, “So, ‘professor’ Evans, you could not find gainful employment as a scientist for some years before your retirement and you instead persistently promote the activities of inventors who promise ‘energy from glorified electric-bell circuits’ or undisclosed mixtures of chemicals. One of them even claims to have built antigravity flying saucers for the US air force [stifles giggle]. Most relevantly, at least two of those inventors have criminal records for energy-related frauds. So, ‘professor’ Evans [winks at audience], do you really believe that this inquiry should accord your evidence any weight at all as regards your judgement concerning energy sources? No further questions [smirks triumphantly].” That is how it would go. By the way, concerning your ‘death threat’ to the turbines, perhaps you should ask your pal, John Searl, for advice: he was gaoled for trying to demolish a major power pylon … which is quite a similar ‘scientific problem’.

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