The Perpetual-Motion Two-Step

Acronym ES – “Energy from Spacetime” and the Osamu Ide Circuit

February 8, 2017

This acronym, ES, appears in some blog postings and in one or two UFT papers and means “Energy from Spacetime”. By far the best example is the Osamu Ide circuit, for which patents have been applied for by Osamu Ide. It has been replicated in UFT364, and the theory of the Osamu Ide circuit has been developed in UFT311 and UFT321. I hope that it will be manufactured by the millions and that Osamu Ide will be awarded the patents. He full deserves recognition. There is no future (literally) for any fossil fuel or wind turbine cabal. If humankind becomes extinct, these cabals will no longer make a profit out of the poor and starving. ECE and ECE2 describe the circuit perfectly, as in UFT311, and its replication is described in UFT364. Congratulations to all concerned!”

‘Energy from Spacetime’ is just the latest buzzword and euphemism for perpetual motion. Whatever it is called, the fact remains that it does not exist. It is dishonest to say that it still obeys the first law of thermodynamics, because it ‘does not claim energy-from-nowhere’, since only crackpots think that they have a valid supporting theory. Theoretical ‘academic’ crackpots and sciolist street-level cranks have always loosely collaborated in this way, and it is only such collaboration which keeps loony ideas alive. For instance, any incompetent amateur experimenter can convince himself that telepathy exists … and nobody takes him seriously. But then an academic crackpot like Joseph Banks Rhine comes along and says that it is possible, and the ignorant public is convinced. That is the manner in which the conspiracy has always worked: when the academic is asked why he is ‘explaining’ such a stupid concept, he points to the ‘grass-roots evidence’. When the ‘results’ of the street-level crank are questioned, he points to a university and retorts that a university would not study nonsense.  So here is Ron with his fatuous theory which can apparently explain anything, including non-existent ‘spinning-top levitation’, conspiring with incompetent electrical experimenter, Ideotic,  to try to defraud the UK Government.  And why not, Peter Searl (brother of John Searl) has already succeeded. Circuits like Ideotic’s have always been around but, when they are tested by the NBS (for example)  they then ‘disappear without trace’. Incidentally, the device for which Peter Searl received an initial £39000 payout, before the guilty Quango was shut down, was described as being a ‘magnetic motor’. Who do we know who has ‘explained’ their functioning (they don’t) using ‘spin connection resonance’. Hmm, that would be Ron (and Siemens Stain), writing in Physica B.  Ron gave, as his affiliation, the British Government Treasury (thus roping HM into the nonsense) and, as the only ‘evidence’ justifying the need for the fatuous theory in the first place, offered the patent applications [sic] of another loony inventor in the Ideotic mould. Note that this little episode destroys any faith in Physica B. On the other hand, no big surprise: it was an article in Physica C which launched (pun intended) the Podkletnov antigravity nonsense that so seduced NASA and cost the latter a lot of money (it seems that the so-called engineers at NASA trust journals without a second’s thought). Jeez, even rubber was beyond their competence!


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