A Tissue, a Tissue … It All Falls Down

The Best Quality Scientometrics

February 10, 2017

These are the collected data in the filtered statistics section of www.aias.us. They are world famous in their own right. The gigantic referral file is now on the blog, this records the websites from which referrals are made to www.aias.us. It will be archived on www.archive.org and www.webarive.org.uk from the blog, whose 26,000 plus postings are also all archived with wayback machine software. The referral file is tens of thousands of pages long. It should be regarded as a complete record of the vast amount of sustained international interest in www.aias.us. Every single one of the three thousand plus items on www.aias.us has been read many thousands of times since about 2005 and before that back to 2002, and before the age of websites back to 1973. Everything is studied all the time at the best universities, and all over the world. I have spent about thirteen years filtering the statistics, so the patterns of interest are entirely clear. The old journal publishing system is obsolete, but I adhere to the format of journals. This is because papers go straight to a vast readership, which gobbles them all up instantly. The old academic system is also obsolete in many ways. It no longer has a monopoly of wisdom. In fact it never did. One cannot stop the march of ideas.”

How do you propose to prove that they are ‘world famous’?  Oh, of course, you will have recourse to your ‘scientometrics’. How convenient. So why then has your printed compilation of scientometrics been so comprehensively panned on Amazon? Why did none of your multitudinous fans find not a single spare minute to pen a positive comment? Why is there absolutely no independent evidence that you even still exist? ‘Consultations’ in YOUR scientometrics of YOUR papers ‘published’ on YOUR website? Does that sound very trustworthy? We shall refrain from calling that ‘incest’  … and call it ‘self-abuse’ instead. Here is another challenge, which you will pretend not to see, as usual. If you have so many loyal supporters out there, why not allow comments to be made on your blog for a week? Surely, any negative ones will be drowned out by your vast readership. Even if your paltry staff spent all day every day, on pretending to be fans, it would not be a convincing  number, so don’t even try it.  


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