Admission of Guilt?

Are we the only ones to have noticed that the date-stamp is missing from Sewage’s recent smart-phone communications? Does that not confirm that he really was goofing-off while being paid from the public purse? We shall have to prepare a similar file of the date-stamps on Siemens Stain’s e-mails.


One Response to “Admission of Guilt?”

  1. Welshspeking Naybor Says:

    This is off theme, but worth saying below as it gives further proof that Mr Myron Evans fires off unsubstantiated comments without any proof and comments lacking in truth. Not what any real honest Scientist would do, but then he is a pseudo physicist . Today 10-2-17 he has put this below on his science fiction blog referring to local Wind Turbine developers:-

    “I think that Betws was let through by Caerfyrddin County Council. I read recently that one councillor in that part of Wales was over ninety years old, completely gaga, and given permanent leave of absence in order to vote and get his brown paper envelopes. Maybe he voted for Betws in dementia. I think he was given a script and propped up in a corner to have his brains pumped up. The Assembly Minister responsible for Mynydd y Gwair just read out a wind industry propaganda leaflet. Swansea Councils turned coat and the local Mawr councillor was completely ineffective as usual. he might also be here at the age of ninety”

    This above deserves a response:- He should not have to “think” it was Carmarthen County Council that approved the Betws Mountain Wind turbines, he should “know” it, not “think” it, as it is over the County Boundary (near his home). He refers insultingly to his local Swansea Mawr Ward Councillor as being “completely ineffective” in the campaign to save the Mynydd y Gwair Common even closer to his home. This is a blatant lie which he should withdraw, but he never will withdraw or apologise for his lies. His Councilor has fought with the local community to preserve Mynydd y Gwair Common for over twenty five years and Mr Myron Evans has never been in that fight despite all of his balmy rhetoric. As a result of fighting for Mynydd y Gwair, his Councillor had to declare by law his own prejudicial interest and not take part in a final Planning Vote simply because those are the strict rules of a sub-judice planning committee for any Councillor who has previously stood up and fought for an issue. Obeying the law may be a stranger to a man such as Mr Evans who has allegedly been involved in Quack Cancer Cures and promoting fake Perpetual; Motion Devices and Defaming many decent people publicly on his internet Science Fiction Blog, and trying to “land grab” his neighbour’s property – which cost Mr Evans an estimated Legal Bill of £20,000 which he has not mentioned on his Blog site. What next Evans?

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