Into the Lion’s Den


February 11, 2017

Prof. Sir John Holman,
Department of Chemistry,
York University,

Congratulations on you election as President of the RSC, which successfully nominated me for a Civil List Pension in 2005, along with the Royal Society (RS). I would like to draw your attention to our work on and AIAS Fellow Osamu Ide mentions that you have been in correspondence with him concerning the development of his patented circuit that takes energy from spacetime. This has been replicated precisely by Dr. Horst Eckardt, the UPITEC President, and his group, and has been explained accurately with ECE (Einstein Cartan Evans) unified field theory. Please see UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364 on I think that this circuit should be developed into power stations and similar as quickly as possible in Britain, because it is an effective answer to the energy crisis. In my opinon, Osamu Ide and Horst Eckardt should be invited to give lecture demonstrations to the RSC and RS. As AIAS Fellow Steve Bannister (Dept. of Economics, University of Utah) points out in his Thesis on, it will bring in a second industrial revolution because it is an inexhaustible source of clean energy.”

Well this is an interesting development, and could go one of two ways; both good for us. If Holman is as deluded as the previous RSC staffer who recommended Ron for a Civil List Pension, and thus gave a 24ct crackpot the same status as Faraday, then Ron is safe … but our author friend will have yet another academic scalp – a big one – for his book on ‘pseudoscientists in high places’. If, on the other hand, Holman is a real scientist and can spot when he is being accosted by members of the lunatic fringe, albeit apparently ‘highly qualified’ ones, Ron may well have inadvertently set in motion a process which will finally lead to the removal of his Civil List accolade and to the erasure of an unpleasant stain from British scientific history.

If anyone would like to bring the awful situation, that we know so well, to Professor Holman’s attention, his address is:


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