No Barge-Pole Long Enough …

Study of ECE Theory at the Best Universities in the World

February 12, 2017

Since April 30th 2004 there have been 2,572 studies of ECE theory on from the best universities in the world by Webometrics, Times, Shanghai and QS world university rankings. For combined sites and this total can be doubled. This is a percentage of the total number of study visits from these universities because most staff and students use private computers.”

… to distance those universities from Ron and his crackpot theories. Whatever the nature of the ‘electronic noise’ from which those ‘studies’ seem to arise, the enthusiasm is not reflected by any other evidence: no referencing in scientific papers, no e-mailed praise or criticism, no favorable reviews of Ron’s books, no interest in the YouTube videos, no nothing. We can prove that some of those ‘study’ visits are definitely not supportive … because we made them ourselves, and know of other critics who also looked just ‘pour rire’. But take away this lifeline, and what does Ron have left? Absolutely nothing. An ’employee of the Queen’ should not be such a blatant and persistent liar.  


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