Ever Decreasing Circles

Progress of ECE Theory

February 13, 2017

This is making excellent progress in all directions, the reason is that it is the perfect unified field theory, based rigorously on well known geometry, and developed at every stage with computer algebra and rigorous discussion. The ad hominem attacks of wikipedia have been long forgotten so I no longer report it daily. Its referrals are static and no one reads it. At hominem attacks will not stop its progress in any way, referrals to these attacks are essentially zero. These attacks are a matter for the police, not a matter of science at all.”

It is going nowhere, except in the deluded minds of its proponents. It is propped up solely by  the concocted ‘scientometrics’ and in fact attracts derision among the few real scientists who know about it … because it is aimed exclusively at a) ‘disproving’ Einstein b) ‘explaining’ perpetual-motion scams and c) supporting [pun intended] antigravitational levitation. These are all traditional ‘articles-of-faith’ in the lunatic fringe. The only useful purpose which the whole sad affair serves is to expose the poor understanding of physics among those who are ostensibly highly-qualified scientists: from the employee of a leading Germany technological company, to the ‘science officer’ of a Welsh county council; not to mention other hangers-on … including, on occasion, a former UK ‘spook’ who works in the ‘intelligence’ community. Perhaps the most distasteful aspect of the situation is the way in which the ringleader thinks that a scientific argument is a matter for the law. What sort of rational scientist would think that the pointing out of concrete scientific facts was some sort of crime? What sort of sensible scientist would put himself at judicial risk by backing quack cancer treatments, or by recommending that the UK Government should fund dubious ‘energy from nowhere’ schemes. Motes and planks. Motes and planks.



4 Responses to “Ever Decreasing Circles”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Having your incompetence spelled out for you is not nice, but it doesn’t necessarily amount to an ad hominem attack; not just because your feelings are hurt. Otherwise we’d get into this: Teacher: I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood what is meant by separation of variables. Student: Dude, that is, like, so ad hominem, I shall be forced to file a complaint! – Come to think of it, young MWE must have been rather like that.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      One of the nonsenses of modern Western teaching is that the teacher and pupil are supposed to enter into a ‘relationship of mutual respect in which each learns from the other’. Other countries still allow teachers to drive pupils almost to suicide. Guess what, America is low in the league-table of international SAT scores, and Silicon Valley is threatening to go on strike because Trump’s directive is blocking the hiring of essential staff from abroad. We have always wondered why Dickens made fun of Mr Gradgrind; he was no Squeers.

  2. Welshspeking Naybor Says:

    Pontardawe Grammar School 1962:-
    “Define a horse boy!”.
    Long silence, then, after a long think:-
    “But Sir, I only know of pit ponies. Are they horses?”.
    Later in the staff room, Bunny says to Dai Bump, “You know that weirdo Evans in Form Two, he says he wants to be a Physicist. Sorry about this, but I advised him to try to be a Chemist. He said he would ask Maud for advice”.
    Then Head Boy Snape enters and they all stand up and defer to him, as his Dad was the genius Shaft Sinker at Abernant.
    Snape comes over and grabs Bunny by the scraggy throat, and whilst squeezing Bunny’s wind pipe, he asks Bunny, “Did you send my girlfriend up a step ladder to look for a Kundt’s Tube?”. Bunny wheezes desperately to Stan and Llew who were marking Evans’ Maths homework, “Pull this English lout off me”. Then a knock on the door. All present chorus, “ENTER!”. In comes Evans and asks Stan and Bunny, “Can I become a Mathematical genius and a theoretical Physicist?”. All present roll around the floor laughing, and then the end of dinner time bell rings and everyone scurries to their afternoon lessons. END.
    Any want more next term?

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