Gyroscopic Incompetents

PS to Michael Jackson

February 15, 2017

The general theory has now been defined for any kind of lab frame torque, so we can thoroughly check by computer any possibility of violation of conservation of momentum. I do not think that there ever is. There is no violation of conservation of energy.”

It would definitely be proof of incompetence if there were any such violation. The Euler equations are predicated on the conservation laws (and consequently Newton’s third law) and so there cannot be any violation of them in the final result. That also immediately rules out any sort of levitation or propulsion effect … because that would imply energy or momentum from nowhere. Neither can angular momentum be magically converted into linear momentum. That would violate Noether’s theorem.

“Laithwaite was inexperienced in gyroscope theory, which is exceedingly intricate and very difficult for people to really understand,”

Yes he was, and so it is. And now you, in your ignorance, are making the same mistakes that he did. You clearly do not understand it either. It is a beginner’s error to think that the spin angular momentum vector coincides with the physical axis of a spinning-top, and yet that is what you seem to be assuming in your conversion schemes.

“but his experimental results were fine, they were replicated and used by NASA.”

They were not ‘experimental results’ at all: where did you learn experimental design? Aberystwyth? LOL. They were mere demonstrations, and deliberately dishonest ones at that. NASA certainly did not replicate and use his lying spinning-top demonstrations. Even NASA is not that stupid. NASA did invite him to design a launch-ramp for spacecraft (already a 100-year old Russian idea)  and he simultaneously set up a company to ‘develop’ non-existent gyroscopic propulsion possibilities. Such companies always fail … don’t they Ron.

“I condemn the people who ostracized Laithwaite and so has history. Other countries developed Laithwaite technology but Britain lost out completely as usual due to the disgraceful attitude that led to ostracization – an excess of arrogance.”

We condemn people who worship loud-mouthed incompetent grand-standers like Laithwaite and Tesla. Laithwaite completely distorted UK attempts at Maglev by promoting – as a ‘celebrity’ – schemes that would not work. It is a pity, given that maglev was invented by Maxwell. His theoretical explanation is a gem in its own right.  


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