Broadcasting Lies

Jimmy Carter and the Howard Johnson Patent

February 16, 2017

I think that Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Laureate, was one of the better Presidents and he was also a nuclear engineer. Douglas Mann in his paper mentions how he obliged the Patent Office to deal fairly with Howard Johnson.”

We have already pointed out that Carter was not a ‘nuclear engineer’: he was an engineering graduate who was later, as a minor part of his naval career, sent on a six-month course related to nuclear reactor use. That does not make one a ‘nuclear engineer’. He did not ‘oblige’ the patent office to do anything special for Johnson. The patent office publishes a huge number of crackpot inventions, so it would not have had any problem with accepting the Johnson rubbish. The patent office has a long history of itself employing perpetual-motion loonies, among them Thomas Valone. Effective presidential pressure would surely have resulted in the patent being granted. As mentioned before, Carter is the only president on record as being a  flying-saucer witness. Is that a recommendation? It probably is … in the lunatic fringe. Again Ron fails to report his part in the Johnson scam. But he is not the only incompetent ‘scientist’ to be embroiled in the racket: one also has to add William P.Harrison of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, who co-authored a ‘paper’ with Johnson on the subject of the ‘magnetic motor’. Cranks like Mann think that the involvement of someone like Harrison elevates perpetual-motion into fact. All that it really does is to prove that academic institutions are often home to persons who should be in some other sort of institution. 


One Response to “Broadcasting Lies”

  1. Welshspeking Naybor Says:

    I thought ex US President Carter was a former Engineer who became a Peanut farmer, who liked fishing in West Wales from time to time between reading the works of Dylan Thomas. Typical of Moron to twist it.
    Anyway, folks – BIG NEWS – the building plot next door to Moron’s semi detached Cottage University has just been sold. I wonder who the buyers are. Did their Solicitors search sufficiently to tell these buyers of this building plot exactly who their next door neighbour will be. Watch this space for a saga of spiteful litigation as the previous buyers of the house next door the other side.

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