Yet Another Loony Liar

FOR POSTING: New Paper by Douglas Mann

February 16, 2017

This is an explanation of the Howard Johnson magnetic motor with ECE theory. President Jimmy Carter personally saw to it that the Howard Johnson motor was patented.”

The (ughh) ‘paper’ is a  shoddy confection of half-truths, typical fare in the lunatic fringe of which the ‘Civil List Scientist’ is – sadly – a member. It is true that the Johnson patent was published in the US. But that is meaningless; all crackpot patents are published; that’s how we know about them, Duh! The important thing is that they are rarely granted. This is a huge distinction which cranks routinely skip over in order to fool the gullible (including investors). So, it was never granted in the US and that part is clearly a lie and Carter, loony-friendly or not,  is irrelevant. But it was granted in South Africa (we have an original in the group library) by particularly stupid patent examiners. The Jimmy ‘I saw a flying saucer’ Carter story is also deceptive. It is true that he graduated as an engineer, but his nuclear expertise amounted to a six-month (non-credited) course for navy personnel. What Ron surprisingly fails to mention is that the non-granted Johnson patent applications were the only ‘evidence’ justifying his notorious ‘magnetic motor’ theory paper which was accepted by idiot editors at Physica B. They also failed to query why his affiliation was a national treasury. Don’t worry, Physica will be receiving some flak later. So Ron’s Physica paper is another example of his theory ‘successfully’ explaining phenomena which do not actually exist.


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