A Sop to Reality?

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two up to 15/2/17

February 17, 2017

In the first half of February 2017 there was the usual intense international interest, including interest from the following universities in the world’s top twenty (* denotes repeat visits): Caltech, Harvard*, Princeton, Penn State, Stanford, Texas A and M, Univ. California San Diego, EPF Lausanne, Cambridge and Imperial. There was also a visit from the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. Ivy League visits were from: Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton and Stanford. Harvard and Stanford are often ranked the world’s number one. Essentially all the university visits were from the top two hundred or so, and this has been a steady pattern since 2003. The best in the world are open minded about new ideas and accept our distance methods of research and teaching. Otherwise they would not study our work, which consists of the development of a perfect unified field theory checked all the time by computer. Our work exists alongside the standard model of physics, and that is how it should be, that is how ideas progress.”

Forgetting for a moment the usual objections about why the other 98% of visitors should be interested in topics which, even if treated properly, would be ultra-nerdy to them. And forgetting that any such interest cannot be assumed to be positive. And forgetting that computer algebra cannot detect fundamental errors. Forgetting all of that, what’s with the highlighted sentence? We thought that the official stance was that ECE had entirely displaced the standard model and that only a few powerful ‘celebrity’ dogmatist modellers were forcing your followers to hide.  But if it ‘exists alongside’, that makes it even more difficult to explain why your ‘success’ is invisible to standard scientometrics.


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