UFT213 Mini Conference

February 21, 2017

This took place last Sunday with interest from Mathematics at Harvard, Umea University Sweden, and Academia Sinica Taiwan. UFT213 gives simple proofs of the antisymmetry of the connection. Definitive Proofs based on UFT99 have been read thousands of times without objection.”

So how does that work then? You do not know who, at either of those institutions, is supposedly reading your nonsense with avid interest; and yet those people know each other? Even if two such people really did know each other in the real world, and agreed to look at the same internet tripe at the same time for some unfathomable reason, would they not think it polite to put you ‘in the loop’? What conference would have honored Einstein without at least offering him an invitation?  Idiot. There are no ‘conferences’. There are not even any ‘consultations’. Nobody truly reads your rubbish papers, and that is why there are no objections. That is Occam’s Razor in action, Ron. But the subject can be made educational. If you were a mathematician, Ron, you would know that random events are more likely to ‘clump’ than to be smoothly distributed. This causes a great deal of consternation among lay-persons like yourself. When ‘clumping’ was first noticed (in the one-dimensional, timeline, sense), it almost led to a war because the Polish army thought that its cavalry officers were being systematically assassinated under the cover of a close succession of  suspiciously similar stable accidents. The same phenomenon is nowadays manifested in the tendency of buses to ‘arrive in threes’. This statistical artefact is even more damaging when it is two-dimensional. When leukemia cases cluster in a given location, for purely mathematical reasons, the public look around for a cause and, if there happens to be a nuclear power station (or even just high-tension overhead cables) in the vicinity … A statistical cluster of infective meningitis  cases in Gloucestershire some years ago led to the street-level belief that a ‘Meningitis-Mary’ was on the loose. That might well have led to fatal vigilante action. A good antidote to such beliefs is experiment. Visit any sweet-shop that has large jars of small round sweets in many different colours. Try to find a jar which does not exhibit ‘patches’ of a single colour. Shake the jars to make the distribution even-out everywhere. Good luck with that!


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