Off with His Pension!

Audience with Queen Elizabeth

February 22, 2017

I will write to the Head of State to ask for an audience to explain the futility of wind turbines, and to make her aware of the great progress made by ECE theory since I was appointed a Civil List pensioner in 2005 and awarded Arms in 2008. I am a republican and a U. S. dual citizen, the first U. S. citizen to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner. There are many precedents for U. S. citizens to be granted high honours such as a CLP, notably Eisenhower was awarded an O. M. The protocol means that a U. S. citizen addresses the British Head of State as “Queen Elizabeth”. She is my distant Tudor cousin and is very interested in genealogy. This does not mean that I have suddenly become a royalist. I am a republican nationalist like the poet R. S. Thomas, fellow Nobel nominee from Wales.”

What an excellent idea. It was her fault that a loony received the same accolade as did Victoria’s greatest scientists, the ultimate dumbing-down, so it would be like a giant chicken coming home to roost.


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