Unwanted, Unneeded, Unhinged

Plan for section 3 of paper 369 : Explanation of the Laithwaite Experiment

February 22, 2017

Many thanks! This will be full of interest. This latest work is already being studied intensely as can be seen from the early morning reports. The ability of Maxima to solve complicated differential equations opens up a whole new area of research.

It was not an experiment; it was a demonstration. It was not even his demonstration; it was a traditional crowd-pleaser. The only difference was his lying about the feeling experienced. Why did he do that? Because he was a career-loony and this episode was just the tip of a veritable iceberg of pseudoscientific activities. He was the Jimmy Savile of electrical engineering: nobody would tackle him in person because of his build and aggressive personality, and nobody would tackle him in print because of inevitable litigation. He himself wrote a criticism of the UK government that was so savage (because of the cancellation of his pet project) that it was thought better to shelve it until after his death. It has yet to surface.



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