ES and LENR Power Stations in Wales

February 27, 2017

These should come online as rapidly as possible. The ECE theory needed to understand ES power stations is available (UFT311), and the patented Osamu Ide circuit has been replicated by Horst Eckardt et al in UFT364. The Assembly should push ahead with raising the funds to develop all kinds of power devices based on ES, which has no moving parts and works on all scales, from microchips to major power stations. The ECE theory has been an international team effort, and was started here in Mawr. If a coal /oil cabal exists, it will shortly become extinct. The circuit can be demonstrated to the Assembly at any time.”

Are we the only ones to have noticed the strange resemblance between Ideotic’s circuit and ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator circuit (see below). OK, so the coils are wound around different parts of the transformer former, but still. Did not you and the rest of the AIAS gang explain how the MEG worked? You can ‘explain’ anything can’t you? The rights were bought by a Canadian company, we seem to recall. So where is it now?  We guess that it is in a tip somewhere … waiting for Ideotic’s device to join it. Ah, doesn’t every kid dream of running a transformer in reverse and generating thousands of volts from an AA battery (suitably jiggled to simulate AC)? One of us used to shock his little friends that way, thinking that there was no danger, given that the energy was not increased (Ideotic and Bearden please note). He did not then know that just a few volts, suitably applied, can send the heart into fatal fibrillation.  



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