We have been comparing the current staff-list of AIAS with the list as it stood in 2008. There seem to have been a number of defections. OK so Fucilla obviously left after sacking you from Steriwave and calling you ‘every name under the Sun’. Widlar now seems to be too busy running his trucking company and marketing quack electronic cancer-cures. Labounsky died (unfortunately his crank journal, Progress in Physics, survives him). Dunging-Davies went off to head rival gang of nutters, Telesio-Galilei. But where now are Indranu, Abramson, Goodger, Annis, Bebbington, Chambers, Koller, Giacchetta, Keys, Kotzer, Lopez, Reed, Surbat, Hubbard, Nemeth, Williams and Cullinan (was that he who vainly tried to defend one of your books on Amazon)? Were they real academics who realized that association with you might damage their careers, or just rats leaving a sinking ship?


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