Referring Domains Data

February 27, 2017

The referring domains data every early morning refers to the single top domain of many thousands. Today it is 2,212,935 since December 2006. Total referrals are probably over three million. The top referring domain total increases rapidly every day. Early personal attacks on myself have been overwhelmingly rejected. They cannot be called rational criticisms, more like trolling. The only site of this type that gets any professional attention is one by Bruhn, with 65 referrals in a decade. He disappeared in 2008 after harassing, stalking and trolling for about five years. Cartan geometry is the same as it was in 2003, and the attacks on Cartan geometry by these people have of course failed. They attacked Cartan geometry because I used it in an imaginative way. Nothing as stupid as this has ever happened in science. ECE theory is based directly on Cartan gemetry, which is why it has been overwhelmingly accepted internationally by all the best universities, institutes and similar in the world. Wikipedia on ECE is a failed troll site set up by a few people like Bruhn whose only aim in life was destruction – a low point in the history of science. A criminal troll site has been operating for about three years, and has generated a glorious total of 32 referrals. In my opinion these trolls should be rooted out and arrested by the police. Several are local and I can identify them by style of writing. The policy of AIAS / UPITEC for some years is to ignore them completely and to report them to the police as part of the duty of any member of the general public to report hate crime. It is up to the police to act against them.”



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