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March 31, 2017

Bosch Corporation Studying Energy from Spacetime Devices

March 31, 2017

This interest can be seen on the daily reports for today and yesterday. These can be based on the replicated and patented Osami Ide circuit (UFT311, UFT321 UFT364, Self Charging Inverter), ”

… replicated only by other loonies. Have some physicists look at it. Do NOT ask an electrical engineer to do so. They are notoriously flaky and, some years ago, a professor [sic] of electrical engineering ‘rubber-stamped’ a crackpot ‘free energy’ generator as being viable. It disappeared without trace of course. It is unknown how much investors’ money vanished  with it.

“which will bring in the second industrial revolution described by AIAS Fellow Dr. Steve Bannister in his Ph. D. Thesis on (Department of Economics, University of Utah). See also and ”

Why do you lie so frequently, so blatantly and so badly? If you had read his thesis, rather than just brandishing it, you would know that his second industrial revolution has already happened: it is what other people call the first industrial revolution … or just ‘the industrial revolution’. For some reason, the Dismal Scientist insists on drawing a distinction between a first industrial revolution ‘from wood to coal’, and a second industrial revolution ‘from muscle to steam’. He makes absolutely no reference to perpetual-motion (aka ‘free energy’, ‘energy-from-spacetime’, etc.). Even in a state founded by followers of a conman they still have some academic standards, and he would not have received a doctorate if he had mentioned such nonsense. Did you know that Dr Goebbels said that one should always tell the truth, because being caught out in just one lie would cripple one as a spokesman.  

“The Alex Hill company has recently signed a joint venture agreement with a company in the United States. I think that investment managers should be interested in this new industry.”

You mean that the company which operates out of this hovel,


has teamed up with other losers,

Perhaps ‘Nano Labs Corpse’ would be a better trading name.

“It should return a spectacular amount on investment. ”

So would magic beans. But guess what, Ron, magic beans do not exist  … and neither do energy-from-nowhere machines!

“ECE theory describes the Osamu Ide circuit with precision (UFT311), whereas the obsolete standard model fails completely. ”

Which clearly shows that ‘the standard model’ fully reflects reality, by ruling out perpetual-motion machines, whereas E-Crap-E is transparently wrong because it does ‘explain’ perpetual motion.

“See also the pulsed LENR report by AIAS Director Douglas Lindstrom on and his Idaho lecture. ”

More pushing of perpetual-motion. Some people would call that fraud.

“He is currently on a business trip to China, where there has been intense interest in ECE theory for some years. ”

China is also taking a lot of interest in the Emdrive antigravity machine. It is a great relief to learn that rival countries have their own contingents of nutters who impede real progress.

“There are potentially huge new markets for spacetime devices all over the world. They could be used to power domestic appliances of the type manufactured by Bosch. They could also be made into power stations, large power plants, power devices for electric vehicles, power plants for ships and also aircraft and spacecraft, and should make the chemical battery industry obsolete. ”

Translation: there are many opportunities for confidence tricksters, backed up by pseudoscientists, to profit from short-term scams.

“That is why Prof. Bannister describes them as powering the second industrial revolution. ”

Oooh, that was a rapid promotion. And there is that lie being trotted out yet again! Dr Goebbels would be ashamed to be in the same room as you.

“Wind turbines are already obsolete as well as completely useless. ”

Siemens (the company which fondly imagines that it employs your assistant, SS) says that wind  will soon be the main energy source.

“Governments should implement energy from spacetime devices as quickly as they can. They can also be distributed to the starving poor of many countries.”

Any government which invests in perpetual motion should be distributed to the starving poor … as food.



March 31, 2017

My Civil List Predecessor Rowan Hamilton

March 31, 2017

Sir William Rowan Hamilton is known as Rowan Hamilton in Trinity College Dublin, of which I am sometime Visiting Academic. He was appointed to the Civil List on April 27th 1844 with a pension of £200 a year (about £22,319 a year today). My Civil List Pension is £2,400 a year, so it has been eroded a lot in value since 1844. It is now an honorarium rather than a salary to live on. The Civil List Pension is akin to Order of Merit.”

The monetary value of the Civil List Pension has been eroded by inflation. Respect for the Civil List Pension, which is certainly not ‘akin’ to the OM, has been eroded by the fact that you receive one. It would be an insult to the memory of Hamilton, and of other great British scientists, if you are allowed to remain on the list of recipients.  

Evans Further from Truth than is Trump

March 29, 2017

OK, just a bit of fun:



Anybody want to try their hand at turning Evans into Trump, one letter at a time?


March 29, 2017

Merit by Association

March 29, 2017

I use university rankings as a quide to overall performance, but I think that the individual scholar is the driving force behind new ideas. I have never been a fan of “merit by association”. It always comes down to imagination and careful scholarship. That can take place in a dustbin. In my experience a large number of academics were given tenure because they were favoured by a head of department. At the EDCL I would say that 70% were appointed in this way (Autobiography Volume Two). There was no competition at all. As a result they stayed in a comfortable job for life, as long as they dared not to think too originally. That kind of closed shop is no good for anyone. Of course there are some good scholars who are also academics.”

Just imagine how much that performance-rating would soar if someone at those universities actually mentioned you. Perhaps you could boost the rating by also listing all of the industrial research centres which do not mention you. Then perhaps all of the schools … . There is something vaguely homoeopathic about your reasoning. You know, that ‘medication’ where, logically, one should get a fatal overdose by not opening the bottle. Are you also perhaps confusing academia with the church? Are you saying that you were not sufficiently pretty? Are you indirectly criticizing colleague Sewage for occupying that local-government sinecure; the ultimate ‘comfortable job for life’.

Update Required

March 28, 2017

Latest Direct Line

March 28, 2017

This is the latest direct line. Many thanks to Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas. If possible I would like to push this back further. Can Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas help in this project? Both Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter probably originated near Cusop, because three generations all called Edward Evans were associated with St. Mary’s Cusop, also known to be associated with the Gunter Family.”

Don’t forget, Ron, that Arthur Turner-Thomas is now calling himself Arthur Edwyn Turner. Oh, he has another new company, Richard Thomas and Co. (Hydro) Ltd. Hydro eh? Perhaps he is going to build those hydroelectric schemes that you recommend for Wales. Why are you not according him his proper title (Sir) and military honour (VC)? We can recall the time when you were insisting that those who questioned his titles should be ‘checked up on’.

What will you do if he starts to call himself ‘Dr’ or ‘Professor’. Perhaps nothing. After all, you did not protest when that former telephone linesman (not ‘engineer’) and execrable crackpot, Vivian (gravity does not exist) Pope, gave himself those titles. Why, by the way, do all of those other names turn up in your genealogy? There should be only Evans. Some people consider it to be the height of intellectual dishonesty to switch at will between the spear and distaff lines. After all, that sort of cheating allows one to link oneself to just about anybody.

Craigcefnparc News #18

March 27, 2017

Ioan Richard writes:

… come on Mr Myron Evans – tell the world of the conclusions of the complaints you made against me to the WALES OMBUDSMAN. You were quick enough to post that you had complained. Have the decency now to publicly pronounce that YOUR COMPLAINTS AGAINST ME WERE REJECTED.


What Analysis?

March 27, 2017

Conclusion of the Scientometric Analysis

March 27, 2017

The conclusion is completely clear from the analysis of the past few days posted on this blog, staff and students from all the world’s best universities, institutes and similar have studied ECE theory continuously since inception, in March 2003. This is an amazing phenomenon. It means a complete rejection of that part of the physics establishment that tried to censor ECE, and a complete condemnation of the Wikipedia distortion of my work and career, one of the worst scandals in the history of physics. I was an early example of scientific trolling, now illegal. Trolling is now a criminal offence. The down side of Wikipedia is that it can be used to try to destroy reputations and careers by anonymous people, and this is completely unacceptable. The reaction of the colleagues worldwide is clearly one of disgust and contempt. Trolling is, of course, a form of academic misconduct.”

Oh, you mean that long list of universities, each with many employees, none of whom have ever admitted publicly to knowing anything about your post-breakdown crackpot work! Well, whatever the worth of that ‘analysis’, it is clearly in our favour. It is certainly an ‘amazing phenomenon’ that you can hold all of those people to complete secrecy … even though you do not know who they are or how to contact them. Do you have some sort of back-channel that nobody knows about? No. You are no better than an old-time politician; from the days when they could still get away with voting for themselves using the names of the dead in the graveyard. You destroyed your own career and your own reputation. Some people simply chose to document that destruction accurately; like putting an extra-heavy stone on the grave of a despised Merthyr iron-master or hated civil-war general.  Urging people to invest in perpetual-motion machines is the only academic misconduct being committed around here.

Don’t Be So Coy

March 26, 2017

Jean Paul II

March 26, 2017

The Pope was Jean-Paul 2nd, not John 23rd. I have corrected it on the blog. It was an invitation of the early eighties from colleagues of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. One of them was a God-daughter of the Pope, or Bishop of Rome. Jean-Paul 2nd was also a poet and was ordained Priest in Krakow. He became St John-Paul the Great to the Catholics, and Protestants and agnostic like myself recognized that he was of exceptional ability. I got along with the Irish Catholics in Dublin very well, and also get along with the Ulster Protestants very well. I remember that Jean-Paul 2nd was a very human being. On one occasion he started talking about a young friend of his in Krakow who had died, a young lady he had known apparently before he was ordained. He suddenly stopped, and covered his eyes with his hand for a very long time before he could continue.”

Well, we devoutly hope that Jean Paul II (whoever he was) was saintly … because John Paul II certainly wasn’t. How many young lives did he ruin by not acting quickly to curb the pedophile priests. How many people did he kill by forbidding the use of condoms in AIDS-riddled countries? But at least he had an affair with that (married) woman, so he presumably wasn’t a kiddie-fiddler himself. By the way, why (until 2013) was 12 the age-of-consent for homosexual sex in the Vatican City; the lowest in Europe at that time*. Jeez Ron, can you not find some better heroes to emote over?

* A cynic suggests: “why go to Canada for beefburger, when you can have steak at home”.


No Good So Faaa

March 26, 2017

University of Tahiti in French Polynesia

March 26, 2017

There have been very many individual visits to the site and its blog from Polynesia, there appears to be only one European style university from Polynesia on webometrics: Tahiti. There are hundreds of indigenous cultures and languages in Polynesia, and their own systems of teaching and learning going back thousands of years.”

You do realize, don’t you Ron, that this sort of desperate barrel-scraping proves our point and not yours?

Academic Inflation

March 26, 2017

UFT88 Read at Sheffield Hallam University

March 26, 2017

Sheffield Hallam is ranked 781 by webometrics and 801+ by Times. It has 31,485 students and was founded as a School of Design in 1843, becoming a university in 1992. So it is one of the new universities. UFT88 is a famous paper that corrects the second Bianchi identity of 1902 for torsion. It has been read in about two hundred and fifty of the best unversities in the world in the past two or three years, and leads in to the post Einsteinian paradigm shift in which the old gravitational physics is replaced by ECE2 theory. As can be seen from my university analysis of the last two or three days, combined sites and are read continuously at all the best universities in every region of the world.”

There was a time when British university education was the envy of the world. The brightest children of parents of modest means could attend university, with all of their tuition fees and living expenses being met entirely by their home town. The increasingly impoverished UK government then decreed that all of those expenses had to be met by the students themselves. Whether this was really done as a money-grubbing scheme, or whether the government was embarrassed by the relatively small percentage of university graduates in the population is unclear. This magic-wand waving did not however instantly increase the number of candidates who could in fact pass the existing entry tests. And so, in a second round of wand-waving, the entry qualifications were systematically lowered. There remained one more problem: a shortage of universities to accommodate the resultant glut of second-rate students. A third wave of the wand then turned all of the ‘polytechnics’ and ‘technical colleges’ into universities literally overnight. These colleges had done a good job of turning out people who sought a vocation rather than a profession: the courses had ranged all the way down to hairdressing and the qualifications offered rarely exceeded a Higher National Diploma. Were the staff-members sacked and replaced by university-level educators? Were they ****! The very same lecturers now found themselves teaching degree-level courses. It is said that the newly-elevated lecturers at some of the new ‘universities’ immediately set about designing fancy academic garb for themselves. Another side-effect was that the number of professors, a previously rare post (perhaps one per department), suddenly exploded. The net result of all of this devaluation has literally been a joke. The joke being: “What is the question most frequently asked by philosophy graduates in the 21st century?”  … “Do you want fries with that?”.  The point of this little digression is that, try as we might, when we read Sheffield-Hallam University we think Sheffield City Polytechnic. Elitist? Hell yes, what is the alternative?

The Wrong Trousers

March 25, 2017

Welcome to Russ Davis as AIAS Fellow!

March 25, 2017

Welcome to AIAS as Fellow and congratulations on your appointment! I had not received the notice for some reason but congratulations now that I have seen it. This probably an AOL problem again.”

Strangely enough (is anything ever normal in the lunatic fringe), the company seems to be unaware that it is involved in the perpetual-motion (cold-fusion, LENR) business. It instead believes that it is in the business of putting electromagnets into internal combustion engines … in place of the petrol:


The Sixth Sense

March 25, 2017

The Wiki Scandal

March 25, 2017

Agreed with the UPITEC President Horst Eckardt. This scandal was the Watergate of modern physics, an all time low. ”

There is only one relevant scandal here, and that is the fact that a 24ct crackpot (perpetual motion and antigravity his specialty) is receiving a Civil List Pension. Non-scientists will perhaps not appreciate how great an insult that is to the memory of great British scientists. Try it: use Wikipedia to check out the accomplishments of Faraday, Heaviside, Herschel and Hamilton. What comparable accomplishments can be put on your account, Ron? Just a string of failed theories (all having the underlying aim of legitimizing notorious scams), based upon clearly incorrect mathematics. Have you seen the film version, Ron, the one where you are consorting with dead-heads; not knowing that you are yourself a dead-head.  

“The worst offender is Wikipedia, which used disinformation and trolling to try to wreck a new theory, and to try to wreck careers. I would describe that as a deleted expletive. Nixon is summed up history as: “What did he know and when did he stop knowing it?” The standard modellers of that era must have known that Bruhn was a fraud, otherwise they were incompetent. ”

We are no fans of Wikipedia, precisely because we feel that it should not mention pseudoscientists at all, and is generally too soft on the lunatic fringe. As all of Bruhn’s opinions would be upheld by all other professional mathematicians (“mathematics cannot lie” as some crank said), we feel that he now has the prima facie basis for a defamation suit against you. Do you have any better evidence of ‘fraud’ to offer in your defence? Such as his promoting of perpetual-motion and cancer-curing scams?  No. That would be you, again. 

“The mathematics are not really all that difficult for a trained physicist. The mathematics are difficult for others, but even someone with no mathematical training at all can see that a self checking proof is correct. For example the proof of the Cartan identity that I have given in complete detail. ”

But Ron, have you forgotten? You are not a ‘trained physicist’. You are a bucket chemist. You learned a few limited mathematical techniques in order to model the resonance of molecules, and now you try to make that little go far too far. As Bruhn has pointed out, one certainly does not have to be a mathematician to appreciate the errors in your work. Do you not remember the bit where he shows that the numbers of tensor components do not match up on each side of some of your ‘equations’? The layman has only to be able to add in order to appreciate the error in that case. 

“Bruhn’s behaviour was long drawn out academic misconduct, and he broke laws on harassment and stalking. At one point he wrote to Bo Lehnert of the Royal Swedish Academy, because the establishment for whom Bruhn was a minor prophet, feared a Nobel Prize. TU Darmstadt is ranked 305 in Webometrics and is a good university. It was founded in 1877 by the Grand Duke of Hessen. ”

Oops, more evidence for the defamation case. Can you not get it into your dead head that outing crackpots is not harassment or stalking; it is an essential public service. Would that be the same Lehnert who co-authored that notorious paper which ‘explained’ ‘Dr’ Bearden’s perpetual-motion machine? Would that be the same Lehnert who acted as a referee for the award of that undeserved Civil List Pension? No fear of a Nobel Prize being awarded. More like a fear of a crackpot conspiracy. 

“I remember phoning Brian Josephson of Cardiff, a Nobel Laureate who works in Cambridge. I was congratulated on my “gong” as the rather eccentric physicists called the Civil List Pension, but was then asked “What about Bruhn?” and told that he would not introduce me to any Cambridge faculty. I replied “….but Brian, I didn’t ask to be introduced, and what about Nixon or Jo McCarthy of Wisconsin or Jo Stalin of the Gulag Archipelago? Is there any difference?””

This sort of thing poses a moral dilemma for us. It is nice to hear that Ron was dissed by Josephson, perhaps the only scientist in history to receive a Nobel Prize for undergraduate work, but we are honor-bound to point out that Josephson is just a different species of crackpot: the type that does not ‘soil its own nest’. That is, he is instead a gullible believer in everything supernatural.

Oh, stop-press: our author-friend reminds us that, when Josephson was told about Laithwaite’s claims, he saw nothing awry (“the spinning wheel has sufficient energy to rise against gravity”). It seems that a colleague had hurriedly to take him aside and explain that a lack of energy was not the problem: it was the complete lack of any mechanism! Jeez, you both see daft people!

Desperation Reigns Chez Ron

March 24, 2017

Top Colleges in Wales

March 24, 2017

There have been regular consultations of ECE theory from the top Colleges in Wales ever since inception in 2003. We are not allowed to be a separate country in Webometrics, but the top ten at present are: Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Swansea, Bangor, South Wales, Cardiff Met., Glyndw^r, Swansea Met., Coleg Sir Ga^r, Grw^p Llandrillo Menai. There is also Ystrad Mynach College. I wonder how Cardiff ever got ahead of Aberystwyth. In any case there have been many consultations of ECE from all of these with the possible exception of Swansea Met and Grw^p Llandrillo Menai. In addition, the National Library of Wales holds all my books and is archiving and”

What are all of these lists supposed to prove? Just find an individual from a few of them who will say that he values your work. Oh, they are all too scared to do so? How can that be, when you simultaneously declare that everyone is on your side? Please cease this embarrassing charade.

Ron’s Troupe of Clowns

March 24, 2017

FOR POSTING : Historical Summaries by Alex Hill and Gareth Evans

March 24, 2017

I was introduced to Horst Eckardt by Lar Felker, the author of “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” ”

That would be Mr Felker, the great physics genius, who – for some reason – applies himself professionally only to the age-old problem of air-conditioning.

“and discussions took place in the Patti Room of Craig y Nos Castle.”

Presumably on the occasion that TGA gold medals were being handed out to leading pseudoscientists. The medals that you now deride.

“We planned to walk to see a famous bronze age ring work high up on the mountain here, Carn Llechart, but one of the guests found the wind and rain too severe. Bruhn was a fraudster who disappeared in 2008. The standard editors made a thane wall against ECE theory, but being an old Norman on one side, I side stepped them instinctively using Barry John’s “Instructions for the Fly Half”, Appendix 2A, “An Arrow in the Eye”. ”

Bruhn was a mathematician with a particular dislike for pseudoscience. He cut you and your work into little pieces, and left the field triumphant. You should be honored that any of us spend our valuable time pointing out the errors of a nobody. In fact, we do it only for the benefit of others … others who might otherwise think that your degrees and gongs betoken scientific rectitude. They should … but they don’t.

“Gerard ‘t Hooft made a fool of himself by unpublishing the published (these are all classic papers by now). So like the Viking King Cnut, (Canute), his boots filled with the incoming tide of new thought. ”

Professor t’Hooft, the celebrated Nobel Prize winner, quite rightly cleaned up Foundations of Physics Letters after it had fallen into the hands of a crackpot editor who had tried to engineer a paradigm-shift … in the loony direction. But t’Hooft is no Winston Smith: he could not expunge the stain which had been left by you and your troupe. On the bright side, those who can appreciate the joke can still laugh at your explanation of ‘Dr’ Bearden’s perpetual-motion machine. How come you don’t mention that affair any more? Will you eventually drop Ideotic and Hill-of-Beans as well? We would love to know more about the latter. He seems to have no track-record, not even a dirt-track: before going nowhere … he came from nowhere. Still, thanks to the both of you for appearing in that Tesla-worship film; thus taking the shine off the reputation of the overrated Michio Kaku. And stop referring to the Cnut story as if he thought he could stop the advancing tide. That is an old schoolboy howler; not worthy of an historian (LOL).

“Computer algebra is impossible to argue with, and the geometrical proofs of Cartan are self checking. ”

It is childishly easy to argue with. For instance, it could be applied to the old equant model for explaining planetary orbits and not detect any error. On the other hand, the equant model can come up with square orbits and sharp corners! Even a complete layman might spot that departure from known astronomical observations. Here is a simple analogy for you: your poetry is embarrassing … but can a spell-checking program detect that? On the other hand, there are programs which can detect excessive ‘wordiness’, tautology and pleonasms in a piece of text.

“Bruhn was always afraid of attacking Carroll, who uses exactly the same geometry. When I started to use the geometry it mysteriously became dubious. This is a clear sign of academic fraud that anyone can see through. Carroll wrote to John B Hart accepting ECE theory, and that was covered up, such an embarrasment. Meticulous proof after proof destroyed Bruhn’s credibility entirely. ”

Bruhn did not need to attack Carroll, since Carroll made no mistake. Instead it was left to you to attack Carroll when certain chapters of his book did not agree with your conclusions.

Anybody can see who the academic fraudster is here. Without seeing that letter, who knows what Carroll actually said; you do not have a reputation for accurate reporting or interpretation. Where are these ‘meticulous’ proofs?  Oh, do you mean those paraphrasings, of the same old mistakes, which appeared in low-grade sources?

“Lakhtakia was a joke. ”

Before or after he worked with you?

“By now these proofs are all classics (e.g. UFT 88, 99, Notes from UFT99, UFT109, UFT255, UFT313 and UFT354). Bruhn e mailed everyone in the world, and was an early troll, he attempted to e mail the Devil, and his circuits caught fire. Wikipedia was a fit up and was an early example of academic trolling. The referrals analysis shows that Wiki has been completely ignored for a decade. One wheel on my wagon, I’m still trolling along. Manic troll sites are difficult to see with an electron microscope, so pathetic is their impact (referrals analysis again). ”

Just wait until the academic world hears about you. Then you might have some real scientometrics to report.

“Gareth quotes from my sonnet sequence “False Philosopher’s Fall” in the attached. It was first published in “The Salmon”, Galway, Ireland. I read a copy there and also bought a copy of “Tain Bo Cuailgne”, “Taking the Cattle of Cuailgne”, the Irish language classic, known as “The Cattle Raid of Cuailgne”. It was illustrated in pen and ink. ”

There is no accounting for taste, as they say.

“Galway and Clare were very beautiful, and I hope they have not been turbined to pieces. County Clare was named after another Norman, my direct ancestor Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare, Strongbow, an armoured skinhead, probably illiterate. The Irish civilized the Normans and taught them their language. Neither the Normans nor the Vikings nor the English had any right to invade Ireland. So there are Darcy’s and Fitzgeralds and so on in Ireland. One of them, Garret Fitzgerald became Taoiseach and I met him at Trinity College Dublin.:”

Is that where your thuggish behavior comes from?

Oops! Almost forgot. Woof woof. Good doggies, Sewage and Beans. Give ’em a biscuit, Ron.


March 23, 2017

Agreed with the AIAS Co President

March 23, 2017

Agreed with the AIAS Co President, the dogmatists of any era resort to attempted censorship.

Sent: 23/03/2017 15:09:50 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: The Readership of ECE Theory

Excellent summary that tells it as it is!Sent from my Samsung device”

Well, hello there Sewage. Message sent at 3.09pm? Retired now? Tea-break? Or goofing-off on the rate-payers’ dime?

So Where Is It?

March 23, 2017

The Readership of ECE Theory

March 23, 2017

The ECE unified field theory has a vast readership of the highest quality (attached), and the open access system on and means that we bring the results of original research directly to the readership without the intervention of editors of the obsolete physics. ”

You yourself admit that the ‘quality’ readings make up only 2% of the total (see below). So why are porn sites and other non-scientific ‘readers’ doing exactly the same thing as the ‘scientific’ ones? Is not the Occam’s Razor interpretation that all of the ‘readings’ are completely random … and therefore meaningless?  

“The latter might still try to block publication, although they no longer have any influence on the new physics. They cannot stop the march of ideas. ”

To put it another way, you can no longer get your nonsense into any sort of journal … not even the crackpot ones. Even Mills, the perpetual-motion crank, can still get papers published in respectable journals (provided that he says nothing stupid); ‘Science’ is far too forgiving in that regard. 

“The attached two volumes to date record only about 2% of the vast total readership, it is the sector I name “universities, institutes and similar”. A student of the history of science can already discern that ECE is permanent, because the interest is constant and intense. ”

‘Constant and intense’? Sounds like plain noise … ‘electronic noise’ in this case.

“There have been no objections from standard physicists of integrity to ECE theory. ”

Duh! Given that your crackpot theory is no longer mentioned at all in scientific circles, where would the objections appear?

“The basic geometry of ECE is exactly the same as that used by everyone else, the Cartan gemetry described by Carroll in “Spacetime and Geometry: an Introduction to General Relativity”, a book which is also available open access. ”

Yes, but then you extend the geometry, get it wrong (because you are not a mathematician), and tell Carroll that some chapters of his book are incorrect … because they disagree with your pseudo-math. 

“The geometry used by Carroll has been greatly developed and all his proofs have been given in detail from 2003 to present. ECE and ECE2 are developed with computer algebra, so there cannot be any logical criticism of the theory unless one criticises Cartan geometry itself. As far as I know no one of integrity has ever criticised Cartan geometry, no one has ever criticisied Carroll chapter three. One cannot criticise the correctness of computer algebra.”

One can clearly criticize incorrect extensions of Cartan geometry. And of course one can question computer algebra. Such programs check only that algebraic operations have been correctly performed. They will do that even if the underlying theoretical model is completely bonkers. Why do you keep lying about this?

“This means that the only things left to criticise are the hypotheses that transform the geometry into physics. That is exceedingly difficult, because the ECE and ECE2 theories produce all the main equations of physics.”

That is because they have been contrived to do that. That was always the pattern of your bona fide academic behavior: ‘glorified curve-fitting’. It is always easy to dream up a theory which will fit part of the observed data better than does the accepted model. That is why we harp on your neglect of tidal phenomena. A genuine theory would furnish that information ‘even without asking’.  We wager that you just cannot twist ECE2 that far.

“In many cases ECE and ECE2 succeed when the standard model fails. Finally ECE and ECE2 must be tested against experimental data across the whole of the physical sciences and engineering. To date they have always succeeded, because they are based on geometry.”

Oh yes, they ‘succeed’ in explaining perpetual motion (Ideotic) and antigravity (Laithwaite)! You ‘test’ them only against the data which were used to concoct them in the first place. That is known as ‘double-counting’ and is one of the most serious offences against proper scientific investigation. Another is to fail to question ones own research.  Committing either of them is sure to get ones doctoral thesis rejected. They must have been very sloppy at Aberystwyth … or did you go downhill later?


Rate of Use of ECE2 Papers

March 23, 2017

Rate of Reading of ECE2 Papers

March 23, 2017

Currently this is about thirty nine thousand times a year off combined sites and, signalling complete acceptance of ECE2 theory worldwide in the world’s best universities, and conversely, permanent and complete rejection of the obsolete physics among staff and students in the best universities, institutes and similar.”



Eppur Si Muove

March 23, 2017

Wind 9.97%, 4 – 16 mph, Wales 9 – 14 mph, 0750 local time

March 23, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 5 mph, an average of 14 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines. So they are producing a tiny amount of power, far below their optimal range of about 20 – 40 mph of steady wind.”

Still persisting with that deceptive and loony fiddling of the figures? So, if the turbine should continue to run at the cut-in speed, it will be producing no power at all? In that case, perhaps you could then venture out and easily stop the blades with your own fair hands. If the wind-speed should drop below the cut-in speed, will the turbine stop dead or will it suck energy from the grid? Do you ever read what you are writing? You have the physics intuition of a patch of lichen! But that was always clear from your other hilarious pronouncements: hydroelectric schemes for Welsh rivers? Tidal lagoons the same thing as tidal barrages? Put turbines in dykes and flood the Netherlands? You are a fine foil for Hill-of-beans … who thinks that hydroelectric schemes extract energy from gravity LOFAO!


For the General Readership

March 22, 2017

“Complete Daily Scientometrics Now Available to the General Readership

This file gives the interest every day in all the items on adn is one of the feedback files I use to construct the by now famous filtered scientometrics. It shows daily interest in every UFT paper and indeed every item on This means that ECE is the new physics, essentially, and our distance research publication and teaching in the world’s best universities is the new method of bringing avant garde research results to the best minds. This is called “open source” research and teaching. It makes a pig’s breakfast out of any attempted censorship of ideas by a tiny minority of bigots.”

We presume that ‘general readership’ means us, and the rest of the rational world. Unfortunately, Ron omitted to supply us all with the password. Never mind, thanks to our mole in the AIAS organisation, here are the data (even if they are meaningless):

Usage Statistics for AIAS



Philip Pirrip II

March 22, 2017

The Law Dictionary Definition of Armiger

March 22, 2017

This on . An Armiger is an armour-bearer, an esquire. A title of dignity belonging to a gentleman authorized to bear arms (Cowell). Esquire or Squire ranks above Gentleman and below Knight. The contemporary Armiger is an eminent person who has been granted letters patent and a coat of arms after a petition has been submitted. It is a mark of merit. The Armiger becomes an Esquire in law of arms. I think that it is important that merit be recognized. This is exactly what did NOT happen in my early career, when the corruption of the academic system prevented merit from being recognized.”

You are just like a character out of a book by Dickens or Lawrence … or Llewellyn: the poor boy made good who goes off to London and becomes … repulsively big-headed.  Worse, you did not like the transition from being a ‘big fish in a small pool’ to being an average fish in the ocean. So frantically trying to re-establish your imagined superiority, you invent overwhelming academic success and Nobel  prize nominations as well as trying to bask in the afterglow of illustrious ancestors and affect the baubles of a bygone age. Does anybody but the AIAS gang question our analysis? Just read Ron’s autobiography! 

Nutters Praise Nutters

March 21, 2017

The ZX81 certainly kick-started home-computing in the UK, but it had its dark side. Clive Sinclair, one-time head of Mensa, made a personal fortune (circa £39,000,000) for himself amid complaints about abysmal customer service. He eventually lost the right to use his own name on products. He then re-surfaced with that ridiculous electric car. Now then, some people may remember that – just before disappearing as a computer manufacturer – he repeatedly promised that he was going to market cheap super-computers. This was going to be achieved by using entire Czochraski-process photo-engraved silicon slices without cutting them up into hundreds of separate processor units. This would eliminate a lot of the usual cutting, wiring, testing and encapsulating. It would have indeed produced a cheap computer with enormous potential. Where did it all go wrong? Sinclair had made the mistake of listening to a Mr Ivor Catt, who had already failed to sell the idea to major companies. Mr Catt, like Ron, was also unhappy with accepted physics; especially the displacement-current part of Maxwell’s equations. Catt railed against physicists for decades in the pages of Wireless World and its successors. No surprise there: before the advent of modern ‘purpose-built’ crackpot journals, Wireless World was the go-to place for the lunatic fringe (and for the plagiarist, Arthur C.Clarke). And like Ron, Catt did not speak of real scientists in polite terms. Some of his letters sounded like a Russian revolutionary exhorting other malcontents to storm the Winter Palace. This may sound like an obituary, but Catt is unfortunately still with us (unlike that former murderer, torturer and Irish Education Minister). However, some misguided Italian authors have found it worthwhile to write a book about Mr Catt’s travails. There is even talk of making a movie about him. In the lunatic fringe, that sort of naivety (the Italians call him a ‘brave thinker’) is still seen as being too critical. And so it has come to pass that their weak-kneed articles  on Catt have attracted the ire of another crackpot, the Public Dick (S.Crothers to the uninitiated). Electrical engineers are always a little flaky (having been taught physics only on a ‘need-to-know’ basis) and this explains the Italians’ too-indulgent approach to Catt. Crothers nevertheless accuses them, in an IEEE [sic] journal,  of ‘confound[ing] the Catt Anomaly with the Catt Question’. Who cares?  Both are fatuous. Much of Catt’s confusion arises because he cannot reconcile (in his mind) the facts that, whereas electrical signals propagate at near-light velocity in a metal wire, Usain Bolt could easily out-run any individual electron. 

By His Works Shall Ye Know Him

March 19, 2017

Adjustables in the Relativistic Orbit

March 19, 2017

There is only one adjustable, the constant relativistic hamiltonian H0 = H – m c squared. The non relativistic hamiltonian H sub N, can be measured experimentally using the semi major axis a of the Newtonian ellipse, H sub N = – mMG / (2a). The semi major axis is a = alpha / ( 1 – epsilon squared), where alpha is the half right latitude and epsilon the eccentricity. All quantities are in astronomical tables. Claims of accuracy for the obsolete Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) were based on the assumption that the precessions due to other planets (the great majority of the precession) had been dealt with correctly. ”

Using general relativity to treat the other planets makes no measurable difference. On the other hand, what puzzles us is that you do not apply your fatuous theory to the other planets. Your theory somehow seems to generate the discrepancy between the classical and GR result directly, rather than the GR result itself. And it does all that without having to include data on the other planets at all! And yet again we ask, what does your theory predict concerning tidal effects? That was the big failing of the theory of your Welsh rival in crackpottery, Viv Pope. He claimed that the apple hit Newton because it was orbiting at the wrong speed, not because of gravity at all. He even got a university mathematician to back him up, just as Siemens Stain backs you up.  Neither of them bothered to explain what causes the tides if there is no gravity. As you claim, there certainly are some worthless types employed by government and industry.  

“Myles Mathis has pointed out that these precessions are calculated with the Newtonian theory, whereas they should have been consistently calculated relativistically. I have never seen any logical reply to the criticisms by Myles Mathis and Stephen Crothers, and by many other good scholars. ”

We do not know who Myles Mathis is, but there is an annoying troll called Miles Mathis who writes utter drivel about mathematics and physics. If you follow his reasoning, make sure that you use the correct value of π. Mr Mathis has proved conclusively that it is equal to 4. Are you now going to use that value, and still come up (directly) with the exact discrepancy in the precession of the orbit of mercury?  We think that you could.

“I have only seen examples of scientific trolling, abuse, name calling and so on. That is unethical and illegal conduct. The laws on trolling are being tightened up rapidly worldwide. When the Einstein and Newton theories are tested against the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy, they both fail completely (see “Principles of ECE”). This means that the standard physicists continue to use a theory that is known to have failed completely – EGR. This is completely dishonest, the reason is that a lot of grant money is involved. Let there be no doubt that trolling is a serious criminal offence.”

As we pointed out recently, some immediate curbs should be put on the freedom of members of the lunatic fringe to misinform the general public. The damage that ridiculous pseudoscientific ideas can do to the education of young people can be long-lasting and devastating. For instance, Laithwaite’s silly ideas concerning gyroscopes (and moths) have found their way into certain encyclopedias and textbooks. Ultimately, the lunatic fringe will do as much damage to a country’s economic viability as will a TV presenter who becomes President (how ironic it is that he never served any sort of apprenticeship for that job).

More Sleight-of-Mouth

March 19, 2017

Wind 28.27%, 4 – 33 mph, Wales 18 – 33 mph, 0717 local time

March 19, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area today is only 9 mph, because the mean wind speed is 18 mph and it takes 9 mph to start the turbines. So they are producing effectively nothing,”

Have you noticed the cheap trick that Ron keeps pulling here? As we pointed out on the 7th December last year, he is very fond of this form of lying. It is true that wind-turbines have a ‘cut-in speed’. So what? The blatant lie is to deduct this from the ‘rated speed’; thus implying some sort of power-sapping drag. Ron must imagine that his car works like that: it has to start in first gear, and remain there up to about 10mph before changing to 2nd gear. Now, if a speed-camera catches him driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone, will he argue that the court must deduct the 10mph which was all that he could manage in 1st? Well, it is not a perfect analogy, but it does make our point. So, either Ron cannot understand simple physics, making him an unlikely source of valid new physics concepts (who knew? LOL), or he is deliberately misleading the reader. This would make him a mere confidence-trickster. His most crafty use of sleight-of-mouth is of course to apply the word ‘trolling’ to the reasoned and reasonable pointing-out of blatant untruths.

Evidential Dilemma

March 18, 2017

Sources for the line from Bleddyn ap Maenarch

March 18, 2017

These are all found in Celtic Royal Genealogy, which is archived on the wayback machine (”

Can one really trust the ‘research’ of someone who is himself a blatant liar?

Loose Connection

March 18, 2017

Ynys Cedwyn and Garth Lines

March 18, 2017

To my Aubrey Morgan cousin, Stuart Davies:

I know a very good computer expert (Steve Dewitt , thegower) who would probably be able to fix the connection problem. If it is Talk Talk I have access to the Chief Executive’s staff.”

No you haven’t: you send nagging e-mails to a CEO who has made a gimmick of ‘being available’ and you get fake ‘personal replies’.


March 17, 2017

Book “principles of ECE theory II”, Chapter by Stephen Corthers

March 17, 2017

I invited him some months ago, and he is welcome to contribute of course. I will be very glad to contribute to costs. Volume One is a great success, being read about five thousand times a year off combined sites. The publication in Berlin by EPubli is of high quality, good paper quality and binding, and good colour illustrations. The preprint of volume two has been read several thousand times.”

So far, Trump has not yet appointed a Chief Scientific Adviser, although he has his eye on a climate-change denier (Current joke: “why are governments like nylon stockings?” “Because they are both measured by their deniers”). As an American, you could apply for the job; you would be sure to get enthusiastic backing, and a farewell dinner,  from Mawr and you could use Crothers, the Public Dick, as a reference. After all, he has a much higher profile than do you: he actually attends conferences in order to be jeered at. But just imagine: as Chief Scientific Adviser to Trump you could give influential jobs to all of your  (American) crackpot friends.  Valone should certainly be made head of the USPO. Bearden could be put in charge of DARPA. There are crackpots (Gamble, Bailey) already working for Boeing and Lockheed, and some of that increased military spending will definitely benefit them.  

Nightmare Neighbour

March 16, 2017

Formal Complaint to the Local Authority Ombudsman

March 16, 2017

I have submitted a strong formal protest and complaint to the Local Authority Ombudsman concerning irregularities in planning permission on Mountain Road, and will write to the Council for a reconsideration of the planning permission. I have been informed as Armiger that the developer was told over the the telephone that permission would be given before the Committee actually considered the proposal. ”

Nobody approaches you ‘as Armiger’, as that title is not associated with any sort of civil power, social position or political status. If any other social-climber in the area chose to pay thousands of pounds to the College of Arms, there would then be 2 armigers. Big deal!

“The developer was told not to take any notice of objections. My strong objection, published in the “South Wales Evening Post” was summarily overruled and in effect not even considered, even though I am an adversely affected neighbour and the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas. ”

The newspaper report quite rightly portrayed you as being a clownish and possibly racist ‘nimby’, and all of the readers’ comments were negative towards you. You are not ‘adversely affected’; at least not by any stretch of the rational imagination. And again, nobody cares about your imagined importance as someone who chooses to put archaic symbols on his website and house.

“This is an example of what I call “forced development”. It ultimately forces young people to emigrate out of Mawr, to be replaced by elderly monoglot incomers. Land and house prices are wildly inflated, a bubble economy. ”

The house-buying problems of young people are universal, and not just a local difficulty. Most of the UK would consider the Mawr housing market to be depressed. If old people flock there, it is more likely to be because they are poor rather than rich; their pensions removing the young person’s quandary of a shortage of local jobs. Young people nowadays have to wait for their parents to die, or re-mortgage their house, so as to get onto the housing-ladder. Hmm, what have you contributed in that respect? Let’s see: you have put your house into trust so that neither your wife nor step-daughter(s?) can inherit. Nice. They should move away … oops.

“I suggest a strike of frontigers along Mountain Road, indefinite refusal to maintain the road. ”

That road is maintained?!

“Forced development is vehemently opposed by the great majority in Mawr. ”

Did you know that there is a village Facebook page? You should join and find out what the ‘great majority’ really think of their ‘armiger’.

“It has completely ruined the language and culture and has reduced the quality of life by catalyzing major traffic problems. A complaint has been made to me as Armiger that the development on Mountain Road is taking place on land that was sold twice over, it had already been paid for. I demand a Parliamentary Enquiry into this. The County Councillor for Mawr has subsequently resigned from the Planning Committee, and I am reliably informed that he will either resign as County Councillor or not stand for re election. After he is gone it may at last be possible to put down double yellow lines for example, and impose control over planning permission , to re establish government in Mawr after years of paralysis.”

We wonder what the general opinion is, concerning the identity of the person who really spoils the quality of village life. Are they still making the ‘Neighbours from Hell’ series? Perhaps you will yet find fame.

New Laws Against Pseudoscientists

March 15, 2017

New Laws against Trolls

March 15, 2017

New laws make incitement to harass online illegal, this is called virtual mobbing. Offensive language, threats and gross distortion of facts are all illegal, they are felonies, criminal offences. Ignorance is not a defence, and anonymity is not defence either. The police have means of identifying trolls, and sometimes it is easy to see who they are, like seeing through Clouseau’s one legged Swedish fisherman with inflatable parrot disguise. ”

It is also easy for physicists to spot pseudoscientists. The latter always sport the same parrots symptoms. For instance, (1) they are always rabidly anti-Einstein. This is a sure crowd-pleaser  among the anti-science members of society. After all, what would be the point of attacking real scientists of whom the public has never heard? (2) they promote perpetual-motion of all kinds, starting from centuries-old scams like the ever-overbalancing wheel (e.g. Bessler*) through energy-from-magnet scams (e.g. Bedini**) all the way up to current scams like cold-fusion and ‘low-energy-nuclear reactions’. (3) they promote anti-gravity scams and deceptions (e.g. Laithwaite) (4) they promote quack cures (especially of cancer) such as Priore’s ‘black box’*** (5) they promote any other sort of nonsense, such as telepathy and ‘Bacon wrote the Shakespeare plays’. In short, they ‘always go where money and fame might be had’. How unlike real scientists: Feynman spent his last years wondering why exactly lawn-sprinklers do not work in reverse.   

“The problem is, trolling is not funny. Legislation is planned to oblige carriers to reveal the names and addresses of trolls, so the police can investigate them. Revealing home addresses without permission is now a criminal offence, and the same may also be true of e mail addresses in the near future. ”

Did you have permission to post your former neighbor’s new address online on the 6th of this month?**** Why don’t you ‘phone your favorite policeman right now and turn yourself in? You also repeatedly post the contents of e-mails online even though the e-mail contains an express warning not to do so. Pseudoscience is not funny. It has always been difficult to master a science, rather than going for the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of the arts, law, history, politics, etc. Imagine how much more difficult it is nowadays when, from pre-school age, children are exposed (via YouTube etc.) to hundreds of visual ‘proofs’ of perpetual-motion, antigravity, etc. This sort of thing probably does more harm than non-violent pornography. When the child becomes more worldly-wise, he will know to check for the symbols of authority (journals, research institutes, academic degrees).  Too late: the pseudoscientists are already way ahead of him. There are now hundreds of apparently respectable journals which deal in nothing but pseudoscience. There are impressive ‘research institutes’ which exist only in electronic form (and cottages). There are degree-mills, churning out fake graduates (Valone, Bearden). Worst of all, there are those who possess genuine degrees, but who prostitute themselves daily in the promotion of pseudoscience. 

“The Crown Prosecution Service plans to go after and prosecute trolls. I would like to see legislation to make it a criminal offence to mention a troll site by word of mouth. Political and scientific trolling is a growing problem. Trolls threaten to reduce the internet to a cesspit, and they are seen in Britain as a national security threat, in other words they are seen as terrorists. ”

So a good start would be to control more carefully the setting-up of fake journals, fake universities (the Welsh assembly has already slapped down one such attempt by a notorious pseudoscientist*****) and the selling of fake degrees. One would not want to stifle new ideas in science, but a list of approved journals should be established and only properly refereed papers should be published within them. All other papers should be electronically tagged to show that they are not suitable for human consumption; just as tainted meat is routinely dyed green. Authors should also be blocked from manipulating their own scientometrics.

“Recently, a teenage girl committed suicide after being trolled, and the then Prime Minister David Cameron intervened. After a New Zealand reporter was driven to suicide recently, the NZ Prime Minister intervened. I have discussed the problem with two former First Ministers, Rhodri Morgan (who took personal action against the physics department at UCW Aberystwyth) and Alun Michael, currently the Police Commissioner for South Wales. Alun Michael has all the evidence concerning various troll attacks on my colleagues and myself, including death threats. Anyone involved in that is automatically committing a criminal offence under various laws and could be charged if the police decide to act. I know the likely identity of a few local trolls and will press for them to be charged on the trail of de facto evidence they are stupid enough to write down. After the very low standard of “debate” in the US general election recently, political trolling has become a problem. Scientific trolling is a growing problem and action can be also be taken against that. Like Alun Michael, a hard liner on trolling, I have campaigned against it for years.”

We would be very interested in knowing the details of these events. Politicians do not fare very well when they get involved with science. Politics, like journalism, is the very antithesis of truth-seeking. We have a photograph of Rhodri Morgan, standing right next to a gentleman who is known to consort with a notorious pseudoscientist******. Politicos, from Stalin via Peron to Cherie Blair, are always drawn to pseudoscience. We also like to campaign. Suck it up!






Meanwhile, Back in the Real World

March 15, 2017

Wind 5.77%, 2 – 23 mph, 4 – 8 mph, 0736 local time

March 15, 2017

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 4 mph, so the turbines are producing nothing as usual, there was dense, cold fog all night, so the solar panels are producing nothing as usual. Over all Britain, solar is 0.40% so there must be sunshine somewhere. Maybe someone is pointing a torch at a solar panel in a northern Shetland island pig sty. This energy policy is a joke so one may as well laugh. Mynydd y Gwair will soon be obliterated by more useless turbines. A revolutionary new energy policy is needed, and those responsible for this corruption imprisoned. Swansea Councillors can move across the road and take up residence at Her Majesty’s bed and breakfast in Swansea Prison, a dreary building that has not changed in a hundred and fifty years. The County and City Hall must be lit by candles, and looks like an old concrete dust bin.



March 12, 2017

Two High Sheriffs of Brecon of the Morgan Family

March 12, 2017

Many thanks to my cousin Stuart Davies, who is a direct descendent of Morgan Morgan Castell Craig y Nos. I hereby add them to my list of High Sheriffs of the Morgan Aubrey Family and archive them via this blog. We have established definitively that Elizabeth Portrey indeed lived at Ynys Cedwyn House.”

Isn’t all of this genealogy pure torture to you? All of those illustrious ancestors, leading down to …  you: someone who demeans the honours which he does possess, and dreams pathetically and incessantly of honours that he will never receive …  because science abhors a pseudoscientist. Nature abhors a vacuous, so to speak. At least you have had the foresight not to continue your line.


March 9, 2017

Coats of Arms in the Morgan Awbrey Line

March 9, 2017

The attached is authentic genealogy referred to for example by wikitree as definitive. It is the work of many fine scholars and myself and is very popular off In the past nine hundred years (a short interval for this ancient and famous Family) there have not been all that many coats of arms in the line back to Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch and Tewdwr Mawr, the Tudor ancestor and King of all of the southern regions of Wales.

Blah, blah, blah …”

Noting that you claim descent from the fictional King Lear (Leir), we are amazed that you do not also claim descent from King Arthur. But if you are related to QEII, you must have even more illustrious ancestors than you thought:

We look forward to hearing that you have gone to sit at His right hand.

So …?

March 9, 2017

UFT88 Read at Imperial

March 9, 2017

Imperial College London was founded in 1907, is ranked 8 in the world by Times, 9 by QS, 22 by Shanghai and 60 by Webometrics (with the latter’s emphasis on web presence). Staff and students from Imperial frequently consult and and have done so consistently since 30/4/04 when the scientometrics began. It has 17,000 students, 15 Nobel Laureates as staff and alumni, 2 Fields Medallists and has produced 70 F.R.S.’s”

But Eric Laithwaite worked at Imperial, and he was a complete loony, so what’s your point?! Would you believe that he actually thought that spinning-tops can levitate? What sort of idiot would believe that? He backed all sorts of other loony ideas, but all that the general public ever heard about was magnetic levitation and linear induction motors; the commercial possibilities of which he royally screwed-up for the UK. It seems that he also claimed to have met an alien but, given that we heard that story from a well-known transvestite ufologist, it is probably not true. We like to think that not even Laithwaite was that far gone. What are your views on little green men, Ron? The people who lap up your daft theory at the Coeur d’Alene conferences are certainly keen on aliens:

The uppermost book is about ‘aliens at the Pentagon’.

Still Using OUR Theory

March 9, 2017

The True Orbit of Planets in the Solar System

March 9, 2017

The true orbit of planets has been calculated for the first time directly from the ECE2 relativistic lagrangian in notes for UFT372 (in prep). The first results were posted yesterday on this blog. The description of the true precessing orbit was first attempted in UFT328 by using a scatter plot to solve the lagrangian and hamiltonian of ECE2 relativity simultaneously. The new method in UFT372 is simpler, uses only the lagrangian, and produces results that can be compared with astronomical data in a simple way. The new method relies on simultaneous numerical solution of the relevant Euler Lagrange equations. It has been shown in many UFT papers that the orbit produced by Einsteinian general relativity becomes wildly unstable if tested with sufficient rigour using precession angles of greater than the very tiny microradians of the solar system. Many if not all of Einstein’s approximations have been refuted (e.g. UFT150 and UFT155 and so on). There are some alarming errors and obscurities in Einstein’s work. The Einstein theory fails qualitatively (i.e. completely) when tested against the velocity curve of a spiral galaxy, whereas ECE2 succeeds in giving the major features. The obsolete physics covers up the failure of the Einstein theory by use of dark matter, which is merely empiricism. The very fact that dark matter is used means that the Einstein theory has failed. The x theory of ECE produces precessing orbits, but for large angles it develops in to the fractal conic sections. These are mathematically important, but do not appear to be physical. So the new relativistic lagrangian theory becomes the preferred theory. It gives the true precessing orbit, and is valid for all angles.”

You seem to have forgotten that ‘x theory’ is not yours, it is ours! Years ago, one of us sent you a letter, purportedly from a Cardiff schoolboy, which asked why his computer-model of an orbit gave ridiculous results. It was supposed to be a hoax, to be revealed soon afterwards by referring to details of the letter which nobody but you could know. Unfortunately not realizing how desperate you are for human contact and how short of feedback you are we did not, for instance, mark the reverse side of the page. So we were completely wrong-footed when you posted a photograph of the letter in question. The only remaining proof of the hoax is the fact that it would be impossible to find that pupil. So, in future, please refer to it as the Herbert (a mild UK euphemism which equates to ‘klutz’) theory or the CPW (crackpotwatch) theory. Nevertheless, it is astonishing that SS – with his ‘superior’ computing skills and his (now conveniently free-to-download) Maxima program – is willing to continue to make the same mistake as a fictitious schoolboy, just to suit your needs.

Oh …

March 8, 2017

Main Element of My Coat of Arms

March 8, 2017

This is the golden lion rampant of the Kingdom of Deheubarth. The same pattern and colours are used on my arms, with extra elements, a silver sheaf of hay to convey the fact that my father, Edward Ivor, was a farmer,”

… a sheaf? Should have found a better artist: we always thought that it depicted a ‘volcano’ firework unexpectedly blowing up in the face of an incompetent pyrotechnician, or chemist.   

No Dignity

March 8, 2017

Question for my Cousin Stuart Davies

March 8, 2017

…The Windsor Herald defined an Armiger for me recently – a person of eminence. Sir Edward Coke in the sixteenth century defined an Armiger as a member of the Gentry. This is the definition used by William Bortrick in including me in Burke’s Peerage and Gentry in 2012. The entry mentions Tudor Watkins, Baron Glyn Tawe.

“Emeritus, Armiger, or Esquire, is not, like those names given in the Statute 1 Edward VI, c7, s8, a name of dignity, but is (as is also, according to Sir Edward Coke, Gentleman or Yeoman) a name of worship, and cannot  be attached to any of the dignities mentioned in the Statute of Edward VI.—The different classes to whom the title of Esquire belongs are:—  1. The sons of all the peers and lords of parliament during the lives of their fathers; the younger sons of peers alter the death of their fathers; the eldest sons of the younger sons of peers and their eldest sons in perpetual succession. 2. Noblemen of other nations. 3. The eldest (and we think, if any, all the) sons of baronets, and the eldest sons of knights. 4. Esquires created expressly with a collar of SS., and spurs of silver—now obsolete. 5. Persons to whom the Queen gives arms by her own letters patent, with the title of Esquire. 6. Esquires of the Bath. and the eldest sons of those Esquires, pursuant to the statutes of the Order. 7. Barristers-at-law, by their office or profession. 8. Justices of the peace, and mayors, while in the commission, or in office. 9. Persons chosen  Esquires to the body of the Prince—now obsolete. 10. Persons attending on the Sovereign’s coronation in some notable employment, or persons employed in any superior office of  trust (where they have discretionary power, and are not, such as clerks, merely ministerial) under the Crown. or serving in some place of better note in the Queen’s household. 11, Persons who are styled Esquires by the Queen in their patents, commissions, or appointments, such as sheriffs of counties or captains in the army and navy. 19- Attorneys in colonies, where the departments of counsel and attorney are united.”

Sir Bernard Burke, A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire.

What a Piece-of-Work is Ron

March 6, 2017

Circumstances of my Cousin Ellis Williams

March 6, 2017

From public domain records he lives at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.”

It is lucky that nobody reads Ron’s blog. Posting that personal information on the internet might otherwise have deleterious consequences for Ron’s ‘friend’. Perhaps Ron should consider removing that post, lest we be tempted to post the home addresses of all of Ron’s gang for all to see. Unfortunately, the financial records of Ron’s several failed companies do not make very interesting reading. 



March 4, 2017

Siemens Stain is so often seen to be working for Ron that it is easy to forget that SS is a crackpot in his own right, and not a mere dogsbody. He is quite a big fish in the German-speaking perpetual-motion world. Here he is, presenting a scam device because the builder failed to turn up.


Fans will recognize the familiar lines of a Bedini  gadget; you know, the one that has gulls feverishly duct-taping magnets to bicycle wheels at the Coeur d’Alene conferences. Bedini is now the sort of perpetual-motion inventor that we can truly appreciate: a dead one.

NB: the professor on the same page is demonstrating how to extract energy from gravity. Again we ask, how many perpetual-motion schemes does the world need? We also wonder, how on Earth did the Germans win the (economic) war? Oh yes … we had Laithwaite.


March 4, 2017

Mann Johnson ECE Paper beginning its Run

March 4, 2017

This is already very popular, the author Douglas Mann applies ECE theory to explain the Howard Johnson magnetic motor, well known to engineers such as Jimmy Carter, who also happened to be a President of the United States. Jimmy Carter persuaded the U. S. Patent Office to allow through the Howard Johnson papers after much bureaucratic dithering and delaying. This type of magnetic motor is very important in the search for energy saving transport devices. The Osamu Ide circuit has been patented in several countries and it importance cannot be overemphasized. If the various British Governments had any imagination, they would build prototype power stations based on the Osamu Ide circuit (IFT311, UFT321, UFT364) and build transport systems based on magnetic motors and Laithwaite type lifting devices (UFT368 – UFT370). Most probably they don’t have any imagination at all, and another Jimmy Carter is needed to force through the development of this technology – Steve Bannister’s second industrial revolution. They can all be explained by ECE, and cannot be explained by the standard physics (Knut the Viking telling the tide not to come in). On ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees (Victor Hugo, one cannot stop the march of ideas). In fact Laithwaite’s ideas now form the basis for advanced rail systems in China, Japan and North Korea. UFT369 gives the theory of the Laithwaite device.”

Thanks for another delightfully embarrassing statement which will end up in a book for all to read. Mann is a crackpot who is ‘gilding the lily’* to say the least, given that you had already ‘explained’ the Johnson motor in that notorious Physica B paper. How much theoretical support does a conman’s perpetual-motion machine scam need? Don’t you think that a real ‘Baconian’ scientist would check the veracity of that Jimmy Carter story before repeating it? The Johnson motor is actually singled out, in an American  book on patenting, as an example of a crackpot application that was unaccountably granted. But we find no trace of a granted US patent; only a South African one. The granted Ideotic patents do not claim to produce energy from nowhere, so good luck with the power stations. There is no ‘Laithwaite effect’ either. You are making a complete idiot of yourself. Do you really want that going public? We do. By the way, Knut did not try to order the sea back to prove that he could; he did it to show his too-faithful followers that he could not. You should ‘do a Cnut’ for Sewage, as his devotion is getting quite nauseating. Oh, yes, we prefer the spelling, Cnut, as it reminds us of you.

*Yes, we know that it is a misquote. That’s why it is in inverted commas.

Gentleman is …

March 3, 2017

Legal Definition of Gentleman

March 3, 2017

The precedent goes back to Sir Edward Coke (1552 – 1634), the grant of arms adds gentility to a man’s family, qui arma gerit. I was also advised recently by the Windsor Herald that an Armiger is a person of eminence. So my entire family attains gentility by the grant of arms to myself by the College of Arms in 2008. My family are all Gentleman or Gentlewomen. We have many ancestors who were Armigers. Sir Edward Coke was probably the leading lawyer of his day and was appointed by my ancestral cousin Elizabeth 1st Tudor. His second wife was Elizabeth Cecil, also a distant ancestral cousin (the Cecil or Seisyll family). In the law of Hywel Dda I am an Uchelwr (nobleman) by dint of descent from the Princes, so all the family are Noblemen or Noblewomen. So I am included in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” (2012 onwards). The term Gentleman in English or Welsh law never relied on wealth, or lack of wealth, but on merit, nobility, and behaviour. Another example is my ancestral cousin Lord Tudor Watkins, who was a coal miner. If someone refuses to recognize this fact then they are not a gentleman, more like a troll.”

… as gentleman does. And you don’t.

Craig Cefn Parc Conmen. #1 Grindell-Matthews

March 2, 2017

He made some valuable contributions to cinematography and wireless communication but, as his career faltered, he tried to con thousands of pounds out of the UK government by pretending to have invented a death-ray. He had also ‘invented’ a ‘sky projector’ which could project adverts, Batman-style, onto clouds. This was far from being a novel idea, and had already been used for pre-wireless over-the-horizon signalling in the 19th century. In some newspaper articles, the sky projector is (deliberately?) mistaken for the death-ray, because it looks more impressive. The death-ray itself looked no more threatening than an epidiascope. In demonstrations to military observers, he indeed seemed to be able to produce effects from a distance. Unfortunately, he gave the game away by giving demonstrations like the one below. Who then was ever going to believe that his ‘death-ray’ was not merely photo-cell triggering of preset events at the target location?