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March 31, 2017

Bosch Corporation Studying Energy from Spacetime Devices

March 31, 2017

This interest can be seen on the daily reports for today and yesterday. These can be based on the replicated and patented Osami Ide circuit (UFT311, UFT321 UFT364, Self Charging Inverter), ”

… replicated only by other loonies. Have some physicists look at it. Do NOT ask an electrical engineer to do so. They are notoriously flaky and, some years ago, a professor [sic] of electrical engineering ‘rubber-stamped’ a crackpot ‘free energy’ generator as being viable. It disappeared without trace of course. It is unknown how much investors’ money vanished  with it.

“which will bring in the second industrial revolution described by AIAS Fellow Dr. Steve Bannister in his Ph. D. Thesis on (Department of Economics, University of Utah). See also and ”

Why do you lie so frequently, so blatantly and so badly? If you had read his thesis, rather than just brandishing it, you would know that his second industrial revolution has already happened: it is what other people call the first industrial revolution … or just ‘the industrial revolution’. For some reason, the Dismal Scientist insists on drawing a distinction between a first industrial revolution ‘from wood to coal’, and a second industrial revolution ‘from muscle to steam’. He makes absolutely no reference to perpetual-motion (aka ‘free energy’, ‘energy-from-spacetime’, etc.). Even in a state founded by followers of a conman they still have some academic standards, and he would not have received a doctorate if he had mentioned such nonsense. Did you know that Dr Goebbels said that one should always tell the truth, because being caught out in just one lie would cripple one as a spokesman.  

“The Alex Hill company has recently signed a joint venture agreement with a company in the United States. I think that investment managers should be interested in this new industry.”

You mean that the company which operates out of this hovel,


has teamed up with other losers,

Perhaps ‘Nano Labs Corpse’ would be a better trading name.

“It should return a spectacular amount on investment. ”

So would magic beans. But guess what, Ron, magic beans do not exist  … and neither do energy-from-nowhere machines!

“ECE theory describes the Osamu Ide circuit with precision (UFT311), whereas the obsolete standard model fails completely. ”

Which clearly shows that ‘the standard model’ fully reflects reality, by ruling out perpetual-motion machines, whereas E-Crap-E is transparently wrong because it does ‘explain’ perpetual motion.

“See also the pulsed LENR report by AIAS Director Douglas Lindstrom on and his Idaho lecture. ”

More pushing of perpetual-motion. Some people would call that fraud.

“He is currently on a business trip to China, where there has been intense interest in ECE theory for some years. ”

China is also taking a lot of interest in the Emdrive antigravity machine. It is a great relief to learn that rival countries have their own contingents of nutters who impede real progress.

“There are potentially huge new markets for spacetime devices all over the world. They could be used to power domestic appliances of the type manufactured by Bosch. They could also be made into power stations, large power plants, power devices for electric vehicles, power plants for ships and also aircraft and spacecraft, and should make the chemical battery industry obsolete. ”

Translation: there are many opportunities for confidence tricksters, backed up by pseudoscientists, to profit from short-term scams.

“That is why Prof. Bannister describes them as powering the second industrial revolution. ”

Oooh, that was a rapid promotion. And there is that lie being trotted out yet again! Dr Goebbels would be ashamed to be in the same room as you.

“Wind turbines are already obsolete as well as completely useless. ”

Siemens (the company which fondly imagines that it employs your assistant, SS) says that wind  will soon be the main energy source.

“Governments should implement energy from spacetime devices as quickly as they can. They can also be distributed to the starving poor of many countries.”

Any government which invests in perpetual motion should be distributed to the starving poor … as food.



March 31, 2017

My Civil List Predecessor Rowan Hamilton

March 31, 2017

Sir William Rowan Hamilton is known as Rowan Hamilton in Trinity College Dublin, of which I am sometime Visiting Academic. He was appointed to the Civil List on April 27th 1844 with a pension of £200 a year (about £22,319 a year today). My Civil List Pension is £2,400 a year, so it has been eroded a lot in value since 1844. It is now an honorarium rather than a salary to live on. The Civil List Pension is akin to Order of Merit.”

The monetary value of the Civil List Pension has been eroded by inflation. Respect for the Civil List Pension, which is certainly not ‘akin’ to the OM, has been eroded by the fact that you receive one. It would be an insult to the memory of Hamilton, and of other great British scientists, if you are allowed to remain on the list of recipients.  

Evans Further from Truth than is Trump

March 29, 2017

OK, just a bit of fun:



Anybody want to try their hand at turning Evans into Trump, one letter at a time?


March 29, 2017

Merit by Association

March 29, 2017

I use university rankings as a quide to overall performance, but I think that the individual scholar is the driving force behind new ideas. I have never been a fan of “merit by association”. It always comes down to imagination and careful scholarship. That can take place in a dustbin. In my experience a large number of academics were given tenure because they were favoured by a head of department. At the EDCL I would say that 70% were appointed in this way (Autobiography Volume Two). There was no competition at all. As a result they stayed in a comfortable job for life, as long as they dared not to think too originally. That kind of closed shop is no good for anyone. Of course there are some good scholars who are also academics.”

Just imagine how much that performance-rating would soar if someone at those universities actually mentioned you. Perhaps you could boost the rating by also listing all of the industrial research centres which do not mention you. Then perhaps all of the schools … . There is something vaguely homoeopathic about your reasoning. You know, that ‘medication’ where, logically, one should get a fatal overdose by not opening the bottle. Are you also perhaps confusing academia with the church? Are you saying that you were not sufficiently pretty? Are you indirectly criticizing colleague Sewage for occupying that local-government sinecure; the ultimate ‘comfortable job for life’.

Update Required

March 28, 2017

Latest Direct Line

March 28, 2017

This is the latest direct line. Many thanks to Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas. If possible I would like to push this back further. Can Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas help in this project? Both Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter probably originated near Cusop, because three generations all called Edward Evans were associated with St. Mary’s Cusop, also known to be associated with the Gunter Family.”

Don’t forget, Ron, that Arthur Turner-Thomas is now calling himself Arthur Edwyn Turner. Oh, he has another new company, Richard Thomas and Co. (Hydro) Ltd. Hydro eh? Perhaps he is going to build those hydroelectric schemes that you recommend for Wales. Why are you not according him his proper title (Sir) and military honour (VC)? We can recall the time when you were insisting that those who questioned his titles should be ‘checked up on’.

What will you do if he starts to call himself ‘Dr’ or ‘Professor’. Perhaps nothing. After all, you did not protest when that former telephone linesman (not ‘engineer’) and execrable crackpot, Vivian (gravity does not exist) Pope, gave himself those titles. Why, by the way, do all of those other names turn up in your genealogy? There should be only Evans. Some people consider it to be the height of intellectual dishonesty to switch at will between the spear and distaff lines. After all, that sort of cheating allows one to link oneself to just about anybody.

Craigcefnparc News #18

March 27, 2017

Ioan Richard writes:

… come on Mr Myron Evans – tell the world of the conclusions of the complaints you made against me to the WALES OMBUDSMAN. You were quick enough to post that you had complained. Have the decency now to publicly pronounce that YOUR COMPLAINTS AGAINST ME WERE REJECTED.


What Analysis?

March 27, 2017

Conclusion of the Scientometric Analysis

March 27, 2017

The conclusion is completely clear from the analysis of the past few days posted on this blog, staff and students from all the world’s best universities, institutes and similar have studied ECE theory continuously since inception, in March 2003. This is an amazing phenomenon. It means a complete rejection of that part of the physics establishment that tried to censor ECE, and a complete condemnation of the Wikipedia distortion of my work and career, one of the worst scandals in the history of physics. I was an early example of scientific trolling, now illegal. Trolling is now a criminal offence. The down side of Wikipedia is that it can be used to try to destroy reputations and careers by anonymous people, and this is completely unacceptable. The reaction of the colleagues worldwide is clearly one of disgust and contempt. Trolling is, of course, a form of academic misconduct.”

Oh, you mean that long list of universities, each with many employees, none of whom have ever admitted publicly to knowing anything about your post-breakdown crackpot work! Well, whatever the worth of that ‘analysis’, it is clearly in our favour. It is certainly an ‘amazing phenomenon’ that you can hold all of those people to complete secrecy … even though you do not know who they are or how to contact them. Do you have some sort of back-channel that nobody knows about? No. You are no better than an old-time politician; from the days when they could still get away with voting for themselves using the names of the dead in the graveyard. You destroyed your own career and your own reputation. Some people simply chose to document that destruction accurately; like putting an extra-heavy stone on the grave of a despised Merthyr iron-master or hated civil-war general.  Urging people to invest in perpetual-motion machines is the only academic misconduct being committed around here.

Don’t Be So Coy

March 26, 2017

Jean Paul II

March 26, 2017

The Pope was Jean-Paul 2nd, not John 23rd. I have corrected it on the blog. It was an invitation of the early eighties from colleagues of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. One of them was a God-daughter of the Pope, or Bishop of Rome. Jean-Paul 2nd was also a poet and was ordained Priest in Krakow. He became St John-Paul the Great to the Catholics, and Protestants and agnostic like myself recognized that he was of exceptional ability. I got along with the Irish Catholics in Dublin very well, and also get along with the Ulster Protestants very well. I remember that Jean-Paul 2nd was a very human being. On one occasion he started talking about a young friend of his in Krakow who had died, a young lady he had known apparently before he was ordained. He suddenly stopped, and covered his eyes with his hand for a very long time before he could continue.”

Well, we devoutly hope that Jean Paul II (whoever he was) was saintly … because John Paul II certainly wasn’t. How many young lives did he ruin by not acting quickly to curb the pedophile priests. How many people did he kill by forbidding the use of condoms in AIDS-riddled countries? But at least he had an affair with that (married) woman, so he presumably wasn’t a kiddie-fiddler himself. By the way, why (until 2013) was 12 the age-of-consent for homosexual sex in the Vatican City; the lowest in Europe at that time*. Jeez Ron, can you not find some better heroes to emote over?

* A cynic suggests: “why go to Canada for beefburger, when you can have steak at home”.


No Good So Faaa

March 26, 2017

University of Tahiti in French Polynesia

March 26, 2017

There have been very many individual visits to the site and its blog from Polynesia, there appears to be only one European style university from Polynesia on webometrics: Tahiti. There are hundreds of indigenous cultures and languages in Polynesia, and their own systems of teaching and learning going back thousands of years.”

You do realize, don’t you Ron, that this sort of desperate barrel-scraping proves our point and not yours?

Academic Inflation

March 26, 2017

UFT88 Read at Sheffield Hallam University

March 26, 2017

Sheffield Hallam is ranked 781 by webometrics and 801+ by Times. It has 31,485 students and was founded as a School of Design in 1843, becoming a university in 1992. So it is one of the new universities. UFT88 is a famous paper that corrects the second Bianchi identity of 1902 for torsion. It has been read in about two hundred and fifty of the best unversities in the world in the past two or three years, and leads in to the post Einsteinian paradigm shift in which the old gravitational physics is replaced by ECE2 theory. As can be seen from my university analysis of the last two or three days, combined sites and are read continuously at all the best universities in every region of the world.”

There was a time when British university education was the envy of the world. The brightest children of parents of modest means could attend university, with all of their tuition fees and living expenses being met entirely by their home town. The increasingly impoverished UK government then decreed that all of those expenses had to be met by the students themselves. Whether this was really done as a money-grubbing scheme, or whether the government was embarrassed by the relatively small percentage of university graduates in the population is unclear. This magic-wand waving did not however instantly increase the number of candidates who could in fact pass the existing entry tests. And so, in a second round of wand-waving, the entry qualifications were systematically lowered. There remained one more problem: a shortage of universities to accommodate the resultant glut of second-rate students. A third wave of the wand then turned all of the ‘polytechnics’ and ‘technical colleges’ into universities literally overnight. These colleges had done a good job of turning out people who sought a vocation rather than a profession: the courses had ranged all the way down to hairdressing and the qualifications offered rarely exceeded a Higher National Diploma. Were the staff-members sacked and replaced by university-level educators? Were they ****! The very same lecturers now found themselves teaching degree-level courses. It is said that the newly-elevated lecturers at some of the new ‘universities’ immediately set about designing fancy academic garb for themselves. Another side-effect was that the number of professors, a previously rare post (perhaps one per department), suddenly exploded. The net result of all of this devaluation has literally been a joke. The joke being: “What is the question most frequently asked by philosophy graduates in the 21st century?”  … “Do you want fries with that?”.  The point of this little digression is that, try as we might, when we read Sheffield-Hallam University we think Sheffield City Polytechnic. Elitist? Hell yes, what is the alternative?