Gentleman is …

Legal Definition of Gentleman

March 3, 2017

The precedent goes back to Sir Edward Coke (1552 – 1634), the grant of arms adds gentility to a man’s family, qui arma gerit. I was also advised recently by the Windsor Herald that an Armiger is a person of eminence. So my entire family attains gentility by the grant of arms to myself by the College of Arms in 2008. My family are all Gentleman or Gentlewomen. We have many ancestors who were Armigers. Sir Edward Coke was probably the leading lawyer of his day and was appointed by my ancestral cousin Elizabeth 1st Tudor. His second wife was Elizabeth Cecil, also a distant ancestral cousin (the Cecil or Seisyll family). In the law of Hywel Dda I am an Uchelwr (nobleman) by dint of descent from the Princes, so all the family are Noblemen or Noblewomen. So I am included in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” (2012 onwards). The term Gentleman in English or Welsh law never relied on wealth, or lack of wealth, but on merit, nobility, and behaviour. Another example is my ancestral cousin Lord Tudor Watkins, who was a coal miner. If someone refuses to recognize this fact then they are not a gentleman, more like a troll.”

… as gentleman does. And you don’t.


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