Mann Johnson ECE Paper beginning its Run

March 4, 2017

This is already very popular, the author Douglas Mann applies ECE theory to explain the Howard Johnson magnetic motor, well known to engineers such as Jimmy Carter, who also happened to be a President of the United States. Jimmy Carter persuaded the U. S. Patent Office to allow through the Howard Johnson papers after much bureaucratic dithering and delaying. This type of magnetic motor is very important in the search for energy saving transport devices. The Osamu Ide circuit has been patented in several countries and it importance cannot be overemphasized. If the various British Governments had any imagination, they would build prototype power stations based on the Osamu Ide circuit (IFT311, UFT321, UFT364) and build transport systems based on magnetic motors and Laithwaite type lifting devices (UFT368 – UFT370). Most probably they don’t have any imagination at all, and another Jimmy Carter is needed to force through the development of this technology – Steve Bannister’s second industrial revolution. They can all be explained by ECE, and cannot be explained by the standard physics (Knut the Viking telling the tide not to come in). On ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees (Victor Hugo, one cannot stop the march of ideas). In fact Laithwaite’s ideas now form the basis for advanced rail systems in China, Japan and North Korea. UFT369 gives the theory of the Laithwaite device.”

Thanks for another delightfully embarrassing statement which will end up in a book for all to read. Mann is a crackpot who is ‘gilding the lily’* to say the least, given that you had already ‘explained’ the Johnson motor in that notorious Physica B paper. How much theoretical support does a conman’s perpetual-motion machine scam need? Don’t you think that a real ‘Baconian’ scientist would check the veracity of that Jimmy Carter story before repeating it? The Johnson motor is actually singled out, in an American  book on patenting, as an example of a crackpot application that was unaccountably granted. But we find no trace of a granted US patent; only a South African one. The granted Ideotic patents do not claim to produce energy from nowhere, so good luck with the power stations. There is no ‘Laithwaite effect’ either. You are making a complete idiot of yourself. Do you really want that going public? We do. By the way, Knut did not try to order the sea back to prove that he could; he did it to show his too-faithful followers that he could not. You should ‘do a Cnut’ for Sewage, as his devotion is getting quite nauseating. Oh, yes, we prefer the spelling, Cnut, as it reminds us of you.

*Yes, we know that it is a misquote. That’s why it is in inverted commas.


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