Siemens Stain is so often seen to be working for Ron that it is easy to forget that SS is a crackpot in his own right, and not a mere dogsbody. He is quite a big fish in the German-speaking perpetual-motion world. Here he is, presenting a scam device because the builder failed to turn up.


Fans will recognize the familiar lines of a BediniĀ  gadget; you know, the one that has gulls feverishly duct-taping magnets to bicycle wheels at the Coeur d’Alene conferences. Bedini is now the sort of perpetual-motion inventor that we can truly appreciate: a dead one.

NB: the professor on the same page is demonstrating how to extract energy from gravity. Again we ask, how many perpetual-motion schemes does the world need? We also wonder, how on Earth did the Germans win the (economic) war? Oh yes … we had Laithwaite.


One Response to “SS DE”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    How on Earth? Well it used to be only 60% the present size, you see.

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