So …?

UFT88 Read at Imperial

March 9, 2017

Imperial College London was founded in 1907, is ranked 8 in the world by Times, 9 by QS, 22 by Shanghai and 60 by Webometrics (with the latter’s emphasis on web presence). Staff and students from Imperial frequently consult and and have done so consistently since 30/4/04 when the scientometrics began. It has 17,000 students, 15 Nobel Laureates as staff and alumni, 2 Fields Medallists and has produced 70 F.R.S.’s”

But Eric Laithwaite worked at Imperial, and he was a complete loony, so what’s your point?! Would you believe that he actually thought that spinning-tops can levitate? What sort of idiot would believe that? He backed all sorts of other loony ideas, but all that the general public ever heard about was magnetic levitation and linear induction motors; the commercial possibilities of which he royally screwed-up for the UK. It seems that he also claimed to have met an alien but, given that we heard that story from a well-known transvestite ufologist, it is probably not true. We like to think that not even Laithwaite was that far gone. What are your views on little green men, Ron? The people who lap up your daft theory at the Coeur d’Alene conferences are certainly keen on aliens:

The uppermost book is about ‘aliens at the Pentagon’.


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